Russell; Center of Attraction or maximum Opposition. The 4++ point of every wave. Opposite pole to South. [see Neutral Center]

"North is the electro-positive plus direction of the more..." [Russell, The Universal One, page 150]

"North is the direction of the generative action of displacement." [Russell, The Universal One, page 184]

"The forward swing toward the "plus" is always in the direction of north by the way of east and the backward swing is always south by the way of west." [Russell - The Universal One; Book 02 - Chapter 08 - The Universal Pulse - All Motion is Oscillatory]

"The accumulated electric potential continues spirally north by way of east in the electric stream to the planet's center, and the disintegration emanations continue south by way of west, in the magnetic stream of the earth's ecliptic." [Russell - The Universal One; Book 02 - Chapter 12 - Gravitation and Radiation]

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