"I find in my researches, as to the condition of molecules under vibration, that discordance cannot exist in the molecule proper; and that it is the highest and most perfect structural condition that exists; providing that all the progressive orders are the same. Discordance in any mass is the result of differentiated groups, induced by antagonistic chords, and the flight or motions of such, when intensified by sound, are very tortuous and zigzag; but when free of this differentiation are in straight lines. Tortuous lines denote discord, or pain; straight lines denote harmony, or pleasure. Any differentiated mass can be brought to a condition of harmony, or equation, by proper media, and an equated sympathy produced." [Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter VII]

"Pain is a too intense electric current. The voltage is too great for the nerve wires to stand the strain. They burn out, and the over-charge of burning out causes the pain." The Secret of Light, page 72

If such ennobled water is drunk, which accumulates normally insoluble trace-elements in a 'released' state and binds its oxygen content up to a maximum of 4%[13], then the dissolution of normally insoluble sediment accretions takes place, enabling sclerosis, encrustation of the blood, sap and lymph vessels to be healed. The organisms thus treated regain their metabolic functions as well as their reproductive abilities. In this way senile men almost fully recover their virility. After extended consumption of regenerated drinking water, even people who wear glasses can use weaker ones, because the capillaries of the eye, which supply it with high quality nutrients, will be purged of deposits. Rheumatic disorders are cured within a short space of time, for through this general detoxification the joints move freely and painlessly again and are provided with a film of essential oils. Kidney and gall stones also dissolve after only a few weeks of drinking such healing water and are passed out in gravel-like form with the urine. All those suffering from cancer can get relief from their tearing pains almost immediately, because the almost oxygen-free water binds the excess oxygen in the blood[14], thus eliminating dangerous hyperacidity. It is therefore not only possible to prevent cancer in this way, but even to cure this dreadful disease, if this all-healing water is drunk in good time. The healing of rheumy eyes with the aid of gold earrings also occurs in a similar way. Situated in the earlobes - the coolest location, they function bio-catalytically and make any form of water secretion impossible. If one burns one's finger, then almost intuitively one grasps the earlobe, where the relatively strongest falling temperature gradient prevails, and an almost instantaneous relief from the burning sensation is felt. Catalysts in the form of the emanations from gold and silver not only function oligodynamically (they kill pathogenic bacteria), but also build up apathogenic bacteria, as happens in the vicinity of high springs. Having recognised this, a very open-minded doctor, the director of the old peoples' home at Lainz near Vienna, attempted to cure the sclerotic symptoms of seriously rheumatic W.W.II soldiers by administering the finest gold and silver dust. He only achieved a partial cure, however, because this can only be done with the infusion of precious metals in an organic state.

[13] This is slightly equivocal and can be interpreted in two ways: Either 4% of the 100% oxygen content is bound, or, up to 4% of the 100% oxygen content is bound, namely 96%. In view of what has been stated in "The Liquefaction of Coal by means of Cold Flows" on p. 95 of this book, it would appear that the latter interpretation is what is intended here. — Ed.
[14] The free oxygen radicals are bound. — Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

If such water is drunk, then every kind of pain ceases almost immediately. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

It thus follows that all attempts to combat the source of disease of whatever kind, are senseless and futile as long as the formative metabolic processes are not controlled causatively at their root-level. This also explains why pains disappear and the most serious diseases improve markedly when water is drunk in which formative and levitative substances have been bound and which further evolve at the expense of the developmentally harmful elements in the organism that consumes such water. As a result the organism automatically regains its capacities, i.e. it becomes physically and mentally potent - and therefore healthy. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

A little affirmation I developed that works for me:

"I am not my body.
Pain is in the mind only.
I control what is in my mind.
I choose not to experience pain." Dale Pond

"...if I feel pain, if I feel anything that does not reflect the joy which is the presence of God, I am not in recognition of my Self. Suffering of any nature, be it physical or mental, is not the domain of God." Dialogue on Awakening, pg 131

