2.1 - Rings and Spheres

There is a polar condition peppered throughout the Keely material: celestial (Space) and terrestrial (Matter). Russell writes the celestial realm, free and open Space or Mind, centralizes and coalesces through the force of syntropy into rings or vortices then forming into spheres of seeming substance, the basic building-blocks of matter. These two poles are then non-material, energy or spirit and material, matter and substance. This premise is further explored in Part 3 where the first form to appear is a ring or vortex. How can the formation of matter from energy happen if a sphere has three primary dimensions (planes) but a ring (as he puts it) has only two primary dimensions on one plane? The answer (in this author's studied opinion) is relative to "cubes" or cubic structurings. A cube has three double planes (cathodes) where between these opposing planes the rings form - thus three sets of rings per cube - an almost perfect re-conception of Keely's three rotating envelopes which also rotate on three orthogonal planes and are in their structure rotating rings.

Figure 2.1 - Mind, through syntropic electric polar potential, condenses into matter via Tonal Rings between Planes
Russell's Rings forming Spheres from Three Pairs of Reflecting Mirrors
Figure 2.1.5 - Russell's Rings forming Spheres from Three Pairs of Reflecting Mirrors

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