Also known as Awakening, Satori, Christ, Enlightenment, Self Realization, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Superconscious

"The immortal EGO is an entity of which man can become thoroughly conscious while here on earth, but to arrive at this consciousness necessitates the entire abandonment of all the petty considerations involved in the transient and subordinate EGO, which is the only self of which the unenlightened man is conscious. Let him who desires to reach this inner consciousness enter his inner sanctuary, wherever that sanctuary may be; it matters not whether it be his own chamber, the open field, the mountain top, the seashore, the stately cathedral, or the humble village chapel. Let him realize fully the transient character of his own personality and contrast therewith his eager longing to know the immortal. Let him concentrate his whole consciousness upon his personality, fully arousing all his personal conditions as a distinct individual; then with all the aspiration of which this personality is capable, let him beseech of the immortal EGO - which is eternal and does not incarnate, but overshadows all incarnations, waiting until one is formed capable of illumination, to whom it may reveal itself - to consider him worthy of illumination, and according to his preparedness to receive illumination will it then be granted. He who asks this, knows not what he asks; for were the prayer answered, life henceforth for such an one would be a weary round, as Hamlet says: "to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow brings in this weary round of life"; for, having seen the glory of this immortal EGO, all else seems so base, so commonplace and mean, so inglorious, that oftentimes the personality has utterly collapsed when thrown back from the radiant vision of this glorious immortal entity possessed by all alike, though scarcely dreamed of by any save the very few who, discontented with the ignorance and emptiness of terrene existence, aspire to know the great reality of the supernal. As the incarnations of every entity, passing through certain orders of experience through numerous lives, inevitably culminate in this moment of conscious realization of the immortal entity; the Buddha says: "All shall reach the sunlit snows." [Amplitude of Force]
See Four Steps to Awakening

"All vibrations that are negative in their character as toward destroying the harmonic relations that exist between the magnetic current and its coincident polar, to carry out the simile, close up the aperture whereby illumination (or transfer) is continuously conducted.

The thirds, on the subdivision of the one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred vibrations, represent the negative antagonism, whereby this peculiar condition is brought about, viz., forty-two thousand eight hundred on the positive; the same on the negative and on the neutral, as associated with the sympathetic negative transmitter.

The keeper is first placed on the magnet, which has an attachment whereby a transmitter can be centrally associated with it; the other terminal having three connections that can be attached to this medium. The impulse is given simultaneously to the three leads after setting the instrument to represent forty-two thousand eight hundred vibrations on the harmonic, the same on the enharmonic and on the diatonic.

If this impulse is given properly, the neutralization will take place within fifteen seconds." [The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit]

Ralph M. Lewis
In practical living Illumination follows both Intuition and Idealism. Our intuition helps us to form a series of steps to climb. Each step in turn is an ideal; each ideal is more advanced, and more satisfying to our highest psychic self. An ideal may start with health, with personal well-being. Then it may advance to a consideration of the welfare of others, the service of society and then gradually broaden with greater understanding. The idealism prepares the consciousness for Illumination. [Ralph M. Lewis]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"As I revealed to you in Letter 1, during the time I received full illumination in the desert, I was shown that 'matter' was not really solid. I was not given to understand exactly how the electrical particles which I termed the 'shimmer of motes' took on the appearance of visible 'matter'. I only knew that these 'motes' were moving at high frequencies of speed within 'GOD MIND' and 'GOD MIND' was therefore universal.
I perceived that 'GOD MIND' was both the creator - and substance - of all things within creation itself. Of this, I was absolutely certain.
I also 'saw' very clearly that human thought, when fraught with conviction or emotion, radically affected this process of materialisation of visible forms.
Therefore the human mind could - and did - interfere with the true intention of 'GOD MIND'." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 6]

