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Hello, my friends. A welcome to dear hearts. I am speaking to you about the hearts, because that was the question raised, and because it is the best focus one can have in life.

To begin with, the Heart runs the show. Most people think it is their head, their brain or their mind that decides what happens and directs activity. It is not. A realized mind is composed of head, heart and gut, just as Rudolf Steiner said. Again we see the threes; this time in the threefold person (two poles and Heart in the middle; thinking - feeling - willing; cool-neutral-hot; nerve/sense-rhythmic-metabolic limb systems.

The regulator of the whole system is the Heart. It is the Neutral Center, the basis from which all direction is generated. It represents the place from which we relate, and the very nature of its flavor and outcome. It is the point of center at which, if all is balanced, the nodal points of the waves from top to bottom and bottom to top intersecting.

When the three poles or oscillators are relating flowingly via the Heart, there is a Neutral Center created which is established at the Heart. Given sufficient training/experience/acceptance of karmic grace, the Heart Chakra opens and becomes the nodal point between the poles (Heaven & Earth). When this occurs, the whole system changes and in less than an instant, all systems align as One. Another way to think of this is entrainment, which has also been written about.

In any case, when this shift happens (it is really a phase change), fear vanishes and the whole system serves Oneness or Love. The system becomes centropic at that point, and is fed by the ether, or more precisely is at One with it, using it and generating it at the same time.

For your information, when this happens in a human it is Enlightenment; when it happens in a dynasphere, it is rotation.

So, it is laser-like, cohesive, Love, scalar, non-local etheric force that is the goal toward which we evolve. When I communicate "we", I include myself. In order for any part of the network to evolve, its counterparts must oblige. Thus, we must first identify the network.

My network is your network. It is not only you, but those with whom you relate. That is because my Heart or Neutral Center is defined by my relatedness with others, as is yours. To function at fullest capacity, it is ideal to create a network. This establishes Field Coherence. Six Good Hearts would be a wonderful start. It would provide a supportive network which can provide a strong foundation for further development. Who will provide a Good Heart?

This is enough to think about (with your Heart) right now. We will speak again very soon. Bring questions! I love that! [Atlin]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"If you focus on the desire to love, to accept, to work with gladness in your heart, then everywhere you go you are shedding a consciousness of strength, blessing and growth." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 10]

"It [laughter] is a ripple effect experienced in all living things of higher species capable of certain judgments or perceptions. It eliminates stress. The 'ripple effect' is felt over the diaphragm which guards the heart and nervous system." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 14]

"As the ego drive gradually relinquishes its hold over your mind and emotions, you will find that laughter bubbles up spontaneously and brings a wonderful feeling of release. The 'ripple effect' of laughter raises your consciousness frequencies of vibration not only because it is energy released where you most need it - over your heart - over your diaphragm, the seat of your emotions but because LAUGHTER is directly of Divine Consciousness.
Therefore, laughter is Divine." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 14]

"As a suggestion to those interested in psychological researches I will mention that Keely has copied nature in all his instruments from the Vibrophone, which is fashioned after the human ear, up to the Disintegrator, in which the neutral center represents the human heart." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"The science of music is the knowledge of how Nature proceeds in this beautiful region of creation in which so much of pleasure for mankind is found, and meet expression for the praise of God. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast;" how much more to gratify the civilized and educated ear; to stir with inspiration the prophetic gift; to comfort the troubled heart; and to draw forth the best feelings of our nature." [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 20]

