The use of the term sex by Russell is basically his way of saying Polar which is the same as active or dynamic dipole, bias, dual, Yin-Yang, Male/Female, positive/negative, etc. There is more to his meaning of course which you can pick up studying the following article. [See Law of Assimilation, Father-Mother Principle, Wave and Wave Field]

SEX DEFINED - The Polar State
"Sex is the division of a balanced equilibrium condition into two equally unbalanced conditions which negate each other periodically for the purpose of repeating the two unbalanced conditions.
Sex is the creative principle. It is the dual desire force in Mind for expressing its One Idea. Without a division of the one unconditioned Light into two seemingly conditioned lights, Creation could not be.
Sex is not a thing, it is a condition of a thing.?
An electrically balanced condition of anything is sexless whether it be a man, woman, electric battery, or the atmosphere.
A sexed condition is an unbalanced condition. An electric battery which is fully charged is dually unbalanced by the opposite electric pressures of compression and expansion. These two opposite unbalanced conditions violently desire to return to the oneness of balance from which they were divided into two. A short circuit between the two poles of the battery will give it that balance. We then say it is dead, for it will no longer perform work by expressing its desire for balance." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pages 119-120]

"C. Hydrogen (H) and fluorine (F) being almost mates and in nearly same pressure zone, same plane and same orbit, will unite part for part. D. Oxygen (0) or beryllium (Be) being one pressure zone removed and consequently of double potential, will require two parts of hydrogen to their one, and then only unite under pressure of higher temperature. Hydrogen and oxygen, thus united, become the very stable compound known as water and remain united because they are opposed in sex, while beryllium and hydrogen, being both male, will break away unless bound by oxygen, sulphur or some other female stabilizer. E. Nitrogen or boron are two pressure zones removed and require three parts of hydrogen and higher pressure for union. Same rule of sex applies. F. Carbon, three pressure zones removed and four times higher potential, demands four parts of hydrogen to remain in union with its one; also the high temperature pressure of the electric are is needed to induce union.


Sex Polarities

Sex Polarities.

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The Sex Principle

Book One, Chapter VIII, The Universal One

"Sir Oliver Lodge points out that man has long been familiar with force and motion, but that some third intangible, undiscovered force is recognizably necessary to complete a logical universe. Force and motion infer that the third undiscovered force is existent somewhere back of or with them. He also states that, when discovered, it may prove to be something with which man is already familiar. Sex is the great third principle. Sex is the controlling cause of both force and motion. Without it, neither could continue. To say that Mind is the motive power back of force and motion, is but stating a generality; but to state an attribute of Mind by means of which force and motion are controlled, is being specific. Sex is the motive power behind force and motion.

"Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process. Sex is the active desire of Mind for division into opposites, and its reactive desire for unity. Sex is that motive force which demands separability into two, and equally desires union of the apparent two into one.

"Mind, being One, cannot yield to the desire of Mind for separation into two. Sex desire of Mind for divisibility into two succeeds only in producing an appearance of divisibility into two. Likewise, sex desire of Mind for unity into One succeeds only in reproducing an apparent composite of the two.

"Sex is of all things from the beginning. Sex begins when light begins. Sex is the desire for the appearance of being which constitutes the appearance of existence. Nothing can be, without the desire to be. All things are which desire to be. Desire dominates all thinking. Desire dominates all matter. All desire is sex desire. All desire is for the continuance of existence in the orderliness of existence.

"Sex desire is that force in thinking that continues thinking. Existence is continued only through thinking. Sex force is that quality in the electro-magnetic impulse of thinking which continues one impulse of thinking into the next impulse of thinking.

"Sex force, like all phenomena of motion, is periodic. Sex periodicity continues the simple beginning of idea into the complexity of idea. Sex force is the builder of the apparently many things out of the reality of the One thing. Periodic variance of sex is the father of desire for the creation of the idea of many things. Remove the image-making faculty of the father force of Mind, and the production of idea would discontinue. Variance of sex is the mother of desire for unity of sex. Remove the sex desire of Mind for the unity of Oneness of the mother force of Mind, and reproduction of the idea of Mind would discontinue. Matter cannot continue its appearance of existence as form, without the desire to continue such an appearance of existence.

