noun: principles of right or wrong behavior that are generally accepted by a society
noun: something that you can learn from a story or an experience
noun: the significance of a story or event ("The moral of the story is to love thy neighbor")
adjective: relating to right and wrong and the way that people should behave
adjective: based on what you believe is right instead of what the law or rules say is right
adjective: a moral person always tries to behave in the right way
adjective: concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles ("Moral sense")
adjective: psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect ("A moral victory")
adjective: arising from the sense of right and wrong ("A moral obligation")
adjective: relating to principles of right and wrong; i.e. to morals or ethics ("Moral philosophy")
adjective: adhering to ethical and moral principles

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