But, as the subdominant sixth and dominant seventh suggest that the chromatic chord should be a 4-note chord, we must find out how Nature completes this diatonic chromatic triad and makes it a 4-note chord, and that according to its own intrinsic character as of minor thirds. Nature has always a rationale in her operations which it is ever delightful to discover. Wedged in between the minor dominant and the major subdominant, this triad, B D F, has already B, the top of the dominant minor, for its root; and F, the root of the subdominant major, for its top; and its middle is the mysterious D which, in its two positions as root of the minor subdominant and top of the major dominant, stands at the two extremes of the whole twofold diatonic key, bounding and embracing all; and which in its two degrees as D26 2/3 and D27 claims kindred with both minor and major modes of the twofold key system. Surely this Janus-faced D, looking this way toward the minor and that way to the major, seems to say, "the complement of this chord, of which I am the heart, is not far to seek nor hard to find on either side." It has already B in common with the minor dominant; the very next step is to the middle of this chord, G. Roots and tops of chords may not be altered, but middles may with impunity be flattened or sharpened as occasion may require. No two of them in succession in the chord-scale have the same structure; the chromatic triad, in claiming this middle, claims it sharpened, for it must have [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 54]

as the savage state. The savage is the sunken state of man, consequent on falling away from God by distrust and disobedience, and the loss of paradisial converse with Him. We may presume that music in the beginning, when the first human pair sang out with unbroken voices the joy of their hearts, was in the scale to which mankind, risen and restored by God's mercy, have returned. Our last days are thus become like the first again; and the lost dominion of Nature has returned, in the Incarnate One, into the hands of mankind. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 79]

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire." [Rumi]

We have been told many times during the Atlin Project the key to achieving rotation or any of the other possible manifestations of Keely's art is an open heart or knowing through/with the heart as opposed to thinking with the ego or intellect. Feeling with the heart is as knowing with the Whole Mind - a Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness if you will. SVP is an entirely new science and philosophy meant for a new time, new era and a new humanity. SVP is an expanded consciousness originating in the heart instead of the ego. So let's explore what this means and how we might attain such a position. [See Scalar]

Heart Facts

  • The first cells to form when you were a fetus were in your heart.
  • The average heart beats 110,000 times a day, 40 million times a year, 3.5 billion times in a lifetime.
  • Your heart produces enough power in 1 hour to lift 2,000 pounds 3 feet off the ground. In one hour and 15 minutes the heart could lift a Toyota Prius!
  • The source of the heart beat is in the heart, not the brain. During a heart transplant, the heart cannot be reconnected to the brain. The heart beats on its own.
  • The electrical impulse of each heart beat can be measured 8 feet from the body.
  • The electrical impulse of the heart is 40 - 60 times stronger than the brain. It is many more times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body.
  • The heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.
  • The heart's vascular system is 60,000 miles long and can wrap around the earth twice.
  • Different people's (or even animal's) heart cells, will all beat in unison in a petrie dish. Different people's brain cells in a petrie dish will not communicate with each other and die. See Sympathetic Vibration
  • The heart has its own intrinsic nervous system with over 40,000 neurons referred to by neuroscientists as the "brain in the heart.
  • The electricity generated by the heart can be detected and measured in the brain patterns of another person nearby. See Sympathy
  • The heart works without interruption for 70-80 years, without care or cleaning, usually without repair or replacement. Heart Facts

Spontaneous Heart Beat
"In their study, using a printer that extrudes "bio-ink" cells through a micropipette, the researchers at MU printed particles of chicken heart cells onto large sheets of cell friendly gel. Heart cells have to synchronize in order for the heart to beat properly and when first printed they did not beat in unison. In time, some 19 hours later, the cells had sorted and fused the tissue structure and started to beat just as a heart would. Remarkably the cells knew what to do to build a beating chicken heart in a petrie dish." Spontaneous Heart Beat

