The intensity of the sound produced by a vibratory body, depends upon the amplitude of its vibrations.

The intensity of a sound varies inversely as the square of the distance from its origin, only when the sound waves can radiate freely in all directions without interruption. [Harris, T. F.; Hand Book of Acoustics, 5th edition; J. Curwen & Sons, London, 1903?]

"intensity varies as the square of the amplitude" [Harris, T. F.; Hand Book of Acoustics, 5th edition; J. Curwen & Sons, London, 1903?, page 138]

"It has been found by experiment that not only does the intensity of sound vary with the amplitude of the vibrations of the sounding body; but as nearly as the square of the amplitude. For instance, if a piano string can be made to vibrate so that the width of swing in its motion is one-fiftieth of an inch, and if another piano string giving the same pitch can be made to vibrate with an amplitude of one twenty-fifth of an inch, then the second will have an amplitude twice that of the first and its intensity will be approximately four times as great." [Piano Tuning and Allied Arts]



The following definitions of weight are in keeping with Natural Law.
Weight is the sum of the differences between the two pressures which act upon every mass.
Weight is the measure of the differences in electric potential between any mass and the volume it occupies.
Weight is the measure of unbalance between any mass and its displaced environment.

Weight is the measure of the force which a body exerts in seeking its true potential.
Weight is the sum of the difference between the inward pull of gravitation and the outward thrust of radiation.
Weight is the measure of intensity of the desire within all matter to express motion or seek rest from motion.
 [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pages 184-185]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"How can I describe for you, my inner glow, my transcendent brightness and brilliance of joy and powerful feelings of love which possessed and inflated my entire being with their intensity until I cried out with the pressure within my mind and heart. It was so powerful it seemed it would entirely dissolve my bodily form." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Christ Letters - Letter 1, page 18]

"You now know that the Father-Mother Creative Process and the tools of physical creation are all in a state of equilibrium within the Universal Dimension, but now that equilibrium is to be exploded to bring about


You know, too, that since the Infinite Eternal IMPULSES are contained in a state of mutual restraint, these IMPULSES are of an unimaginable intensity of energy - against which your atomic energy contained within the splitting of an atom is a mere 'pouff', an infinitesimal twitch of no importance.
I want you to fully realise all the foregoing, since your realisation of what happened at the time of the Big Bang will give you a glimpse of what happened at the time of the sundering of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS to permit the creation of individual form to take place." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 20]

"The intensity of a feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important element in determining its subsequent physical materialization." [Seth/Jane Roberts, Session 525, p.66, Seth Speaks]

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