If mind is matter, which it is, then an idea is a specific form of matter. Quimby used the phrase "idea matter" quite often and Keely used the phrase "substance of ideation" indicating they both held this concept. I'm sure Geller and Sai Baba would both concur with this concept. Mind Matter or Idea Matter are of the etheric, interetheric and compound interetheric subdivisions. [See Inert Gas, Subdivision, Etheric Elements]

"Given that force can be exerted by an act of will, do we understand the mechanism by which this is done? And if there is a gap in our knowledge between the conscious idea of a motion and the liberation of muscular energy needed to accomplish it, how do we know that a body may not be moved without ordinary material contact by an act of will? Keely contends that all metallic substances after having been subjected to a certain order of vibration may be so moved. "Scientists are verging rapidly toward the idea that immense volumes of energy exist in all conditions of corpuscular space. I accept Prof. Stoney's idea that an apsidal motion might be caused by an interaction between high and low tenuous matter, but such conditions, even of the highest accelerated motion are too far down below the etheric realm to influence it sympathetically, even in the most remote way. The conception of the molecule disturbing the ether, by electrical discharge from its parts is not correct... the highest conditions associated with electricity come under the fourth descending order of sympathetic conditions. The conjecture as regards the motion being a series of harmonic elliptic ones, accompanied by a slow apsidal one, I believe to be correct... The combination of these motions would necessarily produce two circular motions of different amplitudes whose differing periods might correspond to two lines of the spectrum as conjectured, and lead the experimenter, perhaps, into a position corresponding to an ocular illusion. Every line of the spectrum, I think, consists not of two close lines, but of compound triple lines; though not until an instrument has been constructed, which is as perfect in its parts as is the sympathetic field that environs matter, can any truthful conclusion be arrived at from demonstration." [Keely]

Energy belongs to the invisible universe. It is extended into the visible universe of motion ONLY FROM A FULCRUM which is at rest. The energy, however, does not pass beyond the fulcrum into matter, or condition of matter, or motion of matter. That which passes beyond rest into motion is an expression of energy - a simulation of energy - an effect projected from a cause to demonstrate what energy can do when projected into the illusions of motion.

Energy thus expressed might be likened unto the countless actions of a motion picture. The motion thus expressed simulates the energy, and the IDEA, which has been projected from an undivided mental Source through a divided electric wave source by the way of a fulcrum zero upon which the wave oscillates. [Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 32-33]

"All idea is (as) one idea in the light of the sun. The light of the sun is never divided into its many seeming separate ideas until it is electrically extended from the sun and those extensions electrically echoed back to it." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 52

"Records of Motion are seeds for repetition of motion. In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold from seed records of those wave forms." [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 137]

"To polarize means to divide stillness into opposing pulsing extensions. It is like extending a lever from a fixed fulcrum and setting it in motion to express the idea which is in the still fulcrum." [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 209]

"The CREATED universe of matter is the result of concentration of Mind upon the idea of form and then the generation of power by diverting low potential into centripetal vortices in order to hold the idea of Mind into the appearance of form until form disappears through mental decentration" [Figure 12.11 - Russells Locked Potential Full Ten Octave Gamut]

"Idea has no extension, but idea, divided by imagining, extends into an imaged infinity, and repeats its divisions like unto the infinity which the kaleidoscope repeats, and multiplies its imaginings as it repeats." [Atomic Suicide, page 110]

"In your imagination look carefully upon the large cinema picture and realize that there is one prime essential to its understanding that is not photographed there. That one essential is the IDEA of the picture. The IDEA is not photographed. It is not there at all. You cannot see it, no matter how carefully you look - yet you KNOW it as well as though you could see it. Idea is never created. Its body is alone created. Idea has no dimension. It is only the projected image of Idea, which has dimension. Idea is never created. It is but simulated. [Atomic Suicide, page 241]

"Step No. 2. The cylindrical coil made for the creation of an electric field does not, in any respect, conform with the electric current, which divides the stillness of cathodes into moving pairs, for the purpose of multiplying the motion of those moving pairs to create the heat and compression necessary to simulate the IDEA, which concentrated electric Mind-thinking desires to give objective expression to." [Atomic Suicide, page 273]