"The material substance of Mind cannot evade its materialization into the form desired by Mind. This is an immutable law to which there can be no exception. Man's concept of sex as beginning with organic life is a wrong concept. Sex is as absolute in the elements as in the complexities and compounds of the elements. Man's concept of the beginning of sex and the beginning of life is a concept founded on conditions of temperature. Sex and life and light and intelligence are in and of all things from the beginning. The sex principle is as much a part of the granite rock or bar of iron as it is of man. The great hot star called Argo, blazing away at a temperature of thirty thousand degrees, knows sex in its fiery heart, and cannot continue its appearance without it. The Martian ice cap knows sex in its frozen depths, and retains its appearance because of sex.

"Sex is an electromagnetic equalizer of matter in motion. Sex is the apparent division of the One force into electricity and magnetism, two opposite forces, positive and negative, which are in reality but two pulsations of the One force. Sex is the apparent division of all things into their opposites, male and female. Sex is evolutionary in all things. All things are both male and female. All creation is first male in preponderance, then it is similarly female. All light units and systems of light units are first male-female, then they are female-male. Apparent opposites of the indivisible substance of universal Mind are not content to remain in the state of apparent opposition. Unity, or Oneness, inherent in all things, asserts itself in dissatisfaction when electromagnetic forces of matter in motion are sufficiently generative to cause too great an inequality between the apparent opposites. Sex is unsatisfied when the electromagnetic forces of matter in motion are unequal, and it is satisfied when those forces are equal. A motion flash is the power of sex equalizing positive and negative electromagnetic disturbances of equilibrium between two oppositely and unequally charged storm clouds. In motion-in-inertia, sex desire is negative. In motion-in-opposition, sex desire is positive. It is dynamic.

"Sex first asserts itself in form. All form appears through sex, passes through a progressive charge called 'growth' and disappears. All growth is impelled by force and motion, and controlled by sex. Neither sex, nor force, nor motion is of itself alone. Each is of the others. Nothing is of itself alone.

"There can be no force without thinking. There can be no motion without the force of thinking. There can be no idea of Mind without sex opposition. There can be no continuity of idea without sex union. Without union in mating, the idea of any one thing would be extinct as an appearance.

"Thinking and working are the causes of those elements which man calls sex, force and motion. Without all three of these there could be no appearance of existence as man knows existence. Thinking and working continue the appearance of all idea from the high to the low octaves of creation.

"All creating things are but the ideas of divine Mind. "The whole idea of all things is in the seed of all things." In the seed of idea is the whole of idea. In the seed of the oak is the whole of the oak. In the seed of the rose is the whole of the rose. In the seed of man is the whole of man. The seed of all idea is in thinking. The whole idea of the oak, or the rose, or man is the result of thinking and working for perhaps a billion years of continuing the idea of the oak, the rose, or man in the seed thereof. This is the law of evolving existence. It is as true of complex, as it is of simple things. [See Keely's Law of Cycles]

"All idea is registered in the little particles heretofore referred to as light units. These units of light, heat, sex, electricity, and magnetism are all male and all female. Every unit is either preponderantly male or preponderantly female. Just so is every unit either preponderantly electric or preponderantly magnetic. Just so is every unit either preponderantly negatively or preponderantly positively, electromagnetic. Just so is every unit preponderantly generative or preponderantly radiative. And each unit is all of these. And each unit is variable, becoming preponderantly one or another of these in its turn, from the beginning to the end of its being. [See 14.30 - Effect of Preponderance, 7.4 - Preponderant Sequentially]

"And the variability is orderly, and governed by measurable laws of periodicity, which are also the laws by which motion is governed. It must not be forgotten that all that man calls creation is the result of motion that is due to the opposing impulses of thinking. It must not be forgotten that a continuance of motion causes a creating and not a created universe. The electromagnetic action of the impulses of thinking is continuous in its opposing, and therefore are the effects of that opposition continuous.

