A single-frequency sound (pitch) usually within context of a musical scale. A music note is usually designated by the letters A through G with appropriate accents, sharps or flats.

"The reason that each succeeding tonal note, which constitutes the elements of matter, are one octave higher is one entirely of increased pressure. You can better understand that by compressing some air in an enclosed box or tube in which you have inserted a whistle. The more air you pump in, the higher the whistle will sound when you open its valve. If you tighten a wire the same thing will happen. The same harp string can give you many tones if you turn the tuning pins higher, or lower. By the time the first octave string has multiplied in cube ratio nine times, the speed of vibration frequencies and intensity of pressure have reached the incredible proportions of 1,073,741,824 times greater in the 9th string than the first string." [Atomic Suicide, page 30-31]

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