Bonding - Rejection

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"As I have told you before, were individuality able to enter the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION of the MUTUALLY-RESTRAINED IMPULSES of 'Movement & Bonding' - the individuality would be immediately dissolved and returned to the equilibrium of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Ponder the unimaginable immensity of Power contained within the MUTUAL-RESTRAINT of the TWIN IMPULSES in UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which are primarily
CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS INTENT WILL >>><<< PURPOSE INTELLIGENCE LOVE combined as Intelligent Love        &        Loving Intelligence Impulses of: Movement                  Bonding-Repulsion ELECTRICITY ........ in equilibrium ........ MAGNETISM
The above describes the UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL DIMENSION before the BIG BANG!" [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 20]

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Bonding - Rejection
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