"Opposing desire in sex expression is the cause of opposing motion. A cause cannot evade its effect. Opposing electromagnetic impulses are sex expression in creative thinking. Opposing electromagnetic impulses reproduce all effects of creative thinking. Form is born true to the rhythm of thinking. All thinking is rhythmic thinking. Idea is synchronous with the rhythm of thinking.

"All thinking is sex thinking. Creation is the transforming of the One substance by the rhythmic thinking of idea into apparent opposites, and into that which man calls form. Beyond this there is no more. Creation is but a concept of Mind. It is but an illusion, an effect of thinking.

"All thinking is registered in light. All light is sex expression. Light is the language of all thinking. Light is the energy of all thinking. All energy is the energy of sex expression. There is no other energy. Through evolving sex, light causes the transition of the universal substance into form. Through sex periodicity, light transforms form into variety of form." Russell, The Universal One

"From now on, sex will be regarded in our new perspective as being expressed continuously and perpetually in all things. Instead of thinking in terms of cohabitation and human sexual relationships, sex should be thought of as the interchange between pairs of oppositely unbalanced conditions for the purpose of balancing these conditions in every effect of motion in the entire universe. Good effects are those in which the interchange is balanced and bad effects are those in which balance is not complete." [Walter Russell]

"Mother and father reverse their spectrum positions, however. The womb of the mother is on the inside and the father surrounds it by a ring, such as one sees in the Lyra Nebula. One can also see the birth of a new star in the very center of that great black cathode hole which the mother womb is. That is the way that God turns the anodes of His thinking inside out to rest, and outside in to again become anodes. God's process of creating bodies through sex interchange is based upon the sex urge of the divided color spectrum of light to void its color divisions and become the White Light of rest from which its tensions were extended." [Atomic Suicide, page 117]

"The question has long been asked by research scientists why it is that the inert gases will not mix, or unite with "any of the other elements." The first answer is that the inert gases are not electrically divided and conditioned elements, as all of the others in the nine octaves are. The inert gases begin in the first octave as invisible white fluorescent light of zero motion. They end at the 9th cathode in the 9th octave, as visible white fluorescent light, which has reached a speed of nearly 186,400 miles per second. Fluorescent light is that light which begins in the undivided electric spectrum. It is the beginning and end of motion. All motion is either red or blue, according to its sex. The end of motion at the amplitude of the 9th octave means that the divided spectrum has been united as one colorless, sexless light which has been under such high compression that it has reached its limit of conditioning by motion and must be transformed from the white light of visible motion to the invisible white Light of Magnetic stillness. The fluorescent light is that ending of electric power to divide motion into pairs, and to condition the pairs with the opposing sex tensions of electrically divided spectrum opposites. The inert gases are not pairs. They are not divided. Division takes place by light projected from them, but that projected light of spectrum pairs is the basis of the electrochemical elements, which have great volume and density in comparison." [Atomic Suicide, page 261-262]

The outcome of this incessant reciprocal activity on the one hand is the reconstitution of the various kinds of water present in the individual zones, and on the other, the constant transformation of the species of vegetation in which water makes its way, ceaselessly moved by this inner interplay of forces. This inner, energetic interaction, however, is opposed by the effect of the water's weight. The alternating magnitudes of these component forces inevitably lead to the constant rising and falling of the water particles - the so-called pulsation of water. Every new formation and all growth is derived from the smallest beginnings. Continuing development in the early stages can only be accomplished if the circulation in the Earth's interior proceeds correctly. According to inner law, every higher form of vegetation is built up from the lower species preceding it. The carrier of the substances and the transmitter of the life-processes in the root-zone is the groundwater. The impulse for its movement is caused by a drop in temperature, to which the inner metabolic processes of the here decisive groups of basic elements give rise. The impulse for the movement of water is thus a product of the interactions between the opposites contained within it, which find their necessary resistance in the water itself. Through the resistance arising from the interactions between carbone and oxygen, fluctuations in temperature again occur and with them the impulse to move - the pulsation of water, which in this way at times dissolves salts and at others deposits them, transports them, creates energies and transforms them. The sense and purpose of these perpetual transformation processes is the creation and maintenance of the various types of vegetation and physical forms, which on their part again represent the bridges for the build-up and maintenance of the energies. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Conclusions]

