adjective - continuing forever or for a very long time
adjective - seeming to continue for too long

’’"I shall not forestall an unproved conclusion, but fight step by step the dark paths I am exploring, knowing that, should I succeed in proving one single fact in science heretofore unknown, I shall in so doing be rewarded in the highest degree. In whatever direction the human mind travels it comes quickly to a boundary line which it cannot pass. There is a knowable field of research, bordered by an unknown tract. My experience teaches me how narrow in the strip of territory which belongs to the knowable, how very small the portion that has been traversed and taken possession of. The further we traverse this unknown territory, the stronger will become our faith in the immovable order of the world; for, at each advancing step, we find fresh fruits of the immutable laws that reign over all things,- from the falling apple, up to the thoughts, the words, the deeds, the will of man: and we find these laws irreversible and eternal, order and method reigning throughout the universe. Some details of this universal method have been worked up, and we know them by the names of 'gravitation,' 'chemical affinity,' 'nerve-power,' etc. These material certainties are as sacred as moral certainties. . . . The nearest approaches to a certainty is made through harmony with nature's laws. The surest media are those which nature has laid out in her wonderful workings. The man who deviates from these paths will suffer the penalty of a defeat, as is seen in the record of 'perpetual motion' seekers. I have been classed with such dreamers; but I find consolation in the thought that it is only by those men who are utterly ignorant of the great and marvelous truths which I have devoted my life to demonstrate and to bring within reach of all. I believe the time is near at hand when the principles of etheric evolution will be established, and when the world will be eager to recognize and accept a system that will certainly create a revolution for the highest benefits of mankind, inaugurating an era undreamed of by those who are now ignorant of the existence of this etheric force."'' [Keely, Progressive Science]

When Keely's discovery has been made known to scientists, a new field of research will be opened up in the realm of Philosophy, where all eternal, physical, and metaphysical truths are correlated; for Philosophy has been well defined by Willcox as the science of that human thought which contains all human knowledges. He who possesses the structure of philosophic wisdom built up of all knowledges - grand and sublime - has a mental abode wherein to dwell which other men have not. Dr. Macvicar says:- "The nearer we ascend to the fountain-head of being and of action, the more magical must everything inevitably become, for that fountain-head is pure volition. And pure volition, as a cause, is precisely what is meant by magic; for by magic is merely meant a mode of producing a phenomenon without mechanical appliances - that is, without that seeming continuity of resisting parts and that leverage which satisfy our muscular sense and our imagination, and bring the phenomenon into the category of what we call 'the natural' - that is, the sphere of the elastic, the gravitating, the sphere into which the vis inertiae is alone admitted." In Keely's philosophy, as in Dr. Macvicar's "Sketch of a Philosophy," the economy of creation is not regarded as a theory of development all in one direction, which is the popular supposition, but as a cycle in which, after development and as its fruit, the last term gives again the first. Herein is found the link by which the law of continuity is maintained throughout, and the cycle of things is made to be complete: - the link which is missing in the popular science of the day, with this very serious consequence, that, to keep the break out of sight, the entire doctrine of spirit and the spiritual world is ignored or denied altogether." [The Fountain Head of Force]

"The immortal EGO is an entity of which man can become thoroughly conscious while here on earth, but to arrive at this consciousness necessitates the entire abandonment of all the petty considerations involved in the transient and subordinate EGO, which is the only self of which the unenlightened man is conscious. Let him who desires to reach this inner consciousness enter his inner sanctuary, wherever that sanctuary may be; it matters not whether it be his own chamber, the open field, the mountain top, the seashore, the stately cathedral, or the humble village chapel. Let him realize fully the transient character of his own personality and contrast therewith his eager longing to know the immortal. Let him concentrate his whole consciousness upon his personality, fully arousing all his personal conditions as a distinct individual; then with all the aspiration of which this personality is capable, let him beseech of the immortal EGO - which is eternal and does not incarnate, but overshadows all incarnations, waiting until one is formed capable of illumination, to whom it may reveal itself - to consider him worthy of illumination, and according to his preparedness to receive illumination will it then be granted. He who asks this, knows not what he asks; for were the prayer answered, life henceforth for such an one would be a weary round, as Hamlet says: "to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow brings in this weary round of life"; for, having seen the glory of this immortal EGO, all else seems so base, so commonplace and mean, so inglorious, that oftentimes the personality has utterly collapsed when thrown back from the radiant vision of this glorious immortal entity possessed by all alike, though scarcely dreamed of by any save the very few who, discontented with the ignorance and emptiness of terrene existence, aspire to know the great reality of the supernal. As the incarnations of every entity, passing through certain orders of experience through numerous lives, inevitably culminate in this moment of conscious realization of the immortal entity; the Buddha says: "All shall reach the sunlit snows." [Amplitude of Force]