"Records of Motion are seeds for repetition of motion. In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold from seed records of those wave forms." Russell, The Secret of Light], page 137

"Sex is the creative principle. It is dual desire force in Mind for expressing its One Idea. Without a division of the one unconditional Light into two seemingly conditioned lights, Creation could not be." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 119

"When we stop thinking, whether asleep or awake, we do not stop KNOWING, nor do we cease being consciously aware of our Being. We but cease to set our knowledge in motion to express idea through the pulsations of thinking." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 71

"God's universe of magnetic Light is static.

God's perpetually creating electric wave universe of two moving lights is dynamic. It forever moves. The two moving lights are projected through each other from the static One to create the illusion of the idea they but manifest. The illusion which manifests the idea of Creation through seeming motion is not the idea which it seemingly manifests.

"Creation is the product of Mind - knowing expressed in form by Mind - Thinking." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 16

"Creation might be likened to the tapestry weaver who KNOWS the one idea as a whole, then THINKS it into parts, then RECORDS those parts by interweaving their spectrum colors into the many forms which, together, manifest the whole idea." Russell, The Secret of Light

"Idea of Mind registered in light is living, and through reproduction it continues the idea of itself in its orderly complexing, throughout the entirety of the universal circuit of thinking.

These little particles, born of universal thinking in its highest octave, are the first manifestations of what man calls life.

They are the first manifestations of the appearance of individual existence.

They are the beginning of the appearance of separate existence.

They are the beginning of the appearance of opposites.

They are the beginning of positive and negative electrical units magnetically united.

They are the beginning of male and female individuals.

They are the beginning of apparently separate thinking, separate functioning, separate acting, separate living male and female beings.

These children of thinking Mind differ in no way from man, or mountain, or oak, or rose, except in their simplicity.

They are light: and so is man and the mountain.

They think and live and require new energy to generate energy in order to continue their appearance as the beginning of divine idea.

They continue themselves as idea by transforming other energy into the idea of themselves.

They continue others as idea by radiating energy for absorption by others or by being consumed to supply energy for others of which they become a part.

Just as the sun continues the idea of itself by transforming other energy into the idea of itself, and just as the sun radiates its energy to continue the idea of this planet by radiation of its energy for absorption by this planet, so does one light unit give to another and take away energy from another.

All idea is energy, therefore the energy of one idea can be transformed into the energy of another to continue the idea of that other.

All energy is light and all idea is light."

"All idea is born of the energy of thinking and all idea continues itself as idea by the energy of its thinking. "

"This is the great law of evolving idea.

Idea is evolutionary and continuous; therefore is the recording of idea also continuous.

iIea is constantly building itself up in all forming systems.

This is integration.

This is what man calls growth. It is life.

Idea is constantly tearing itself apart.

This is disintegration.

This is what man calls fading. It is death.

Integration and disintegration are simultaneous in all systems.

Integration is growth.

Fading is growth.

Disintegration is life.

Death is life." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

Helmholtz falls into a mistake when he says- "The system of scales and modes, and all the network of harmony founded on them, do not seem to rest on any immutable laws of Nature, but are due to the aesthetical principle which is constantly subject to change, according to the progressive development of taste." It is true, indeed, that the ear is the last judge; but the ear is to judge something which it does not create, but simply judges. Nature is the maker of music in its scales and modes. The styles of composition may vary with successive generations, and in the different nations of men; but the scientific basis of music is another thing. It is a thing, belonging to the aesthetic element of our being and our environment; it is under the idea of the beautiful, rather than the idea of the useful or the just; but all these various aspects of our relation to creation have their laws which underlie whatever changes may be fashionable at any period in our practice. If the clang-farbe of a musical tone, that is, its quality or timbre, depends on the number and comparative strength of the partial tones or harmonics of which it is composed, and this is considered to be the great discovery of Helmholtz, it cannot be that the scales and modes are at the caprice of the fickle and varied taste of times and individuals, for these partials are under Nature's mathematical usages, and quite beyond any taste for man's to change. It is these very partials or harmonics brought fully into view as a system, and they lead us back and back till they have brought us to the great all-prevading law of gravitation; it is these very partials, which clothe as an audible halo every musical sound, which constitute the musical system of sounds. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 78]

