Occult simply means ""non-observable", "scalar", "hidden", "mysterious", "unknown" or yet to be known. It does not mean "satanic", "evil" or anything resembling or derived from such emotionally reactionary terms (meme) taught by the controlling power structures. There is no supernatural but there are the unseen causative etheric scalar forces.

Science and scientists are constantly pursuing new, hidden or occult knowledge - that which they do not yet know. Spiritual seekers, regardless of venue, are seeking to know new knowledge or new awareness whether from the Bible or other sacred text. They are digging into the hidden meanings looking for that which is unknown or occulted from their current knowledge or understanding.

Walter Russell on occult
Question: What do you think was meant by saying it was dangerous to meditate without a guide?
Answer: "It must have referred to cultist who go in for phenomena, such as spirit rappings and table liftings. People do get so deeply immersed in the unnatural and miraculous happenings that they do become mentally deranged — but ignorance of Nature’s ways lied behind such practices. Also, the eternal ego of man lies behind it. Many people like to think that they are “occult” whatever that means. People who are given to day-dream about doing miraculous things but never do anything at all, or who suffer from what is known as “delusions of grandeur” are the ones who like to feel that they are “occult” and can perform miracles because of it. That is the danger of taking up such unnatural things with such unnatural people." (Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad; VOL II, page 209)

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