PART III: Omnipresence The Universe of Being Postulates and Diagrams

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PART III Omnipresence The Universe of Being Postulates and Diagrams

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God is Light. God is Love. God's creating universe is founded on Love. It is creating with Light. ''The principle of love is desire to give. God gives love by extending His Light. God's love is a mirror of Light which reflects His giving of love by the regiving of love. The law of love is rhythmic balanced interchange between all givings and regivings. The symbol of love is the wave of dual light which gives and regives equally and rhythmically. This is a dual electric wave universe of interchanging light.'' (Fig. 1) God's Love is everywhere; His Light is everywhere. There is naught but good in God's omniscient universe. Evil is a product of man's thinking. God extends His love, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give form to His imag-

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inings. The intensity of desire extended from centering points of rest to extended points of rest determines the dimension of desire. (Fig. 2)

The entire mechanical principal of Nature, by means of which its light illusions of motion are produced, is the consequent effect of such radial extensions. Because of it, the seeming multiplication and division of the universal equilibrium into the opposed electrical pressures of gravitation and radiation, which form the foundation of this universe of change, are made possible. (Fig. 3) God's imaginings extend from rest to rest in His three-dimensional radial universe of length, breadth and thickness - to become the stage of space for His imagined radial universe of matter, time, change and motion. (Fig. 4) Points of rest, further extended to other points of rest, form three reflecting planes of still magnetic Light which are at right angles to each other. (Fig. 4) From the center of these three mirror planes of zero curvature, God's givings are radially projected to six opposed mirror planes for reprojection as regivings, to unfold

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and refold the forms of God's imaginings in the curved electric universe of His desiring. (Fig. 5)


The desire of God to give of His love is manifested in projected action as an outward explosion from a centering point of rest acting as a fulcrum. The desire to regive is simultaneously "radarred" back from every point of its progress to refold the unfolding action. All action in Nature is forever disappearing into a mirror of its own image of equal potential. (Figs. 5 and 6) Every projected action in Nature which is simultaneously "radarred" back as a reprojected reaction is sequentially repeated as a similar echo from its wave field boundary planes of zero curvature. (Fig. 7) All actions in Nature are outward explosions - slow actions of growing things, or fast actions of released dynamite or atom bomb. Conversely, all reactions are inward explosions. Actions unfold formlessness into form. Reactions refold form into formlessness. Actions are the basis of radiation. Reactions are the basis of gravitation. (Fig. 8)

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Every action anywhere is repeated every where throughout the universe. As a consequence, harmonic centers of the same measure of desire extend their actions outward from their centers toward other harmonic centers. Harmonic explosions of equal measure thus fill all space in God's omnipresent universe. (Fig. 9) Outward explosions which meet each other cannot be spheres, for all space must be filled. Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by gradually flattening where they meet at six points on curved surfaces. Likewise, outer explosions flatten into the six planes of cubes. (Fig. 10) Outward-inward explosions are resisted at their maximum in the direction of the six points where spheres meet. They are consequently deflected to the eight points of least resistance which become diagonals of cubes instead of radii of spheres. (Fig. 11) Eight directions of two-way expressed force are thus generated which become the basis of the octave wave. (Fig. 12) Outward-inward explosions projected through each other develop two opposed pressures. The outward direction divides its potential by expanding it radially. The inward direction mul-

page 222 tiplies it by compressing it radially. Thus, the two opposite plus and minus equilibrium conditions are produced which motivate this electric universe of two-way motion, give to it its heartbeat and produce all effects of illusion caused by the interchange of the two conditions of matter.

Pairs of interchanging opposed conditions are born from each other and become each other as a consequence of that interchange, as all opposites in Nature are likewise born. The cube and the sphere are the two opposites of form from which all forms of all things are born. They are the only forms ever created, being father-mother of all forms. (Figs. 13,14) The sphere and the cube both manifest the cosmic principle of balance. Their position in light waves is in the one balanced position in the wave where compression and expansion have ceased to oppose each other, which is at wave amplitude (known as trough or crest). Carbon and sodium chloride are good examples of true cube crystallization. Likewise their atomic units are true spheres. Sodium-iodide or sodium-bromide do not

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crystallize in true cube because of their unbalanced positions near, but not upon, the plane of wave amplitude. The cube and sphere are one, being two opposite phases of the same thing. The cube is the sphere extended to black coldness while the sphere is the cube contracted to white incandescence. Every true sphere in every light wave is an incandescent sun, regardless of its dimension. Prolating spheres, such as our sun, are becoming incandescent inward toward their centers, while oblating spheres, such as our planets, are becoming cold inward toward their centers. The cube is born from the sphere to fulfill the desire of the Creator to produce form by projecting light from incandescence toward the cold dark of the heavens. Conversely, the sphere is born from the cube to fulfill the other desire for oneness by reprojecting cold dark from the heavens to light in the seed. The creation of all forms of matter is an eternal interchange between the father-light of incandescent spheres and the mother-light of cold cubes. All forms are born in the direction of the coldness of space and are voided in the direction of incandescence. Every creating body is set out into space from its crucible in the sun to cool into the form appropriate to its extension from the sun. That is one half of the cyclic

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journey of every body from the sun and back to it. The other half of the cycle is the return to the sun to void the body of its form for the purpose of acquiring a new body. Every cycle of motion is a journey from heat to cold and back again. All bodies are formed by freezing and voided by melting. The freezing and melting points of all bodies are dependent upon their respective densities and electric conditioning. The sphere is the clay of earths, the light of suns and the formlessness of seed. It is the womb from which the clay of earth extends into the cube-bound heavens to expand into form, and it is the tomb within which all form is voided for regiving to the heavens as a new form. Every form in Nature is either becoming a cube or a sphere, or is a section of either one. Complex bodies are multiples of spheres of matter surrounded by multiples of cubes of space in multiples of wave fields. All crystal shapes are sections of cubes. Their shapes are determined by their positions in their wave field. (Fig. 15) The cubes of space are wave fields which bound all interchanging motion between the two conditions within it. Motion cannot pass through these planes but can be reflected sym-