Viewed from a naturalesque standpoint, evolution or reproduction and further development should be seen as a sexual process. Only thus can the truth be established and practical progress made.[The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

This great genetic scale, the all-producer, the all-container, extends over six octaves on each side; for it is not till high in the sixth octave we get B in the major, and it is not till low in the sixth octave that we get F in the minor. It is in the fifth octave, however, that the note which is the distinctive mark of the masculine and feminine modes is generated. D27 in the major, and D26 2/3 in the minor, distinguishes the sex of the modes, and shows which is the head and which the helpmeet in this happy family.2 On the major side F, the root of the subdominant chord, that is the chord which is a fifth below the key-note C, is the root of all. This is the beginning of this creation. If we call the vibration-number of F one, for simplicity's sake, then F1 is multiplied by 3 and by 5, which natural process begets its fifth, C, and its third, A; this is the root, top, and middle of the first chord. From this top, C3, grows the next chord by the same natural process, multiplying by 3 and by 5; thus are produced the fifth and third of the second chord, G and E. From the top of this second chord grows the third and last chord, by the repetition of the same natural process; multiplying G9 by 3 and by 5 we [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 66]

Nikola Tesla
“I recognize the importance that sex plays in the life of man. Nature has made its attraction irresistible to insure the perpetuity of the race. As for myself, I have found that the thinker is confronted with the problem of perpetuating either the species or the mind. It is almost impossible, at least in certain realms of high endeavor, to do both. This has been recognized by the Hindus, whose adepts practice complete sexual abstinence, and by many of the great religions.
“Before I produced the rotating magnetic field, I concentrated all my powers upon my experiment. The strain would have killed a hundred oxen. I certainly could not have survived it if I had permitted my energies to be diverted into the channels of sex.” ["Nikola Tesla’s Youth and Strength at 78." by George F. Corners. Physical Culture, March 1935]

Why sex has been a taboo in all the societies down the ages?

It is a very complicated question - but very important too, worth going into.


The politician and the priest - they have understood it from the very beginning: that sex is the most driving energy in man. It has to be curtailed, it has to be cut.


Have you not seen it being done? When you want a bull to be yoked in a bullock cart - what you do? -You castrate; you destroy his sex energy.


An ox is a poor phenomenon: a slave. A bull is a beauty. A bull is a glorious phenomenon, a great splendor. See a bull walking - how he walks like an emperor; and see an ox carrying a bullock cart.

THE SAME HAS BEEN DONE TO MAN. The sex instinct has been curtailed, cut, crippled. Now man does not exist as the bull; he exists like the ox.

AND EACH MAN IS CARRYING THOUSAND AND ONE BULLOCK CARTS. Look and you will find behind you thousand and one bullock carts; and you are yoked in them.

Why can't you yoke a bull? -The bull is too powerful. If he sees a cow passing by, he will throw the bullock cart and you. And he will move to the cow. He will not bother a little bit who you are, and he will not listen. It will be impossible to control the bull.

SEX ENERGY IS LIFE ENERGY; it is uncontrollable.

And the politician and the priest are not interested in you. They are interested to channelize your energy into certain other directions.

So there is a certain mechanism behind it. It has to be understood.

SEX REPRESSION - TABOOING THE SEX - IS THE VERY FOUNDATION OF HUMAN SLAVERY. And man cannot be free unless sex is free. Man cannot be really free unless his sex energy is allowed natural growth.

