The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit

By JOHN W. KEELY, 1891.

"I have long held an opinion almost amounting to a conviction that the various forms under which the forces of matter are made manifest have one common origin; or, in other words, are so directly related and mutually dependent that they are convertible, as it were, into one another, and possess equivalents of power in their action." - FARADAY. [see 7.11 - Second]

The Vibrodyne and Sympathetic Transmitter
Figure 19.09 - The Vibrodyne and Sympathetic Transmitter

The working part of this device consists, first, of an outside ring carrying on its inside face nine pieces - equidistant from each other - called polar accelerators; which constitute the polar field or polar circuit. Second, another ring of less diameter, situated inside of the larger ring, and carrying on its face eight disks, with a triple grouping in each, representing the depolar field, or field of high polar interference. [See Apergy - Power Without Cost]

In the Center is placed a resonating intensifier, through which the sympathetic currents pass. By a spiro-vibrophonic arrangement these currents are diverted toward the neutral center of the earth. This device is the sympathetic multiplying agent for the polar field, and the negatizing agent for the anti-polar field. When under action it is entirely subservient to the transmitter, both in regard to high intensification and thorough neutralization of polar and depolar interchange. [see Rhythmic Balanced Exchange]

The Vibrodyne and Sympathetic Transmitter
The Vibrodyne and Sympathetic Transmitter


The circles containing the sensitized disks - both polar and depolar - are in sympathetic relation to the polar negative circuits of the earth, and in a condition to be brought into action by the negative transmitter. The sympathetic conditions of the polar and depolar field of the circuits remain latent until the transmitter is associated and the introductory impulse given. Then conditions assert themselves which demonstrate the wonderful power of sympathetic action in abeyance to the laws by which they are governed.

The introductory impulse represents the sympathetic chord of unity to polar attraction. When this is given, the polar outreach is immediately established in the polar circuit, which seeks to assimilate itself to the anti-polar, or triple groupings; but as the alternation of the two circuits represents a condition of sympathetic antagonism (as 8 is to 9), an intensified differentiated wave motion is induced between the two, thus developing eight alternations, or waves, to one revolution of the device.

Consequently, an equation cannot be established on account of this negative interference, which represents the power exerted to bring about sympathetic equation between the neutral center of terrestrial gravity and sympathetic outreach,(1) the power that induces planetary suspension.

Every revolution of the circuits represents eight distinct polar and depolar waves. When the maximum (five hundred revolutions per minute) is reached, there are four thousand polar and depolar interchanges. In sympathetic philosophy the polar circuit represents the brain power of the instrument, or the medium of impregnation from celestial radiating outflow; the depolar circuit represents the organism, which is actuated to do the sympathetic work as dictated by the same power, or element, (2) that virtually operates our physical organisms; the work done representing the power expended to equate the power transmitted, although the movements in the physical organism are much more complicated.

The polar flow, as induced by the transmitter, is intensified or diminished by an oscillating bar which governs the revolutions to any number without variation.

Gravity Control

The aerial propeller has a sympathetic polar accumulator and disperser in one instrument, which is entirely distinct from any of the devices intended for terrestrial use; also other mechanical adjuncts not needed on land nor water.

All forms of non-sympathetic machinery have, associated with them, conditions of centrifugal force on the ratio of the velocity induced; the diverging power from the center of induction being governed specifically by its gravital weight according to the diameter it occupies in its circle of rotation.

In a sympathetic negative circuit this order of conditions is reversed; for the power of neutral attraction draws the molecules of any mass, no matter what the weight, toward the center of rotation (instead of toward its periphery) according to the intensity of the negative vibration that is induced upon that particular circle.

Our earth, in its routine of revolution, is governed by the same law in every particular; its mass tending toward its centre of neutrality with a force that is equivalent to the character and velocity of its rotation.(3) If its rotation were increased, the tendency of everything associated with it would be increased toward its centre of neutrality on the same ratio. That is, a pound in weight would, under certain conditions of increased velocity, become two pounds in weight. The laws governing the sympathetic rotation of vibratory machinery are the same laws that govern planetary suspension. To those who have not witnessed the operation of my devices, my theories must indeed seem wild; but the laws of nature are the same yesterday today and forever. They know no change; and sympathetic physics, demonstrated mechanically, must triumph over all ridicule and opposition in the end. To contradict the laws governing sympathetic rotation is to contradict the laws governing planetary suspension, as I am prepared to demonstrate.

If the earth were rotated on a shaft by mechanical force, the present condition of its rotations would be reversed; everything on its surface would fly off at a tangent, on the ratio of the velocity induced. The equilibrium of all things would also be changed.

The gyroscope reveals astounding facts in relation to this philosophy, even when operated mechanically. No other known device is so nearly associated with sympathetic vibratory physics.

