Opposite to concentration; dispersion

"In this way only, and through such knowledge only, can man know the meaning of that Silent Voice, which has tried to reach through his senses for ages. A continued effort to thus decentrate from concentrated movement to universal stillness, gradually unfolds one's spiritual and intellectual nature. Decentration invites meditation and meditation opens wide the doors for inspiration." [Atomic Suicide, page 173]

"The CREATED universe of matter is the result of concentration of Mind upon the idea of form and then the generation of power by diverting low potential into centripetal vortices in order to hold the idea of Mind into the appearance of form until form disappears through mental decentration" [Figure 12.11 - Russells Locked Potential Full Ten Octave Gamut]


QUESTION: "When we decentrate, should we 'visualize' our desire mentally or should we visualize it before or after decentrating?"


ANSWER: First, charge your whole being with your desire. Concentrate upon it as intensely as you can - then relax and forget it. The very reaction to concentrated desire is decentration. You may have hardly time to realize that you have decentrated. Many people have had conceptions unfolded to them from the stillness of their Consciousness almost as soon as they expressed the desire. In a timeless flash, the concept appeared in a Mind-imagined thought-body to which they afterward gave a material body over a period of years.

QUESTION: "Why does it seem so extremely difficult to decentrate in the early mornings before rising which is not the case later in the day?"

ANSWER: We are afraid you have confused the activity of your senses with the thinking which extends from your Consciousness. In the early mornings before rising, one's brain is sluggish - sleepy - not yet electrically active. Electric awareness is stilled with lack of desire for creative expression. Until you have extended your desire from your Consciousness, it is at rest, for it is not your Consciousness which decentrates but your thinking.

We have another question which we will answer next in which you will get a greater understanding as to "what to do about it."

QUESTION: "I still am not clear as to decentration. If decentration is the opposite of concentration, I cannot see how it could be the zero of stillness for if concentration is the positive sex mate of decentration, the latter must belong


to electricity and not to the magnetic Light of zero stillness. Please explain."

ANSWER: Yes, decentration does belong to electricity, but it is the unwinding of that which has been wound up to concentrate. If you unwind enough from a wound-up concentrated state to lose your tensions, you will have then decentrated to zero from a concentrative condition. Decentration and concentration are not sex mates. They are opposite potentials of energy. A male or female can concentrate or decentrate just as they could be active or lazy - or warm or co1d.

To apply that to thinking and Cosmic Consciousness, first stop thinking - then withdraw your electric extensions into your centering Conscious ness. That causes a partial or complete forgetfulness of body according to the intensity of your ability to sever the electric extensions which divide you from your Consciousness.

The genius partially severs body sensation from spiritual Consciousness. The fully illumined ((Cosmic Consciousness|Cosmic Conscious)) mystic completely severs sensation from Consciousness.

The more you meditate within the zero of your own Consciousness, the more you will become enabled to sever sensation from Consciousness. On the other hand, you can overdo this by thus neglecting to intensity your thinking. That is the mistake many of the Buddhists make. While trying to seek "Nirvana" in Cosmic Consciousness, they lose it by depolarizing their power of thought - which also depolarizes their bodies. Cessation of purposefulness depolarizes both body and Mind, for thinking is polarization of Mind and action is polarization of body.

[Home Study Course, Unit 12, Lesson 48]

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