The Tantra Vision
Vol 2, Ch #4: Trust cannot be betrayed
am in Buddha Hall
(part 1 in a series)

“ Whenever you feel sex desire arising, there are three possibilities". One: "Indulge in it ordinary, everybody is doing that".
Second: "Repress it, force it down so it goes beyond your consciousness into the darkness of the unconscious. Throw it into the basement of your life. That’s what your so-called extraordinary people are doing mahatmas, saints, monks. But both are against nature. Both are against the inner science of transformation".
The third: "A very rare minority ever tries it – is, when the sex desire arises, close your eyes. It is a very valuable moment. Desire arising is energy arising. It is like the sun rising in the morning. Close your eyes; this is the moment to be meditative. Move downwards to the sex center where you are feeling the thrill the vibration, the kick. Move there and just be a silent onlooker. Witness it, don’t condemn it. The moment you condemn you have gone far away from it. And don’t enjoy it, because the moment you enjoy you are unconscious".
"Just be alert, watchful, like a lamp burning in a dark night. You just take your consciousness there, unflickering, unwavering. You see what is happening at the sex center".
What is this energy?
"Don’t call it names because all words have become contaminated. Even if you say it is sex, immediately you have started condemning it. The very word has become condemnatory. Or, if you belong to the new generation, then the very word has become something sacred. But the word is always loaded with emotion. Any word which is loaded with emotion becomes a barrier on the path of awareness. You just don’t call it anything".
"Just watch the fact that an energy is arising near the sex center. There is a thrill – watch it. And watching it, you will feel a totally new quality of energy. Watching it, you will see it is rising upwards. It is finding a path inside you.
And the moment it starts rising upwards you will feel a coolness falling on you, a silence surrounding you, a grace, a beatitude, a benediction, a blessing all around you".
"It is no longer like a thorn, painful. It no longer hurts; it is very soothing, like a balm. And the more you remain aware, the higher it will go. If it can come up to the heart, which is not very difficult.. If you remain alert you will see it has come to the heart. When it comes to the heart you will know for the first time what love is. Up to now you have been carrying a counterfeit in the name of love".
"When the energy comes to the heart chakra, then it is transformed into love. Once it is transformed into love, once you have felt it, once it has penetrated you, your whole being will feel purified. You will feel virgin, you will feel so pure, so holy, that you cannot think that heaven is anywhere else. You will know it is within you, within your heart". [OSHO, The Beloved, Vol. 2 , chapter 7. Chapter name : They Kill Lust with Lust.]

Male Female Polarities

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10 Maxims of the Sex Principle and the Conditioned Polarities
(Get your mind off of genitals and social identity constructs and understand the Basis of Creation and Creative Force)
1. Polarity as the Basis of Creation: Sex represents the division of a balanced equilibrium into two unbalanced conditions, crucial for the cyclical process of creation.
2. Duality as a Creative Force: The concept of sex is identified not as a physical attribute but as the dual force of desire within the mind aiming to express a singular idea through division.
3. Essence of Division: Without dividing the singular, unconditioned Light into two conditioned states, the phenomenon of creation would be impossible.
4. Condition Over Form: Sex is characterized as a condition rather than a tangible entity, applicable across both living beings and inanimate objects.
5. Balance and Sexlessness: An electrically balanced state, whether in humans, objects, or natural phenomena, is inherently sexless, devoid of division.
6. Unbalance as Sexed Condition: Any sexed condition signifies an unbalance, illustrated through the example of an electric battery's charged state.
7. Desire for Equilibrium: The two opposite unbalanced conditions within a sexed entity inherently seek to return to their original state of oneness and balance.
8. Restoration of Balance: The act of short-circuiting an electric battery is akin to neutralizing its divided, sexed state, rendering it 'dead' or inactive.
9. Work as an Expression of Desire: The ability of a system to perform work is directly tied to its expression of the desire for balance between its divided states.
10. Universality of Sex Principle: The principle of sex, defined through polarity and the desire for equilibrium, underpins the creative and operational dynamics of the universe across all scales. [Joanne Cremer]

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