The vitalization of the disks for the polar and depolar field is established on the ratio of thirds, sixths, and ninths; the ninths being the circuit occupied by the polar field, must represent, in the scale of vitalized focalized intensity, 100 in my system: sixths in the depolar field, or 66 2/3; and in the neutral field, or thirds, 33 1/3. The triplets must represent one true chord of equation. The sympathetic transmitter transfers any degree of intensity desired from zero up to disintegration; all the transfers being made above the line of the first inaudible, as associated with my resonating system of transfer. On the sixths and ninths, in the progressive triple subdivision of the elements (4) of water, the nearest sympathetic approach is made to the high luminous, which is the main sympathetic link to the earth's polar negative envelope, and the one whereby coordination is effected for commercial work. In short, this progressive condition establishes the necessary association between celestial radiation and terrestrial outreach, in regard to controlling the polar negative attractive force in mechanics; whether for aerial navigation or for terrestrial commercial work, in all its multiplied forms.

The atmospheric envelope of our earth owes its activity and its volume entirely to celestial radiating forces.(5) Reception and dispersion are kept up by atomic and interatomic conflict between the dominant and enharmonic currents of the triune polar stream. The harmonic and enharmonic current with the dominant (in the electric stream) by their sympathetic association evolve the energy of matter.

The mechanical proof of the correctness of my theories, in sympathetic or spiritual physics, is so overwhelming in its simplicity that it needs but to be witnessed to convince the most learned or the most simple mind that this system will place both science and commerce on a platform which will elevate each to a level far higher than those they now occupy.


Thus, either present elements are the true elements, or else there is the probability before us of obtaining some more high and general power of nature, even than electricity, and which at the same time might reveal to us an entirely new grade of matter, now hidden from our view and almost from our suspicion. - [FARADAY]

Question. How can a magnet be robbed almost instantaneously of its magnetic power?

Answer. The peculiarity of the sympathetic conditions which conserve a magnet to polar and anti-polar currents of the earth, prove perfect sympathetic equation between reception and distribution in that part of the electrical field which is classified, in my system, as interatomic vibratory oscillation.

This oscillation represents, in its corpuscular field of action, an alternating wave-motion of one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred vibratory exchanges per second, between polar reception and depolar distribution, thus establishing its perfect sympathetic concordance to that third of the electric triple stream which represents the sixths in vibratory sympathetic physics. The sympathetic action of the magnet, when electrically sensitized, becomes subservient to polar attraction as a medium through which a portion of its flow is diverted; no longer latent, but highly active as long as its magnetic sympathy (as electrically induced) continues, and it will then associate itself with every medium in nature in which this element exists in its latent state, from steel to oxygen at a low temperature.

We have now reached a starting-point from which to obtain a conception of the manner in which a magnet can be neutralized, that is, robbed of its coincident unity, or subservience to polar negative attraction.

The vibration of the polar magnetic flow represents one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred oscillations per second, or one-third of the triplet of electrical induction, consequently the magnet must be in pure concordant sympathetic union with this rate of vibration, in its polar field, to become a medium of receptiveness as well as a medium of distribution of polar negative sympathy. In other words, the polar sympathetic flow is tapped at this point to allow of a letting out of the focalization that is diverted toward it by electrical vitalization (6) which represents positive negative concordance.

If a condition of antagonistic vibration is brought to bear upon this focal centre - the magnet - its concordant sympathy to the polar sympathetic volume is broken up, inducing sympathetic dissociation; which means positive neutralization, as far as its latent energy can be disturbed or diverted from receptiveness and distribution.

The magnet can be compared to a dark room without one aperture to admit a ray of light. The one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred vibrations represent an aperture, illuminating the room with a constant flow of sunlight. The negative vibrations represent a condition whereby the closing of this aperture is effected, cutting off the flow of light: - the sunlight representing polar energy.

All vibrations that are negative in their character as toward destroying the harmonic relations that exist between the magnetic current and its coincident polar, to carry out the simile, close up the aperture whereby illumination (or transfer) is continuously conducted.

The thirds, on the subdivision of the one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred vibrations, represent the negative antagonism, whereby this peculiar condition is brought about, viz., forty-two thousand eight hundred on the positive; the same on the negative and on the neutral, as associated with the sympathetic negative transmitter.

The keeper is first placed on the magnet, which has an attachment whereby a transmitter can be centrally associated with it; the other terminal having three connections that can be attached to this medium. The impulse is given simultaneously to the three leads after setting the instrument to represent forty-two thousand eight hundred vibrations on the harmonic, the same on the enharmonic and on the diatonic.

If this impulse is given properly, the neutralization will take place within fifteen seconds.

The original instrument whereby this condition was first brought about is not used in my completed system. Thorough sensitization as well as complete neutralization are now effected by the improved polar negative transmitter without attaching the magnet. The combination, of devices which make up the propeller of the air-ship, includes every feature of this system relating to the varied governing conditions of celestial and terrestrial sympathy.

The series of experiments, daily for one week, that I am now preparing to give before an expert committee, for the purpose of enabling this committee to make a public announcement of the scientific and commercial value of my system of sympathetic vibratory physics, comprises:

First. - Operation of the polar circuit, drawing power from space, and showing control of various degrees of velocity.

Second. - Sensitization of a polar disk, after having had its complete neutrality to magnetism tested.