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metrically back or extended symmetrically toward the center of the adjoining wave field. Within each cube field is the curved universe of two-way light illusion; and beyond, to the farthest reaches of space, is a repetition of illusion from wave field to wave field at the rate of 186,400 miles per second. That is the speed in which every action-reaction anywhere repeats itself everywhere. This illusion of motion gives rise to the belief that light "travels." Wave field boundary planes of zero curvature insulate all effects of motion, which take place within it, from every other wave field. Centering the wave field is the incandescent sphere which mates it. The potential of the entire field is divided equally between its centering sphere of multiplied matter and the surrounding space of divided matter. Each mate of each wave field in the universe is balanced with its opposite mate, even to the weight of one electron. The reason why the centering sphere is of high potential and its surrounding space is of low potential is due to a difference of volume. The centering sphere may be a few thousand miles in diameter and its surrounding space many millions of miles in diameter; yet they are equal, potential for potential, but unequal volume for volume. Neither of these mates could sustain its separateness of condition unless it constantly interchanged to give all

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of itself to the other alternately in repetitive cycles. Spheres must give to cubes of space by breathing out to discharge themselves and charge space. Space must then regive to spheres by breathing out from itself to discharge itself and recharge spheres. Each short cycle of interchange is accumulated into a longer life-death cycle in which solids entirely disappear into space and space interchanges its potential to become solids. This principle constitutes the forever inside-out outside-in turnings of Nature by means of which all forms sequentially appear, disappear and reappear. The inbreathing of spheres generates low potential into high. The generative process of Nature is gravitation. The outbreathing of spheres radiates high potential into low. The degenerative process of Nature is radiation. Multiplication and division of expressed energy into the high and low potential of gravitation and radiation is made possible by the plan of Nature which causes all actions of Nature to extend radially from omnipresent points of magnetic Light. Gravitation pulls spirally inward from within to wind light waves into solids to center space.2 Radiation thrusts spirally outward to unwind dense solids into space to surround solids. Each is an equal reaction of the other. Each becomes the other sequentially.

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Gravitation is the positive electric principle which exerts its pressures centripetally toward the maximum incandescent points of compression in every wave field. It is the father principle of Nature, the integrating principle of "uphill flow of energy" which forever balances its "downhill flow."

Fig. 16

The Mystery of Gravitation and Radiation2

Radiation is the negative electric principle which exerts its pressures centrifugally toward its wave field boundary planes of magnetic Light. It is the mother

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principle of Nature, the disintegrating principle of "downhill flow of energy" which forever balances its "uphill flow." The Creator extends power of motion to but one half of a cycle for each of the two opposite manifestations of His desire. Gravity gives a material form to bodies to manifest the idea of bodies. Radioactivity gives spiritual formlessness to the heavens for regiving to earths as formed bodies. Gravity begins its half cycle as the inward explosive reaction of an outward explosive action, thus fulfilling the law that all opposite expressions are born from each other and interchange to become the other. It ends its half cycle at a point of rest at the still point of magnetic light which centers every material body whether of microcosmic or macrocosmic dimension. Gravity then ceases when its motion ceases. There is no "center of gravity" in Nature. The centering Light of every mass is still magnetic Light. Likewise the still axis of every vortex is still magnetic Light. Radiativity then begins its half cycle from that point of rest and ends it on wave field boundary planes of magnetic Light where gravity began. Radiativity then ceases when its motion ceases. Both gravity and radiativity borrow their power to find balance in rest at their journey's end from the points of rest of their beginnings. They each repay their sepa-

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rate borrowings to the other at every point of their respective journeys. Each thus perpetually voids itself by giving to the other. At each journey's end, each opposite cancels itself out by giving its all to the other. It is then reborn as the other. Everywhere in Nature each action is its own reaction.

"Death gives to life that life may live; and life gives to death that death may die."[From THE DIVINE ILIAD]

Every action in Nature demonstrates this principle. A ball thrown in the air must start from a point of rest, motivated by energy borrowed from the "center of gravity" of this earth which is its fulcrum. The point of rest in the thrower's hand is an extension of the earth's still center. As the ball ascends, it decelerates as it pays its borrowed energy to space, thus charging space with the borrowings of earth and equally discharging earth. When the borrowing is fully paid the ball comes to rest. From that point it must again borrow the energy from space which it borrowed from earth to pay for its return to earth. Upon its accelerative journey to earth it passes each point at the same speed it registered on the upward half cycle, thus discharging space and equally charging earth to balance all borrowings and payings.

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All actions in Nature are extension-retractions from zero to zero, and back again to zero. All are balanced simultaneously and sequentially. This is a zero universe of plus and minus zero which never exceeds the zero of the One Light from which it seemingly sprang as multiplicity.


This zero universe of equilibrium demands two opposed conditions in order to simulate that which our senses interpret for motion and change. These two needed conditions are plus and minus equilibrium; positive and negative electricity. (Fig. 17) Plus zero means a credit of pressure borrowed from the universal equilibrium to compress a large volume into a small volume. Minus zero means an equal expansion to balance the borrowed compression. A thousand dollars borrowed from a bank is a plus of credit which is balanced by an equal debit of one thousand dollars. The central zero represents the bank. The extended zeros represent credit and debit. Both are equal but opposite. A credit of one thousand dollars equals zero. When the credit is paid in part or in full the debit is proportionately voided simultaneously with the credit.

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