Spirit is of the Interetheric and Compound Interetheric subdivisions of matter and energy. [see The Seven Subdivisions of Matter and Energy, Motion and Etheric Elements]

"Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam-engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty." [Newton of the Mind]

"Nothing, exists but substance and its modes of motion, says Spinoza; thus teaching that spirit is substance. "Soul is the body or organ of the mind, and as such they are inseparable forever. Mind and soul are one, soul and body are two. Soul can never be without mind, body can. As in the mortal life, so in the immortal life, mind cannot be or act without a body." Sympathetic physics teaches that the luminiferous ether, a compound interetheric element, celestial mind force, is the substance of which everything visible is composed, and that this great sympathetic protoplastic element is life itself." [Newton of the Mind]

"The late Dr. Macvicar said when he considered how difficult he had found it to believe that such insight into nature as his views imply is possible to be attained, he was not so unreasonable as to expect that others would, in his time, regard them even as probable, much less as proved. He expressed himself as content with the private enjoyment which these views imparted to himself, "especially as that enjoyment is not merely the gratification of a chemical curiosity, but attaches to a much larger field of thought." One of the points to which he refers, as possessing great value to his own mind, is the place which his investigation assigns to material nature in the universe of being. He says that it is much the fashion in the present day to regard matter and force, more shortly matter, as all in all. But, according to the view of things which has presented itself to both these men, "matter comes out rather as a precipitate in the universal ether, determined by a mathematical necessity; a grand and beautiful cloud-work in the realm of light, bounded on both sides by a world of spirits; on the upper and anterior side, by the great Creator Himself, and the hierarchy of spirits to which He awarded immediate existence; and on the lower and posterior side, by that world of spirits of which the material body is the mother and nurse." Macvicar says the hypothesis that there are no beings in the universe but those which possess a molecular structure, and that sensibility and intelligence take their first beginnings in such structures, is one of the most inadequate conceptions that was ever proposed for scientific belief. Science is not only very blind, but glories in her blindness. She gropes among the dead seeking the origin of life, instead of going to the Fountain of all life, the Ever Living, as Dr. Macvicar and Keely have done. [More Science]

"There is no missing link in the evolution theory, as laid down in Keely's pure philosophy. Inasmuch as the Father of all is Himself a Spiritual Being, cosmical law leads us to expect that the type of created being, His offspring, shall be spirit also. Nor can Being in any object be so attenuated, or so far removed from Him who filleth all in all, but it must surely retain an aura of His spiritual nature. The corner-stone of this philosophy is one power, one law; order and method reigning throughout creation; spirit controlling matter, as the Divine order and law of creation that the spiritual should govern the material - that the whole realm of matter should be under the dominion of the world of spirit. Nor is this a new truth. According to Diogenes Laertius, Thales taught that souls are the motive forces of the universe." [True Science]

"As certainly as the unborn infant's life is that of the mother, so is it divinely true that somehow God's life includes ours; and we shall understand the nature of that relationship when, in due time, we have been '"born again" into the life of the spirit." [True Science]

"... spiritual, includes the etheric, interetheric and luminous in combination, each of which is essential to the proper completion of the combined action, comprising as it does every minute law governing the celestial and terrestrial universe." [Keely, Newton of the Mind]

"Those who are sufficiently unprejudiced to connect the bearings of this discovery, of what must be dynaspheric force, with phenomena which have hitherto been regarded as supernatural by the ignorant, will perceive how rapidly we are bridging over the chasm which has divided the seen from the unseen, obliterating the distinction between 'matter' and what has most erroneously been called 'spirit'".

In 1882 a lady, conversing with Mr. Keely, said, "You have opened the door into the spirit-world". He answered, "Do you think so? I have sometimes thought I might be able to discover the origin of life". At this time Mr. Keely had given no attention whatever to the occult bearing of his discovery; and it was only after he had pursued his researches, under the advantages which his small Liberator afforded him for such experiments, that he realized the truth of this woman's assertion. It was then, in 1887, that a "bridge of mist" formed itself before him, connecting the laws which govern physical science with the laws which govern spiritual science, and year by year this bridge of mist has solidified, until now he is in a position to stand upon it, and proclaim that its abutments have a solid foundation” one resting in the material and visible world, and the other in the spiritual and unseen world; or, rather, that no bridge is needed to connect the two worlds, one law governing both in its needed modifications.

"The physical thing", writes a modern scientist, "which energises and does work in and upon ordinary matter, is a separate form of matter, infinitely refined and infinitely rapid in its vibrations, and is thus able to penetrate through all ordinary matter, and to make everywhere a fountain of motion, no less real because unseen. It is among the atoms of the crystal and the molecules of living matter; and, whether producing locked effects or free, it is the same cosmic thing, matter in motion, which we conceive as material energy, and with difficulty think of as only a peculiar form of matter in motion."

Oliphant, commenting upon this view of energy, says: "This is nothing more nor less than what we have been in the habit of calling 'spirit'."

"Mind is also composed of this extraordinary matter; so is will; so is every emotion".

