Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth "When I had moments of doubt that this could be so, the changes in the phenomena stopped taking place, and much later, I discovered that:

my thoughts, if strongly imbued with CONVICTION
could effect changes in the 'shimmer of motes'
(what science presently calls electrically charged particles)
and therefore produce changes
in the appearance of the rock or whatever I was studying.

It was at this point, that I came to realize the powerful effect that CONVICTION or unwavering FAITH had on the environment when stating a command or even a belief. What was even more startling was my mind-opening, 'cosmic consciousness' realization that all I had been witnessing was really the 'Creative Power' of Divine Mind Itself made visible in the 'shimmer of tiny motes'. Not only this, its appearance could be profoundly affected by the activity of human thought." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 11]

"Male and female have also been individualised to experience and express WILLPOWER. WILLPOWER in the MALE is experienced and expressed primarily as Activity. " [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 18]

"There is nothing that electromagnetism has brought into visible being which the human mind can deem to be lacking purpose or meaning. Science ignores this most basic and vital level of creation. Without an answer to this question, as to why everything which has been brought into visible manifestation by the activity of the twin energies of electromagnetism is invariably purposeful, successful and rational - nothing of any value in the search for your origins will be discovered. Until science can probe and discover the 'Reality' of the 'space' in which electrical particles of 'visible being' are supported, science will forever remain behind locked doors of materialism. It will be barred to eternal Truth and universal wisdom and imprisoned within the bondage of reason alone - reason which is solely the product of the finite activity of brain cells.

It is to the true nature of the SPACE I intend to introduce you - but before proceeding to this, I must first bring many highly pertinent questions to your attention." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 8]

"By working together as a team, separately but inseparable, in the visible world, these twin impulses were the means by which the substance of 'matter' itself has been created out of the sublime 'UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS'.

One impulse of creativity is: the 'I'ness of ACTIVITY. This impulse of activity is universal and stems from only one source. 'Activity' is a movement in CONSCIOUSNESS, and CONSCIOUSNESS in movement. The other creative impulse possesses (figuratively speaking) two faces looking in opposite directions. They are:

BONDING - REJECTION Pull towards>>>>>>>> the self<<<<<<<< Push away otherwise known as

ATTRACTION - REPULSION Attract>>>>>>>> to - THE SELF - from <<<<<<<< Repel within CONSCIOUSNESS.

These are the ONLY means by which earthly existence has been achieved.

The entire universe is a manifestation of the 'Creative Power' active within these Twin Impulses of PHYSICAL BEING - creating 'matter' and individual form. This is one of the fundamental 'secrets' of the universe.

I saw that the 'core' of the 'Personality' or 'ego' as it is now called, had been created 'GUARDIAN of PERSONALITY' and was irresistibly imprinted with the magnetic impulse to ensure PRIVACY and SURVIVAL. For the protection of the individual 'I'ness This was accomplished by using the two faces of the second Impulse of Being

BONDING - REJECTION to secure individuality.

[Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 25]

"Bear in mind, at all times, that your SOURCE of BEING is in two states -

in equilibrium and activity.

The ACTIVE state of your SOURCE of BEING is the dimension in which you have been conceived and given individualization. The EQUILIBRIUM of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the dimension of perfect silence and stillness, in which the underlying IMPULSES OF CREATIVITY are locked together in an embrace of mutual restraint." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 8]

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