sympathetic force

"The sympathetic forces transmitted by our solar planet, to which our earth is so susceptible, are continuously received from the luminiferous realm; the sympathetic volume of which, as expended, is constantly equated by the exhaustless will force of the Creator. Had the solar energy been subservient to what physicists ascribe it, the sun would have been a dead planet, thousand of centuries ago; as also all planets depending upon it, as an intermediate.

"In fact, all planetary masses are sympathetic-transferring-mediums, or intermediates, of this prime, luminous, dominant element. In the vibratory subdivision of matter, as progressive evolution has been analysed, it is evident that these transfers of sympathetic force extend beyond the limits of our orbital range, from system to system, throughout the realms of space: these progressive systems becoming themselves, after a certain range of sympathetic motion, sympathetic intermediates, as included in the whole of one system, exemplified so beautifully in the cerebral convolutions, with their connective sympathy for each other; transferring as a whole on the focalizing centre, from which it radiates to all parts of the physical organism, controlling in all its intricate variety the sympathetic action, of our movements." [The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]

The molecule itself is a world ruled by the same sympathetic forces that govern the planets of our solar system. Its three component intermolecules, each like a small sphere, oscillate within its shell-like etheric envelope with a frequency of 20,000 per second, and the molecular etheric capsule rotates about them with inconceivable velocity. Within the molecule no intermolecule ever comes in contact with even its nearest attendant. Each is held by its gravital neutral center within its proper sphere of action. Molecular dissociation by intermittent vibration does not disturb in the next higher, the atomic subdivision, the fixed neutral center of the atomic triplets. Centripetal and centrifugal forces rule the orbits and revolutions of the components of the molecule in the same manner as interplanetary forces of the same type rule the elements of the solar system. [Snell Manuscript - the book]

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