This is the ultimate plane of matter which Keely's subdivisions reached through his system of vibratory disintegration. It is the neutral center itself. This infinitely small particle, so minute that no mechanical means at man's command will ever be able to measure its dimension, is the foundation of the physical Universe we see all about us. The one compound interetheric point or neutral center of the earth controls all the earth's motions of rotation and revolution, and attracts the sympathetic flows that give us light and heat. The neutral center probably has the essentials of mass in the highest degree, since affinity for this neutral center on the part of the other subdivisions gives rise to the various phenomena of mass which we can sense. The degree of mass is dependent on the affinity of the component particles for the neutral center, and the greater this affinity, the greater the mass. The vibratory condition of the neutral center, however, is not known. It is very likely that it transcends anything we will ever be able to sense in any form of matter recognized by means of our senses, since it displays affinity for all vibrations, dividing them into harmonic ratios. It self unmoved, it moves all things. Rotation about itself as an axis is caused by the exercise of its inherent controlling tendency on matter.

The key to its action may possibly consist in the periodic assimilation and radiation (or repulsion) of its exterior. Or it may act through the mysterious friction or differentiation between the incoming celestial streams and the outgoing radiant streams from itself "solar tensions against terrestrial condensations." At any rate, this neutral center certainly has intense affinity for radial lines of force and very likely has also affinity or attraction for the nuclei of planets arising from these same lines of force as each causes rotation.

Keely stated his belief that even more tenuous subdivisions than the seventh, the neutral center, would ultimately be discovered. But suppose we go beyond the neutral center, and by some means unknown, uncover its causation? That field of causation is within, and we arrive only at a new center of force, only proving that by our first analysis we had not arrived at the real center at all. In other words, this neutral center is absolutely defined by the atomic theory THAT SMALLEST PARTICLE OF MATTER indivisible, indestructible. Such is the neutral center.

"Recently some questions, propounded to Mr. Keely by a scientist, elicited answers which the man of science admitted were clear and definite, but no physicist could accept Keely's assertion that incalculable amounts of latent force exist in the molecular space, for the simple reason that science asserts that molecular aggregation is attended with dissipation of energy instead of its absorption. The questions asked were:-

I. "In disintegrating water, how many foot-pounds of energy have you to expend in order or produce or induce the vibratory energy in your acoustical apparatus?"

Answer.- "No foot-pounds at all. The force necessary to excite disintegration when the instrument is sensitized, both in sensitization and development, would not be sufficient to wind up a watch."

II. "What is the amount of energy that you get out of that initial amount of water, say twelve drops, when decomposed into ether?"

Answer.- "From twelve drops of water a force can be developed that will fill a chamber of seven pint volume no less than six times with a pressure of ten tons to the square inch."

III. "In other words, if you put so many pounds of energy into vibratory motion, how many foot-pounds do you get out of this?"

Answer.- "All molecular masses of metal represent in their interstitial molecular spaces incalculable amounts of latent force, which if awakened and brought into intense vibratory action by the medium of sympathetic liberation, would result in thousands of billions more power in foot-pounds than that necessary to awaken it. The resultant development of any and all forces is only accomplished by conditions that awaken the latent energy they have carried with them during molecular aggregation. If the latent force that exists in a pound of water could be sympathetically evolved or liberated up to the seventh subdivision or compound interetheric, and could be stored free of rotation, it would be in my estimation sufficient to run the power of the world for a century." [Vibratory Physics - True Science]

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