The larger hemisphere of the Fifths is uppermost when taking the minor view of the plate, and suggests the idea of the minor being weighed downward, as it really is mathematically in the genesis of the scale, which is seen in the D of the minor being a comma lower than the D of the major. Taking the major view of the plate, the smaller hemisphere is uppermost, and suggest the idea of rising upward, as it really does in the [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 106]

This diagram shows pictorially the open in the spiral of the mathematical scales, in which, if written in sharps only, B# is seen a little, that is, a comma and the apotome minor, in advance of C, and as the first scale of the new cycle; for it is a violation of Nature's beautiful steps to call it a thirteenth scale of this order, since every scale in the order is 31 commas in advance of the preceding, whereas B# is only one comma and a small fraction in advance of C. If the scales be written in ?s and #s for convenience of signature, then G# is seen a comma and apotome in advance of A?; while the whole circle of keys advancing by fifths are each 31 commas in advance of the preceding. We may therefore cast utterly from us the idea of there being more than twelve mathematical scales, and view the so-called thirteenth as simply the first of a new round of the endless spiral of scales. There is, however, in this note a banner with the strange device, "Excelsior," for it leads us onward into ever-advancing regions of vibrations, and would at last bring us to the ultimate and invisible dynamic structure of the visible world. The tempered system of 12 keys, as in Fig. 1, is by causing the G# and A? to coalesce and be one, as the two D's are already literally one by Nature's own doing. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 118]

It is my firm belief that, if a powerful intellect takes up the radical idea contained in the following pages, it will be found to be the directing force or general key-note which will gradually disentangle intricacies in all the natural [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Introduction1 - Harmonies, page 9]

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” - [Ralph Waldo Emerson]

"The best definition that ever may be given of fourth-dimensional is an idea! Where will it project? Anywhere! Where does it arise from? Who Knows! Where will it end? Who can tell? It is all inclusive! It has both length, breadth, height, depth - is without beginning and is without ending." [Cayce (364-10)]

"The abilities in the psychic forces.... psychic meaning, then of the mental and the Soul - doesn't necessarily mean the body, until it's enabled to be brought into being in whatever form it may make its manifestation - which may never be in a material world, or take form in a three-dimensional plane as the earth is; it may remain in a fourth-dimensional - which is an idea!" [Cayce (364-10)]

"That as would be manifested must first be in spirit, then in mind, then in material activity. For, this is the evolution of the earth, the evolution of things, the evolution of ideas and of ideals." [Cayce (3132-1)]

Andrew Carnegie
"Any idea that is held in the mind that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical forms available." [Andrew Carnegie]

Alice Bailey
"An idea is a being incorporeal, which has no subsistence by itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter, and becomes the cause of manifestation.” - [Alice Bailey]

Napoleon Hill
"Any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the conscious mind through repetition of thought and emotionalized by a burning desire for its realization is taken over by the subconscious and acting upon through whatever natural and logical means may be available." [Napoleon Hill]

Emil Cioran
“In itself, every idea is neutral, or should be; but man animates ideas, projects his flames and flaws into them; impure, transformed into beliefs, ideas take their place in time, take shape as events: the trajectory is complete, from logic to epilepsy . . . whence the birth of ideologies, doctrines, deadly games.
Idolaters by instinct, we convert the objects of our dreams and our interests into the Unconditional. History is nothing but a procession of false Absolutes, a series of temples raised to pretexts, a degradation of the mind before the Improbable. Even when he turns from religion, man remains subject to it; depleting himself to create fake gods, he feverishly adopts them: his need for fiction, for mythology triumphs over evidence and absurdity alike.” [Emil Cioran]

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