9.17 - Fulcrums of Power

The Neutral Centers command or dominate all other states or conditions and are the fulcrum of the lever for creating change. Neutral Centers are condensed focused Mind possessing higher power and higher density than their surrounding uncondensed Etheric substances.

"Man thinks of dependability in terms of solids, those apparent things which respond to his senses. His dependable reality is form in matter.

Man thinks undependability in terms of things Etheric, those things which do not respond to his senses. His unreality is spirit.

Man must learn to alter his concept of the reality of solidity, to the reality of Mind as the source of the illusion of that solidity.

He must learn that the One substance of Mind is the only reality.

He must learn to consider form as only an appearance of reality in a lower octave of the material substance of Mind, over which he has control within the limitations of Mind.

He must learn to consider matter as the substance of Mind, and form in matter as but the registration of his thinking.

He must learn that he is Mind and that Mind is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

Until man learns that he is Mind he will be the slave of the illusions of Mind, instead of which he may be their master and a "creator" of these illusions." [Russell, The Universal One, Book 01 - Chapter 07 - Concerning Appearances]

"All expressions of energy spring from rest, seek a point of rest and return to a condition of rest. The power of a moving lever is not in the lever nor in its motion. It is in the stillness of its fulcrum from which it borrows its ability to manifest the power of the fulcrum." [Russell, The Secret of Light]

All matter (condensed Mind) is desirous of sympathetic association to a dominating center. This power over distant matter is called gravity and the form of gravity that exerts its activating influence at a distance Keely called gravism. In human activity this dynamic would be called Animal Magnetism.

Indeed gravity is a sympathetic force. In fact it is the sympathetic condition inherent in all matter.

"Gravity is nothing more than a concordant attractive sympathetic stream flowing towards the neutral center of the earth. This force is inherent in all visible and invisible aggregated forms of matter, from the very birth of a planet, around whose center the molecules cluster by the sympathetic affinity which is thus induced." [Keely in The Snell Manuscript]

The condition known as gravity then is an embodiment of the Law of Attraction (harmonic vibrations/oscillations as per or as in the Bjerknes Effect). These sympathetic streams assimilate each other in a centripetal motion to a center. These streams Russell referred to as the Father Force in activity and are the same as Keely's Celestial Force or syntropy. We may then conclude all matter is a combination or assimilation of these centering forces held in abeyance by their very vibratory natures. All forms of matter have this characteristic and exert it according to their densities. Density being an effect of rhythmic (predominantly) syntropic activities.

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