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Cause and Its Effects
Cause and Its Effects

Gustave Le Bon
"I must point out, by the way - and this observation will explain many historical events - that it is not only physical, but many social phenomena which can be likewise defined by curves possessing the properties we have just stated, and in which consequently, very small changes in a cause may produce very great effects. This is owing to the fact that when a cause acts for a length of time in a same direction, its effects increase in geometrical progression, while the cause varies simply in arithmetical progression. Causes are the logarithms of effects." [Gustave Le Bon, The Evolution of Matter, page 194]

Bloomfield-Moore, Keely
"The universe is not a mass of dead matter, says Gilbert (in his work, "De Magnate"), but is pervaded with this soul, this living principle, this unseen cause of all visible phenomena, underlying all movements in the earth beneath and in the heavens above." [True Science]

"Science admits that nature works with dual force, though at rest she is a unit. "Nature is one eternal circle". Keely's discoveries prove that the doctrine of the Trinity should be set down as an established canon of science - the Trinity of force. All nature's sympathetic streams - cerebellic, gravital, electric and magnetic - are made up of triple currents. The ancients understood this dogma in a far deeper sense than modern theology has construed it. The great and universal Trinity of cause, motion and matter - or of will, thought, and manifestation - was known to the Rosicrucians as prima materia. Paracelsus states that each of these three is also the "other two; for, as nothing can possibly exist without cause, matter and energy - that is, spirit, matter and soul (the ultimate cause of existence being that it exists), we may therefore look upon all forms of activity as being the action of the universal or Divine will operating upon and through the ether, as the skilled artificer uses his tools to accomplish his designs; making the comparison in all reverence." [True Science]

Energy belongs to the invisible universe. It is extended into the visible universe of motion ONLY FROM A FULCRUM which is at rest. The energy, however, does not pass beyond the fulcrum into matter, or condition of matter, or motion of matter. That which passes beyond rest into motion is an expression of energy - a simulation of energy - an effect projected from a cause to demonstrate what energy can do when projected into the illusions of motion.

Energy thus expressed might be likened unto the countless actions of a motion picture. The motion thus expressed simulates the energy, and the IDEA, which has been projected from an undivided mental Source through a divided electric wave source by the way of a fulcrum zero upon which the wave oscillates. [Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 32-33]

"Thus it is that suppression of the great scientific knowledge, which my husband gave to the world, cannot hurt him, but it can hurt the whole world by keeping it enslaved to the treadmill of hard labor, war, famine and fear for another two or three thousand years – if civilization is then still existent upon the earth. I say two or three thousand years, because knowledge of the invisible controlling universe of CAUSE can come to man only through Cosmic Conscious Illuminates, and consummate Illuminates come only once in thousands of years. It can never come to man through his senses for they only observe physical effects of Creation, without being enabled to fathom their CAUSE in the Creator. This fact is not understood by the average scientist. Albert Einstein, however, did understand it, for he once said that his greatest desire was to experience illumination into Cosmic Consciousness." [Atomic Suicide, p. xxiv]

[See entire Chapter 5 of Atomic Suicide]

The one most important thing to burn into your consciousness is to realize that wherever motion is it is centered by stillness, and that stillness is its CAUSE. [Atomic Suicide, page 177]

"If we first grasp this one idea we will then know why electricity explodes from the inside outward to divide stillness into pairs of spinning rings, and we shall also know why electricity compresses inward from the outside to form solids. Let this be our first lesson in CAUSE." [Atomic Suicide, page 287]

"The centering consciousness of man, the PERSON, transforms information received by the senses into knowledge to the extent of which he is capable of recognizing CAUSE in spirit, back of the EFFECT which his senses record." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 58]

The individual character of any note, and the comparative degree of contrast between any two notes in the system, depends on at least three different causes. The first is the genetic relation of the two notes. If the one note has 2 vibrations and the other 3, or the one 4 and the other 5, or the one 5 and the other 8, because of this, and because of the excess of the vibration of the one over the other, "a third sound" or "grave harmonic" being awakened between them, the different ratios have different degrees of complexity, and, in a general way, the greater the complexity the greater the [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 60]



"No development can help anything which does not have corrective causes working with it; some power must shape the growth, and work correctively by laws impressed and authority maintained. The law of progress must be operated upon and moulded by guiding forces. That which acts, lives; and the universe lives as much by its soul as we do by ours."

"And what if all of animated nature
Be but organic harps diversely formed,
That tremble into thought as o'er them sweeps,
Plastic and vast, one intellectual breeze,
At once the soul of each and God of all?"—Coleridge.

"In all things, in all natures, in the stars
Of azure heaven, the unenduring clouds,
In flower and tree, in every pebbly stone
That paves the brooks, the stationary rocks,
The moving waters, and the invisible air,
. . . . From link to link
It circulates, the soul of all the worlds."—Coleridge.
[Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Diagram XII - The Chords of the Twelve Minor Keys, page 37a]

"For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe."—I Thess. ii. 13. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Scripture Compared with Scripture, page 47]

Dialogue on Awakening
"The world is always the effect; the cause is how you think, where you are in your mind. As the cause changes, there is nothing else for the effect to do except to reflect the cause." Dialogue on Awakening

"This may be a hard statement for many, but you will eventually come to know it is true: No fault, no hurt comes to self save that thou hast created in thine consciousness, in thine inner self, the cause. For only those that ye love may hurt you." Cayce (262-83)

"It is never by chance but as with all things in this material world, there are causes, there are effects. To be sure, at times there may be what might be called accidents. But these, too, in a causation world, have their cause and effect." Cayce (2927-1)

Harvey Spencer Lewis
"Causes have an inherent momentum which they carry on down to their eventual end, and results consequently must follow; but an original cause is a distinct departure from one grade, classification, state, or condition to another. A cause is the complete transformation of one nature into the nucleus of another." [Dr. H. S. Lewis, "The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid", AMORC Press, San Jose, CA.] [See Principle of Regeneration, Law of Cycles]

"One may interpret quantum mechanics as stating that any observable is an Effect, since it is assumed to have a virtual state cause. In the axioms of quantum mechanics, an operator is required for every observable. The causitive potential must be, and is, comprised entirely of virtual vector components." [Bearden; "Analysis of Scalar/Electromagnetic Technology"]

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