When you fully realize, accept, understand that in every 'learning session in your school on earth', you always have access to the Divine Loving Intelligence which resolves every problem the perfect way, you are then lifted beyond the reach of panic and pain. [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 8]

Part of your growth is to understand that if the technology that man develops offends or contradicts the Laws of Nature or the Universe, the Universe herself will make it right. So, along with technology, a chain reaction of events is established. If the thinking of the head alone is used to develop methods to meet challenges, the Universe is not being duly consulted, thus the implications rest upon the individual. There is Nature to answer to. If one uses the more harmonious thinking of the Heart in conjunction with the mental faculties, one becomes sensitized to far-reaching effects more keenly, thus avoiding typically unseen pitfalls. Until you feel that you can offer assurance that your technologic advances will not be misused and create more pain, you need to consult your Heart as a guide. By using your head, you engage in a realm of exercise that is an invitation to be altered by another’s thinking and perception of “need”. Are you willing to take on this responsibility? You must be more clever than I, if you answered in the affirmative. [Jesus, Good Heart]

All Pain Is The Result of Judgment

Q: Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, by the way. This is my first!¦

B: Always a pleasure to interact with any other consciousness.

Q: I was invited here tonight by a lady friend of mine. She met you last week and the week before, and she has the Mountaintop University that she's creating.

B: All right.

Q: For the last couple - she called tonight and asked me to ask you a question - for the last couple of years she's been having some lower tract colon problems and physical problems. And the tapes and having heard you have done a great deal to help her through this. But tonight she had a setback. And so..

B: No. No. No. No-no-no. No such thing, unless you choose to believe that there is. Every moment is its own moment. Every experience is not a replay, not a setback. It is new; it is now, a new now. Allow her to examine some of her own fears, judgments, anxieties about her ability to be the idea she is willing, or not willing, to be.

Allow her to find what is palatable and digestible to her, so that she does not have to feel set upon by many different points of view that she feels she must include into the overall idea, when she knows they may not represent the vibration - the clarity with which she originally saw the idea to begin with. You follow me?

Q: Yes. Thank you.

B: There will be an opportunity this night of your time to begin for her dialogues in her dreams with a friend. Not that they have not occurred, but she can begin to become more aware of them. They will intensify. You may share with her this stimulation: brass bell. See what that does. That is what we are allowed to share at this time.

Q: Thank you.

B: All right. Yes?

Q2: I have a sister who lives in Colorado. She's having a situation with her husband where there's a change of roles, where she's now happy working, and he's happy doing the housework.

B: All right... So?

Q: Is there anything you might interject, or…?

B: What needs to be interjected? If they are happy, they are happy. What do I need to say?

Q: He isn't happy as far as he hasn't found himself yet.

B: Where is he looking? Probably everywhere but where he is.

Q: Do you have a suggestion of where he should look?

B: Within. Where he is is where he is.

Q: How about as far as the business that she is in? Is it going to be a success? Is there something you could comment on that?

B: Oh, come-come-come. Success? That is all relative. Is it valid for that individual? Of course it is. It will always be of service. Simply allow them to know that it is a matter of trusting that they can both do what they want to do, what excites them the most. And all the situations that need to be taken care of will automatically be taken care of, because the opportunities that will come to them will not come to them without bringing with them all the components that, when they act upon those opportunities, would allow them to take care of business. Otherwise, again: what would be the point?

Every idea comes complete with all the components necessary for the full manifestation of that idea. Otherwise there is no point to it - by definition. You do not get incomplete ideas. That is not possible. If you have, in your terms, a table, as you would say - it has a top, it has legs. If you were to remove the legs, it is your choice to look at it as an incomplete table or simply a slab of wood, which can be used for other purposes. The slab of wood is not incomplete; it is a complete slab of wood. The fact that you make the association that it should have legs has nothing to do with the fact that it is a complete slab of wood - in its own terms, its own complete idea. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Let them understand that whatever they choose to do is up to them. And if they are functioning within the trust that what they attract into their lives is the opportunity which they will find will represent what they want to do, then it will bring along with it all of the necessary ingredients to allow every other so-called mundane aspect of doing that to be taken care of. Otherwise, again: what would be the point of something coming to you that you cannot participate in? Share that idea. All right?