boundless self-intensifying formative build-up, which also results from the universally operating cycloid-space-curve-motion. This would happen merely by reversing the process that they and physico-technical science teach in school and church alike. Consequently - and one can believe it or not - there are two marvellously functioning forms of perpetual motion that direct and produce the eternal coming into being and passing away. For a change, it would be worth setting the other in motion, in order - as already stated - to become somewhat more blissful while actually on Earth than we are under the direction of those who, apart from heating our living spaces unnaturally, also commit all manner of other blunders, for which the present state of affairs is proof. And thus on the next and final page everyone can seek out for themselves what best pleases or appeals to them. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I, the CHRIST, am writing this LETTER 5 to clearly define the hidden REALITY, which I will also refer to as the 'UNIVERSAL' and 'DIVINE' to help you stretch your minds to understand that whilst you are an 'individual, THAT WHICH HAS GIVEN YOU 'BEING' AND 'INDIVIDUALITY' is ITSELF Universal - Eternal - Infinite - Everywhere without beginning or end.
For the sake of those people who have chosen to read LETTER 5 before my earlier Letters describing my life and true teachings on earth, I will make a further statement that my true 'Jesus' CHRIST self must not in any way be confused with the 'Jesus' recorded in the New Testament.

Since my original teachings, in the form of the four Gospels, have been distributed world-wide and grossly misinterpreted, it is my intention to begin teaching TRUTH of EXISTENCE by explaining the true meaning of my original terminology as quoted in the Gospels. This is necessary to dispel and eventually eradicate from people's consciousness the misunderstandings which have persisted and misinformed generations of spiritual seekers since my life on earth." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 1]

Enlightenment is the dewdrop slipping from the Lotus Petals into the Vast, Infinite Ocean. Once the dewdrop has fallen into the Ocean, now there is no way even to find it.

What begins as Flowering moves on the Path of Awakening, reaches to Self Realization. Then one Quantum Leap more – disappearing into the Eternal, into the Infinite.

You are no more, only Existence Is. [Osho]

“This Eternal is not born and does not die, does not become more or less, He does not change and does not disintegrate when this body disintegrates, just as space does not disappear if a pot breaks, the Supreme Spirit, Paramatman, is different from Prakrit (nature) and its manifestations; He is not composite and manifests this infinity of activity and inactivity.
The essence underlying the idea of ​​the “I” manifests itself in states of wakefulness and others, as a witness (spectator, subject) O, student, master your own senses; you must see it, this Atman, as “this is I”; see it in the peace of Buddhi; cross in all directions the boundless sea of ​​life full of changes, the waves of which are birth and death, and firmly establish yourself in the Image of Brahma in spiritual consciousness.”
— Sri Shankaracharya

"I address you with this speech, O Tat! so that you become initiated into the Name of the Supreme God. If you understand this, then That which seems Invisible will be Manifested everywhere for you. If He were Manifested, He wouldn't be God; everything manifest is created because it is revealed, emanated; The invisible always exists without the need for manifestation. It is always there and makes all things visible.
The Invisible, because It is Eternal, manifests everything without revealing Itself. Uncreated, It emanates all things into manifestation; manifestation is inherent only in created phenomena; it is nothing more than birth. He Who is One and Uncreated is therefore Unrevealed and Invisible, while at the same time, through the manifestation of all things, He is revealed in manifestation and through it becomes Visible to those who want to find Him."
— Hermes Trismegistus

"We are all nothing more than a huge procession creatures created by fantasy. We wander everywhere, wander around the beautiful luminary of the Sun, which the Leader of the procession holds in his hands. We are lifeless toys, pawns on the chessboard where Days and Nights are located. The head of the ceremony makes us walk, run, stop, be born, die."
— Kyaiyama

"All visible beings of the universe are expressions and images of the possibilities and images of God, just as we consider all our works as felt expressions of our thoughts and our inner possibilities."
— Saint-Martin

"Three things can be said about God. First: He is the One Power, existing inseparably in all things. Then: He is the One Good, combining in Himself everything that is separate. If you want to know God truly, then you must admit that He is Something Unknown."
— Dionysius

"It is in Itself the abiding unchangeable Unity and reigning Silence, but at the same time the Source of all separations."
— Meister Eckhart

"The entire flow of events gravitates towards Him, like the periphery towards the center; all radii of the circle of times converge towards Him."
— Bishop Theophan the Recluse

"Just as nothing could exist without the Creator, so He Himself would not exist if He did not continuously create in the air, on the earth, in the depths, in the universe, in every part of the universe, in everything that exists and in everything that does not exist, for there is nothing in the whole world that is not in Him; He is the One who is and the One who is not, since what He has not manifested - what He does not exist - He contains within Himself.
Such is the Supreme God in His Name, Invisible and Manifested, Who manifests itself to the spirit, Who reveals itself to the eyes, Who has no body and Who has many bodies, or rather all bodies, for there is nothing that is not Him, and everything is He alone . He has all names, for He is the One Father, and that is why He has no Name, for He is the Father of all. What can I say about You, what can I say to You? Where will I direct my gaze to glorify You - to the heights, to the lowlands, inside or outside?
There is no way, no place that is outside of You; there are no other beings, everything exists in You, everything comes from You, You give everything and accept nothing, for You control everything and there is nothing that does not belong to You." [Hermes Trismegistus]

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