sympathetic celestial streams

"It (the Neutral Center) is the cause of the physical Universe. Its attraction condensed that which we recognize as substance. Matter was evolved from the affinity of this neutral center for Sympathetic Streams and since it is immovable, it caused, through negative attraction the formation of nodes in these streams, where the vibrations thereafter continued to meet in a center of Sympathetic Coincidence causing the permanence of form and matter.

"Every aggregate mass consists of molecules, each of which has its neutral center where the three modes of vibration, Dominant, harmonic, and enharmonic, meet in a center of Sympathetic Coincidence and are equated without cancellation of their energy." Keely in The Snell Manuscript

"He [Keely] constructed instruments for the purpose of determining the triune vibratory nature and laws of the "polar terrestrial stream" in its sympathetic association with the "celestial stream" the "luminiferous track" or "compound etheric field". He thought the polar stream or "magnetic electric terrestrial envelope" with its "high vitality" to be necessary to the existence of all organisms." [SYMPATHETIC STREAMS - Snell]

"Every body capable of rotation is susceptible to the operation of force, which, applied, impels motion. Receptive transmittive concordance induces rotation. This simply means the reception of streams of energy by the neutral center, and the transforming of them into radiant outflowing streams of energy causes rotation of the molecule or mass. All the magnets in the world, no matter how differentiated cannot induce rotation, but polar negative attraction induces rotation. The earth's rotation is caused and kept in continuance by the action of the positive and negative sympathetic celestial streams, that is, by the inflowing celestial from the sun and the outflowing radiant celestial dispersing this same energy to all planetary masses in space. [ROTATION - Snell]

"Heat Keely calls "thermal concentration." Of its origin he says "The celestial sympathetic streams (inflowing currents) percussing on the earth's dense atmosphere, wrest from atomic confinement by their infinite velocities the latent energies we call heat and light." The sun is the intermediate transmitter of these celestial streams." The Snell Manuscript

"All corpuscules of matter can be sub-divided by a certain order of vibration, thus showing up new elements. Not mechanical vibration, but sympathetic vibration, induced by negatizing sympathetic streams." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

It appears the celestial sympathetic streams are the forces, creating substance, that is the divine Manna or bread from Heaven referenced in ancient texts.

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