Q: Fine. One other thing; she had a physical problem with her neck several years ago…

B: Situation.

Q: Situation with her neck. She had to have some bones fused because her neck was slightly broken.

B: All right.

Q: From time to time she does still get into some severe pain. Is there anything you could suggest her doing?

B: What would you gauge to be the degree of willingness on her part to believe that she is in total control of her physical reality?

Q: I'll let her answer that. She's sitting next to me.

B: All right.

Q3: I feel I do have some degree.

B: What degree? Would you give it a percentage?

Q: Fifty percent.

B: Fifty, all right. What is the other fifty percent doing?

Q: Physical?

B: Anywhere. If you have fifty percent control over your reality, where is the fifty percent you do not have control over? What is it that is the fifty percent that is not under your control?

Q: I don't know.

B: You must have some idea, or you would not have guessed fifty percent in control.

Q: I guess some of it is the situation itself.

B: But the situation is a result of the choices that you made according to what you believed you needed to experience to become the path you wanted to be. Now, how has the situation as it exists served you in a positive way? What has it allowed you to discover about yourself that is positive?

Q: The situation with my neck?

B: Yes.

Q: I know that it's caused by tension, and if I tone down and calm myself it goes away.

B: All right. Then you are creating yourself, having chosen the situation to function as a barometer for you, a barometer that lets you know that as long as you choose ease of creation rather than tension, there will never be any pain. Not that the physiological situation needs to change, but that your choice of how you view it, and your life, is what needs to change - if you wish to not experience the idea of pain.

All pain - whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - all pain is a result of forming a judgment, which is a separation of a portion of yourself from the rest of yourself. It is the experiencing of a difference, a judgment, something more, something less, creating two different vibrations, that when they coexist in the same spot, will rub up against each other at different rates, creating friction which translates to your body as pain.

And the area that the pain is in is simply indicative of the area or the symbol you are using to teach yourself something. But as long - and only as long - as you create there to be a dichotomy, and increase the tension, the struggle, the belief that you need to achieve, that is when you create the idea of the pain.

You are creating there to be a setup of dichotomy between different ideas within you. This or that; struggle, struggle; pull, pull; fight, fight. One or the other. More-less; better-worse. Rather than: this and that.

And allowing yourself to know that you have many options to experience many different ideas in many different ways, many of them positively, constructively. Allow yourself to recognize that if you have created such a barometer within physical reality, it is there for you to use - to allow yourself to recognize that always when you choose the path that allows you to explore your reality through the ease of creation, and ease the tension, you will never, never, never experience that pain. If you choose to do so, it is your signal to yourself that you are approaching a situation from a viewpoint you don't prefer. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Allow yourself; therefore, to simply trust that you never have to feel that pain again, if you allow it to serve you in the way you have manifested it. It is a matter of trust. Trust is all there is, and it is not some nebulous concept. It is the definition of your knowing self, the fact that you knew what you were doing when you chose to be physical, and you still know what you are doing. Trust it.

You cannot interrupt the path you chose to be. Anything you choose to view as an interruption - it is your choice to think of it that way. But thinking of it that way is a refusal to recognize the situation for the service it is attempting to provide you, and the portion of yourself it is attempting to show you. Accept the message; accept and acknowledge the gift that any situation brings to you, and you will know that every situation that occurs in your life is always going to manifest something that is going to serve you in an obvious, clear, clairvoyant and concise manner. So you never have to fear that any situation is going to cause you to struggle. So you will never be under tension; you will never feel the pain. You follow me?

Q: Yes, I understand.

B: Thank you very much for your unique and creative way of giving yourself a reference point.

Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.” [Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment (1866)]

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