table of the twelve scales meeting by fifths

The modulating gamut
—One series of the twelve keys meeting by fifths through seven octaves
Keys not mingled
—A table of the key-notes and their trinities thus meeting
—The fourths not isolated
—The table of the twelve scales meeting by fifths
—The twelve keys, trinities, scales, and chords thus meeting are written in musical clef
—The twelve meeting through seven circles, each circle representing the eighteen tones
—The keys of C and G meeting, coloured
Retrospection of the various major developments, . . . . 29 [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Table of Contents3 - Harmonies]

We may also examine the table of the twelve tones gained through seven octaves: the sharp or flat is written to each note, excepting in the keys as they unite in succession. Each key-note by fifths is seen to become a root of the fifth higher key-note: thus A becomes the root of E, and so on. In descending, each root of the fifth lower seven becomes the fifth higher key-note; the key-note D has G for its root, and so on. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Diagram XIV - The Modulating Gamut of the Twelve Minor Keys by Fifths1, page 39]

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