polar negative attraction

Same as Sympathetic Negative Attraction; See Polar, Negative Attraction

"Magnetism is not polar negative attraction, any more than polar negative attraction is magnetism, for polar negative attraction shows positive sympathetic outreach, of a high order, which is a condition entirely foreign to magnetism. [SYMPATHETIC OUTREACH - Snell]

"The terms "neutral attraction", "neutral affinity", "negative attraction", or "polar negative attraction", are employed to express the property of a mode of vibration to direct its components towards such center. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

"Sympathetic Negative Attraction is the same as cohesion. It is not the resultant of electrical sympathization, but it includes the full triune flow, the Dominant being the leader and associate of the celestial. The sympathetic outreach of negative attraction is the power that holds the planetary masses in their orbital ranges of oscillatory action. Magnetism has no Outreach, but it pervades all terrestrial masses, all planetary masses. It is highly electrical in its character, in fact, magnetism is born of Electricity, whereas negative attraction is not, but it has a sympathetic outreach for magnetism. Magnetism is static. Sympathetic Negative Attraction reaches from planet to planet, but Electricity does not, nor does magnetism. Sympathetic Negative Attraction is born of the celestial, and impregnates every mass that floats in space, seeking out all magnetic or electric conditions, and all these masses are subservient to celestial outreach. All the magnets in the world could not induce rotation, no matter how differentiated, but polar negative attraction induces rotation." Keely, [Snell Manuscript]

"The ring was then centered on a steel shaft and revolved at 2000 revolutions per minute, surrounded by the "triple circuit ring." If the indicator in the "circuit ring" varied 5 degrees out of a possible 8,000, the ring had to be corrected until it varied by no more than 3 degrees, which could be considered perfect enough, since the circular tubular resonator could then hold the neutral focalization intact during the graduation of the full ninths, for sympathetic association to produce polar negative attraction." [RESONATING RINGS, Snell Manuscript]

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