a. Agreeing; agreeable; correspondent; harmonious.
n. That which is accordant or in concord with, same as, one with, as one, sympathy.

Governed/described by these laws:
Law of Harmonic Pitch
Law of Harmonic Vibrations
Law of Harmony

Concordant Attractive Stream
The same as GRAVITY.

"The power of attractive vibration of the solar forces is the great coincident towards which the terrestrial magnetic sympathetic flow is diverted. This force is the celestial current that makes up the prime third of the triple association. It also induces aqueous disintegration and thermal concentration, the two prime conductors towards this coincident chord of sympathy with itself. Without this aqueous disintegration there would be no connective link between the celestial and terrestrial. There would exist nothing but a condition of luminous radiation on the order of the aurora - a reaching out for the concordant without any sympathetic diversion to create unstable equilibrium of terrestrial magnetism. In fact under such a condition, the absence of the sun on one side, or the absence of water on the other, the magnetic or electric force would remain in a stable state of equilibrium, or the highest order of the chaotic." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

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Law of Harmonic Pitch
Law of Harmonic Vibrations
Law of Harmony
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