Power is a scalar quantity or potential unless released to act when it becomes a vector quantity.

Power is measured in watts; voltage x amperage.

"All forces in nature are mind forces..." [Keely]

"To move suddenly a square inch of air at the velocity of his vibratory circuit, on full line of graduation and at a vibration only of 2,750,000 per second, would require a [force] at least of twenty-five times that of gunpowder, and at 21,000 lbs. per sq. inch it would be 525,000 lbs. per square inch. The finer the substance the greater the power and velocity under such vibrations." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

Power of Beliefs
"Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs." [Maxwell Maltz]

Power of Christ Consciousness
"Jesus is the man - the activity, the mind, the relationships that He bore to others. Yea, He was mindful of friends, He was sociable, He was loving, He was kind, He was gentle. He grew faint, He grew weak - and yet gained that strength that He has promised, in becoming the Christ, by fulfilling and overcoming the world! Ye are made strong - in body, in mind, in soul and purpose - by that power in Christ. The power, then, is in the Christ. The pattern is in Jesus." [Cayce (2533-7) See Christ Consciousness]

"But all power, all force, arises from one source; and those that have same are only lended same by an All-Wise and Merciful Creator as talents to be used in His vineyard. For each entity, each soul, is his brother's keeper!" [Cayce (189-3)]

"For, no soul or entity enters without opportunities. And the choice is ever latent within self and the power, the ability to do things, be things, to accept things, is with the entity." [Cayce (3226-1)]

"No longer conscious of my movement, I discovered a new unity with nature. I had found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never dreamt existed." [(Roger Bannister on breaking the four-minute mile)]

Power of Harmonic
Power of Beat Harmonics

Power Multiplication
A memo written March 16, 1961, describes the Russell discovery: "This new power and light generator employs a power multiplication principle of nature... which multiplies gases of minus zero melting points into solids of over 3000 degrees; or multiplies the cold of space into hot stars and novas of incredibly high temperatures. The reason it has never been known is because of the false concept of gravity which assumes it to be a force of attraction which pulls inward from within instead of a cyclic force which controls the expansion of cold into heat, and the expansion of heat into cold... Nature's first principle of power production and the construction of matter is to produce heat from the cold of space. The heat thus generated radiates back into cold to complete the wave cycle which automatically repeats itself" [(this quote from Jeane Manning unpublished article (chapter in new book) 04/22/08)]

Power, Personal
" ...your power is in your decision not in the action. You extend your power by the action of manifesting your KNOWING through action. Your decision comes from your knowledge. That concept which you have arrived at mentally is the REALITY which you extend to your patient but that REALITY will do him no good unless you do extend it through action..." [Walter Russell, Home Study Course, unit 12, page 917]

"The CREATED universe of matter is the result of concentration of Mind upon the idea of form and then the generation of power by diverting low potential into centripetal vortices in order to hold the idea of Mind into the appearance of form until form disappears through mental decentration" [Figure 12.11 - Russells Locked Potential Full Ten Octave Gamut]

"All of this realization lifted me to the heights of rapture, elation and sublime ecstasy, so that I was scarcely able to bear it. I felt my body must dissolve with the expansion of Power within me. I was irradiated with LIGHT and could see IT all around me illuminating the desert scene." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 16]

Power vs Energy

Power with the Polar Stream
"Assimilate the low vibratory subdominant (2nd) to the harmonic undulatory (3rd), by thirds, will produce power with the polar stream; an introductory impulse would bring the subdominant (2nd) into a concordant relation with the dominant (1st)." [Keely and His Discoveries, pg 368]

Ohm's Law
Ohm's Law

"As I have told you before, were individuality able to enter the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION of the MUTUALLY-RESTRAINED IMPULSES of 'Movement & Bonding' - the individuality would be immediately dissolved and returned to the equilibrium of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Ponder the unimaginable immensity of Power contained within the MUTUAL-RESTRAINT of the TWIN IMPULSES in UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which are primarily

CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS INTENT WILL >>><<< PURPOSE INTELLIGENCE LOVE combined as Intelligent Love        &        Loving Intelligence Impulses of: Movement                  Bonding-Repulsion ELECTRICITY ........ in equilibrium ........ MAGNETISM
The above describes the UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL DIMENSION before the BIG BANG!" [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 20]

"God is Light. God is Love. God's creating universe is founded on Love. It is creating with Light. ''The principle of love is desire to give. God gives love by extending His Light. God's love is a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of love by the regiving of love. The law of love is rhythmic balanced interchange between all givings and regivings. The symbol of love is the wave of dual light which gives and regives equally and rhythmically. This is a dual electric wave universe of interchanging light.'' (Fig. 1) God's Love is everywhere; His Light is everywhere. There is naught but good in God's omniscient universe. Evil is a product of man's thinking. God extends His love, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give form to His imag-

page 219

inings. The intensity of desire extended from centering points of rest to extended points of rest determines the dimension of desire. (Fig. 2)" [Russell, The Secret of Light, PART III: Omnipresence The Universe of Being Postulates and Diagrams]

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