Third. - After associating it with the polar test-medium, heavily weighting it to demonstrate its attractive power; the weight remaining suspended to it by this power.(7)

Fourth. - Transmitter connected to the test-medium, while the disk is carrying the weight. Negative vibration transferred; effecting complete dissociation; the disk and weights dropping to the floor.

Fifth. - Rotation of compass needle, on a set of resonators, subservient to any one of the resonators, in defiance of its attraction to the north. Variations given; changing its subservience to different resonators, as the introductory impulse is changed.(8)

Sixth. - Mediums, representing the chords of different masses of metal, made to float in a tall jar of water, with extraordinary changes of position.

Keely's Levitation Experiment Showing Three Glass Jars with Weights
Figure 19.16 - Keely's Levitation Experiment Showing Three Glass Jars with Weights

Seventh. - Operations of a sensitized globe, by sound.

Eighth. - Operations of the globe under the influence of the improved polar sympathetic transmitter.

Ninth. - Disintegration of water by triple vibration,(9) showing progressive degrees of energy (from molecular to interatomic, etc., etc.) on different rates of transfer.

The full operation of the aerial propeller, in a variety of features of action, will be shown if the connection has been effected between it and the sympathetic harness.

A concave steel shield for the reception of the corpuscular inflow toward the neutral centre of the propeller is the medium whereby great velocity through space will be attained. Forty-two thousand vibrations per second is equivalent to a ten thousand pound push. This force can be regulated from three hundred pounds to five tons, which is the maximum speed. The minimum at eight thousand vibrations is three hundred.

1 The sympathetic outreach of the moon toward the earth has a power strong enough to extend nearly a quarter of a million of miles, lifting the oceans out of their beds. The action of the magnet may be compared to a sympathetic outreach of a very limited range of motion. It is quite foreign to induction in principle, and may be expressed as "seeking for concordance to establish an equation on the sympathetic disturbance of equilibrium."

2 The substance of the brain is molecular. The mind which permeates the brain is interetheric in substance; it is the element by which the brain is impregnated. This element, when excited into action, controls all physical motion an long as the necessary sympathetic conditions are maintained. These conditions are no more immaterial in their character than are light and heat. Electricity, magnetism, gravity, and heat are latent in all aggregations of matter. They are not obtained from terrestrial influences. Celestial Radiation is the true impregnating medium in all these forces. The brain is the high resonating receptacle where the sympathetic celestial acts, and where molecular and atomic motion are induced, as according to the intensification brought to bear upon it by radiation.

3 Vide Dr. Robert Hooke's theory, advanced by him in 1674.

4 The only indivisible "element" is the luminous, the one from which all compound elements are formed, or aggregated; hydrogen being one of these compound substances. If hydrogen were a simple it would assimilate with the high luminous. No molecular structure known to man can hold even the low order of the luminous as chemically liberated. Sympathetic physics classifies hydrogen as a compound triple element, with a metallic base. It comes under the order of the second atomic, both in vibration and in sympathetic outreach.

5 "There is more in the great realm of electricity than mechanical force." - Wm. Hemstreet.

6 "Electricity is a beneficial fairy. With infinite tenderness she offers to yield up to you her treasures from unexplored portions of her domain." - M. Alfred Picard's speech before the Syndicate of Electricians, in Paris.

7 It was a modification of this experiment witnessed by Professor Rowland which led him to proclaim that he had detected Keely as using a tube instead of a wire. I have retained a piece of the wire cut by Prof. Rowland on that occasion. - [C. J. M.]

8 It was this control of the compass-needle and raising without contact weights of eight pounds, in insulated glass jars, which caused the late Professor Joseph Leidy and Dr. James Willcox of Philadelphia, with other men of science to say in 1889 that Keely was then on the road to the solving of the problem of Aerial Navigation. - [C. J. M.]

9 This is the experiment which Lord Kelvin and Lord Rayleigh were invited to witness in 1884 but were prevented (after Mr. Keely had taken apart his instrument to show them its interior construction) from representations that were made to them by Philadelphia men that Keely was believed to be a charlatan. - [C. J. M.]

"The system of arranging introductory etheric impulses by compound chords set by differential harmonies is one that the world of science has never recognized. Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and it is as easy to disperse as to disintegrate."

His first system requires introductory mediums of differential gravities air as one, and water as the other, to disturb equilibrium and liberate the etheric vapor. This subdivision only reaches the interatomic position and the "atomic and molecular leads" were submerged in the Generator he then used. He could not go beyond the atomic with his instrument and could not dispense with water until the Liberator was invented. In his first system he did not reach full maximum line of vibration. His first system embraced Generator, Engine and Gun.

His second system he considered complete as far as liberation of the ether is concerned but was not perfected so as to assure safety to the operator. His sundry devices for indicating and governing the vibratory etheric circuit also left much to be desired.

His third system embraced aerial and submarine navigation. He was then completing an experimental sphere intended to test the combination of the positive and negative in rotary action. [DISINTEGRATION OF MATTER - THREE SYSTEMS]

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