16.22 - Magnetic Flow is Negative Sympathetic Polar Stream

"Another form of attraction is the magnetic flow. Magnetism has no outreach, as has sympathetic negative attraction. Magnetism is highly electrical, in fact, is born of electricity, whereas sympathetic negative attraction is not electrical. However, negative attraction displays a sympathetic outreach for magnetism. Sympathetic negative attraction reaches from planet to planet, but magnetism does not, for magnetism is static. Sympathetic negative attraction is born of the celestial and impregnates every mass in space, linking itself to all electrical and magnetic conditions and all spatial masses in turn are subservient to the celestial outreach. All the magnet's in the world no matter how differentiated could not induce rotation, but polar negative attraction induces rotation." [ATTRACTION - Snell]

"The negative sympathetic portion of the polar stream the neutrally attractive portion is the magnetic flow proper, and coincides sympathetically with the "second atomic flow." [POLAR CURRENT]

"The negative sympathetic polar stream is the magnetic flow proper, and it is in sympathetic coincidence with the second atomic flow, the electric current is the first and second order of atomic vibration, a dual force, the flow of which is too tenuous to displace the molecules. It can no more do so than the flow from a magnet can displace the molecules of a glass plate when it is passed under it. The flow from a magnet is too fine to disturb the plate molecules, but passes as freely between them as a current of air would through a coarse sieve.

"Like poles do not repel each other, simply because there is a perfect sympathetic equation between them, the same in unlike poles. If a differentiation of 33 1/3 against 100 is established between them, whether like or unlike, they become attractive to each other. They become repellent after differentiating them, 66 2/3 of the one against 100 of the other, by sympathetic vibration.

"Taking into consideration even the introductory conditions of the etheric stage, etheric vibration has proved to me that the higher the velocity of its rotating stream the greater is its tendency towards the neutral center or center of sympathetic coincidence*. Were it otherwise, how could there ever be any planetary formations or the building up of visible structures? If a billiard ball were rotated to a certain velocity, it would separate in pieces, and the pieces would fly off in a tangent, but if it were a ball of ether, the higher the velocity of rotation, the stronger would be the tendency of its corpuscles to seek its center of neutrality, and to hold together.

"It is not a magnetic force that is born on the etheric atom which gives it its power to draw to it streams of coincidence. The magnet is only susceptive to certain aggregated forms of matter, iron, for instance, and its preparations." The Snell Manuscript

"The action of the magnetic flow is dual in its evolutions, both attractive and propulsive (repulsive). The inclination of the plane on which the subtle stream moves, either to the right or to the left, has nothing to do with positive or negative condition (poles). The difference in conditions of what is called, by electricians, positive (electricity) and negative electricity, is the difference between receptive (syntropic) and propulsive (entropic) vibrations. They can be right or left receptive, or right or left propulsive. The positive vibrations are the radiating; the negative vibrations are the ones that are attracted toward the neutral center." [Sympathetic Coincidence]

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