Jacob Boehman calls it "heavenly substantiality", and Swedenborg calls it "natural and spiritual atmospheres, composed of discrete substances of a very minute form". Professor Crookes has invented the word "prostyle", Professor Cones calls it "soul-stuff", or biogen; while Occultists call it "astral fluid". [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]

"The corner-stone of this philosophy is one power, one law; order and method reigning throughout creation; spirit controlling matter, as the Divine order and law of creation that the spiritual should govern the material - that the whole realm of matter should be under the dominion of the world of spirit." [More Science]

"Thus the One Light of God's knowing extended to the two of His thinking, pulsed as the three of all creating things, the One centering the two, the two extended from the One; the Spirit; the Father-Mother polarity of Light; the Trinity centering the shaft of Creations' seeming, fulcrum of its heartbeat, all ONE." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 99]

"Mind is the universe. Mind substance is "spiritual" substance.
Spirit is Light
Spirit is the ultimate, the eternal, though finite substance." [Walter Russell, The Universal One, Chapter I page 2]

"The centering consciousness of man, the PERSON, transforms information received by the senses into knowledge to the extent of which he is capable of recognizing CAUSE in spirit, back of the EFFECT which his senses record." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 58]



"Thou brooding Spirit! Lord and giver of life, Whose quickening force setteth the quivering pulse In every living thing."—Rev. John Andrew.
[Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Diagram VIII - On the Development of the Twelve Minor Harmonies, page 32]

Message From Jesus
1997, 06/01, Dawn Stranges

Dear students of Life, and beloved ones, I give warm embrace to your spirit and body. My message today is one of comfort to each. It is my desire that you find much warmth in the words here, as a result of a sympathetic resonance between your Soul and the Truth here presented. [Jesus, Good Heart]

In closing, I hope I have communicated to you how the well-being of Earth and Humans rest in your able hands. The hands need to be directed by the Heart and Head. If you choose the logical dictates of the head to direct your research and living, you reduce your existence to mental and material amassing. By including the Heart in your work and life you expand your possibilities for abundance and joy to nurture many more in a safer and more harmonious manner. Besides, consultation with your Heart and Spirit signals an invitation to your spiritual family to assist you in your quest. Now, isn’t that more appealing than thinking your way out of a challenge all alone? [Jesus, Good Heart]

"KNOW the spirit with which YE do a thing is the spirit that will respond to thee!" [Cayce 1688-9]

"For movement is the effect of spirit. Spirit is life." [Cayce 705-2]

"Spirit is that portion of the First Cause which finds expression in all that is everlasting in the consciousness of mind OR matter." [Cayce 2533-1]

"When the soul departs from a body - (this is not being spoken of the Christ) - it has all the form of the body from which it has passed - yet it is not visible to the carnal mind, unless that mind has been and is, attuned to the infinite. Then it appears, in the infinite, as that which may be handled, with all the attributes of the physical being; with the appetites, until these have been accorded to a unit of activity with the Universal Consciousness." [Cayce (2533-8)]

"What is the spirit? The MANIFESTATION OF GOD! The CREATIVE Force working in, with and upon what? The awareness, the interconsciousness of the BODY, the mind, the spirit, as separated in individuals!" [Cayce (262-83)]

"For, as has been given, ACTIVITY IS the key to understanding. Rather had there be a purpose or an act in error than no act. For movement is the effect of spirit. Spirit is life." [Cayce 705-2]

"Spirit forces are the animation of ALL LIFE giving life-producing forces in animate or inanimate forces." [Cayce (900-17)]

"There is a vast difference between spiritual and soul forces, for, as given, about each force there has been set guards or bounds. Spirit forces are the animation of ALL LIFE giving life-producing forces in animate or inanimate forces. Spiritual elements become corporeal when we speak of the spiritual body in a spiritual entity; then composed of spirit, soul, and superconsciousness...

"Spiritual forces being the life, the reproductive principle, the soul, the development principle... The active principle is the spirit." [Cayce (900-17)]

"Thought is the builder, but spirit is the motivating force. What spirit do you entertain? If it be of God, it cannot fail." [Cayce 3351-1]

"No influence exceeds the will of an individual, if it works with and chooses the spirit of truth. For, it is the spirit one chooses that determines the result for that individual, whether in materiality, mental attainment, or spiritual unfoldment." [Cayce 2829-1]

Dialogue on Awakening
"The essence of spirit is the thought of God." [Dialogue on Awakening page 245]

Harvey Spencer Lewis
"Spirit is the vibrating energy which underlies the manifestations of all matter." Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

"Spirit is a universal essence pervading all nature, even unconscious matter, and manifesting in many ways, such as cohesion, adhesion, etc. It is a Divine, universal, essence-like Soul, but of a lower rate. Spirit essence makes its first material manifestation in the formation of electrons, which enter into the composition of atoms. Soul, as an essence, can manifest only psychically, because of its very high rate of vibration." Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"The DIVINE INTENTION of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS was to express ITs own wholeness through creation by individualising, in physical form, each of the two equally balanced aspects of ITSELF and then bringing them together again in physical form, to experience the unity and wholeness of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS from which they originally took their individuality.

As they come together in love and unity of spirit and body, they discover the joy and ecstasy of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS in equilibrium. (This entire process is clearly set out in Letters 5 and 7.) Therefore, the combination of the masculinity of the man and the femininity of the woman is essential to make a 'whole' drawn from the SOURCE of BEING. Out of this combination is formed a whole child." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 17]

"And when I say: 'making true contact with It', I mean that the prayer of supplication for this benefit or that is not making true contact with your SOURCE OF BEING. Your prayer is certainly received into the Source of Being, and an answer is frequently received swiftly and the need is fulfilled, even as you have asked. But true contact with the Source of your Being, is only experienced when you have sufficiently cleansed your consciousness of the gross human ego-drive and have spent some time in meditation and a regular emotionally powerful 'reaching out' in consciousness to your Source seeking contact and renewal and refreshment of spirit.

This is the true purpose behind existence. A constant and mutual reciprocation of communication between the Source of all Being and creation." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 5]

Mary Baker Eddy
“There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-All. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore, man is not material; he is spiritual.” [Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 468]

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