vital principle

"The Hindu theosophy is not a religion; it is a system of philosophy derived from the wonderful Kabbala; the teachings of which, concerning nature's Sympathetic Streams (flowing from the central sun of the universe), led Keely into the path of research which has enabled him not only to "hook his machinery on to the machinery of nature," but to disclose the moving power, the vital principle." [Bloomfield-Moore; What Electricity Is - Bloomfield Moore]

When the major scale has been generated, with its three chords, the subdominant, tonic, and dominant, by the primary mathematical ratios, it consists of forms and orders which in themselves are adapted to give outgrowth to other forms and orders by the law of duality and other laws. All the elements, orders, combinations, and progressions in music are the products of natural laws. The law of Ratio gives quantities, form, and organic structure. The law of Duality gives symmetry, producing the minor mode in response to the major in all that belongs to it. The laws of Permutations and Combinations give orders and rhythms to the elements. The law of Affinity gives continuity; continuity gives unity; and unity gives the sweetness of harmony. The law of Position gives the notes and chords their specific levities and gravities; and these two tendencies, the one upward and the other downward, constitute the vital principle of music. This is the spiritual constitution of music which the Peter Bell mathematicians have failed to discern: [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 37]

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