Artificially created heart cells start to beat

"When a subject is totally relaxed and has achieved a deep meditative state, a slow, rhythmic sine wave pattern can be registered by a cardiograph-type sensing device. What is being measured is a standing wave in the aorta. There is a heart-aorta resonating oscillator which affects other parts of the body, including the brain.. .a paper by Paul E. J. New, indicate the presence of a major resonant cavity oscillator located between the heart and the bifurcation, where the aorta divides itself. When the timing of the pressure pulses travel down the aorta coincide (in phase) with the reflected pressure pulse, a standing wave is achieved. When this frequency approaches 7Hz., a progressively amplified waveform is created by resonance, resulting in a large oscillation affecting every other circuit in the body tuned to this frequency. Thus, a harmonic frequency corresponding to the pulsation of the electrical charge of the Earth is present in the heart-aorta. The brain may be considered as a piezoelectric gel, one converting physical vibrations into electrical ones. Although the body movement from this heart/aorta resonance is relatively small, 0.003-0.009 mm., the head is a dense and tight structure. By moving up and down, the skull accelerates the brain with mild impacts. These acoustical plane waves are reflected from the cranial vault and are focused upon the third and lateral ventricles. A hierarchy of frequencies couple this 7Hz. body movement to the higher frequencies in the ventricles. It is no coincidence that this frequency is in the theta region of brain waves, the state of maximum regeneration." Source: Bruce, Robert "Part 4: Basic Energy Work" "What are chakras?"

Knowing with the Heart

Q: What is the difference between the desire of the heart and the desire of the will? . . .
A: "Only in Him. In speaking of the heart and of the will, analyze for the moment as to what they represent in thine own experience. The heart is ordinarily considered the seat of life in the physical, while the will as a motivative factor in the mental and spiritual realm. To be sure, these may be made one. But how? In that the will of self and the desire of the heart are selfless in the Christ Consciousness. Even as He gave in the shadow of the day when the Cross loomed before Him on Calvary, when the desire of the heart and the will of self were made one. Indeed, as He gave, the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing . . . For, the soul is in Him; yet, as the promise in the Christ is, the soul shall be free in Him through that love, through that manner of making the desire and the will one in the Father as did He in Gethsemane." Cayce (262-64) See Sympathy

"Remember, it has been given that the purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself and yet one with God even as Jesus, even as is represented in God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit; each knowing themselves to be themselves yet One!" Cayce (281-37)

"In your heart, you know what is right and what is wrong. You know what will ultimately move you ahead and what will hold you back. Though you may be very good at rationalizing against it, the truth is evident when you make the effort to look for it. Though others may be skilled at talking you out of it, you know what is best for your life.

"Go with your heart. Listen to that voice inside you, the one which makes the most sense and which, in retrospect, is almost always right. In a world where deceit too often is just another strategy, develop a habit of seeing the truth with your heart and not just your eyes.

"No matter who else might want to take credit for it, the fact is that you have succeeded in bringing yourself this far. And you are the person best equipped to move yourself positively into the future. The value of your life experience is not only in your mind. It is embedded in your heart. Look at the world with all the good that is within you, and you will see it with sparkling clarity." Ralph Marston

Heart Meditation developing the Heart Consciousness
Universal Heart Beat
Working With God

A REFUTATION OF THE PRESSURE PROPULSION PREMISE OF HEART FUNCTION by Ralph Marinelli; Branko Fuerst; Hoyte van der Zee; Andrew McGinn; William Marinelli

1. Rudolf Steiner Research Center, Royal Oak, MI
2. Dept. of Anesthesiology, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
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4. Cardiovascular Consultants Ltd., Minneapolis, MN. Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota, MN
5. Hennipen County Medical Center and Dept. of Medicine, University of Minnesota, MN


In 1932, Bremer of Harvard filmed the blood in the very early embryo circulating in self-propelled mode in spiralling streams before the heart was functioning. Amazingly, he was so impressed with the spiralling nature of the blood flow pattern that he failed to realize that the phenomena before him had demolished the pressure propulsion principle. Earlier in 1920, Steiner, of the Goetheanum in Switzerland had pointed out in lectures to medical doctors that the heart was not a pump forcing inert blood to move with pressure but that the blood was propelled with its own biological momentum, as can be seen in the embryo, and boosts itself with "induced" momenta from the heart. He also stated that the pressure does not cause the blood to circulate but is caused by interrupting the circulation. Experimental corroboration of Steiner's concepts in the embryo and adult is herein presented.



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