noun: gradual change or development
noun: a series of things
noun: a series with a definite pattern of advance
noun: the act of moving forward toward a goal
noun: a movement forward

LIFE Growth and Development. Orderly or ordered movement or vector.

MUSIC "There are two kinds of progression, melodic or harmonic. Speaking in general terms, the former is a "succession of sounds forming a tune or melody" but the term is also applied to an "imitative succession of melodic phrases" that is to a melodic sequence. Harmonic progression is "the movement of one chord to another" and is diatonic or chromatic. The term is also sometimes used as synonymous with sequence." [A Dictionary of Music]

HARMONIC SERIES (OVERTONE) Also a movement forward and upward in frequency as in the natural progression of partials in the Overtone Series, Scale or Fibonacci Series.

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