Ball, globe (hollow or solid), zone of activity or influence.

Keely "All hollow spheres of certain diameters are resonant to the enharmonic and diatonic thirds of any and all concordant sounds. Nature, working with her perfect form, the sphere, gives this effect, but not so with tubes. The shortest way to pure resonance between any number of resonating mediums is through use of the sphere." [HOW THE MUSICAL SPHERE ROTATES]

Russell "The sphere is the perfection of form, and the perfection of the illusion of stability in motion." [Russell, The Universal One, page 184]

"Fig. 63 is the body end of the cosmic bridge. It is that which is projected. It is motion compressed into a spherical image of the transient form that is eternally recorded in the hole which is within the four rings of the seed. That sphere is also composed of eight parts, and is centered by the zero of its Source." [Atomic Suicide, page 258]

"The fourth of the octave pairs is the sphere itself. These four pairs, and their inert gas recorder, constitutes the whole octave wave-field principle. It shows how matter is constructed." [Atomic Suicide, page 259]

Diffraction rings are wave spheres in sections. They have an orderly rhythmic, mathematical and geometric relation to the sphere, the cube and whatever lenses occur when light waves interact. This diagram gives that mathematical relation. Sphere marked A indicates a miniature of the large diagram within which a lens is drawn as shown in sphere B as small scale. The exact width of each white and dark space is thus determinable with mathematical precision.” [Dr. Walter Russell]

Diffraction Ring

(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

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