Walter Russell
Walter Russell’s 1921 Illumination of 39 Days and Nights:
In one timeless flash I “knew all things.” All that I have ever written since then are but three dimensional extensions into a universe of time and space. It DID take time to think them into form and write them down but to KNOW all things was timeless. All of my chemical and astronomical charts were made before I knew the names of the elements or of stellar formations.
Illumination into the Light means just that - for it is the Light of all-knowing, or the Light of love, which is manifested by THINKING God's all-knowing into complexities of patterned form.
I instantly, and timelessly, knew the Still Magnetic Light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also I knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter.
I also instantly and timelessly knew that the magnetic Light of the God of love was all that is - and that the sensed electric wave universe of motion which simulates love, life and power, had no reality whatsoever. I knew it for what it was - God's thinking - God's imagining - pure illusion-simulation - self-voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effect of change.
Thus knowing the universal heartbeat I knew the electric wave, or universal pulse, to which all moving, creating things were geared. Thus knowing the wave and its octave pulse beat in cyclic rhythms which spelled their rhythms out for me always as Zero - One - Two - Three - Four - Zero - Four - Three - Two - One - Zero.
I then knew all cause and comprehended all effect." [Walter Russell, Home Study Course (Unit 2)]

Walter Russell - The Story of My Illumining:
“The Illumination into Cosmic Consciousness is an entirely spiritual experience and is the ultimate goal of all mankind which completes the unfolding of the man idea on earth. All down through man's unfolding it comes gradually to all people. Every inspiring thought which comes to you is a partial Illumination. The geniuses of the world are those who have had the greatest number of spiritual inspirations. Every such inspiration is also a partial Illumination.” [Walter Russell]

Manly Palmer Hall
Illumination does not cleanse men of the evils of their own natures, but comes only to those who have already cleansed themselves by the disciplines of philosophy. There are thousands of metaphysicians who believe that when they get the mystic formula of peace, power, and plenty, their evil dispositions will be cleansed in the twinkling of an eye. The truth of the matter is that their spiritual extensions of consciousness will never arrive until the life itself has been put in order. As the old philosophers have told us, if we desire the spirit of God to come and dwell with us, we must cleanse the temple of all unworthiness and re-dedicate it to the principles of truth and justice." [Manly Palmer Hall, Words to the Wise]

"The first step in the study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings is not the quest of knowledge but the preparation of self to receive knowledge. This is where most truth seekers make their first mistake. With their eyes turned towards the heavens, they rush ecstatically towards "illumination", only to stumble, like Thales, into the ditch of their own unpreparedness. We know thousands of people who want to be wise but very few of these people seem capable of understanding that before wisdom must come the capacity for wisdom. Illumination is only possible in an organism that has fitted itself for illumination; nor does one so fit himself by hoping, wishing or listening. As an athlete must train himself in order to excel in bodily prowess, so the student of philosophy must put his thoughts, emotions and actions under specialized discipline if he is to develop philosophical strength." [Manly Palmer Hall]

Frater Albertus
"The preparation may take years or even tens of years.
No time limit can be set. Some have a natural or inherited tendency, or gift, to delve into the mysteries. Some can never even enter. The "why" for this has no place here. But to those who are ready to travel the royal road of Alchemy, I say, "Patience! Patience! Patience!
Think and live cleanly and charitably and dwell always in truth-that which you honestly consider and believe to be the truth." Such a neophyte cannot fail then. Remember, "Seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
The wisdom of the Sages represents a culmination of all that is essential for men to have faith in, knowledge of, and understanding about. He who has attained such a state of illumination is indeed in harmony with the universe and at peace with the world.
To reach this goal of enlightenment, the struggle in this mundane shell need not be of a violent nature, as some want us to believe; rather it should be a constant alertness to the possibilities that confront us in our daily lives, to raise our thought world above the drudgery of this everyday life, and eventually to find the peace within us.
If one has not undergone the Alchemy of the inner self, or transcendental Alchemy, as it has been termed, he will find it extremely difficult to obtain results
in his practical laboratory experimentation.
He may produce things he knows nothing about, consequently passing them up as worthless. It is not sufficient only to know; it is understanding that crowns our work. It is here the wisdom of the Sages and Adepts helps to bring about an understanding within the individual concerning that which he knows but does not understand.
In Alchemy there is only one way that leads to results. The aspirant must show his worthiness and his sufficient preparation. This preparation extends over many and varied subjects, but most of all does it concern the search for truth.
The living, waking, or conscious state must be immersed in the truthfulness that speaks out of every word and action. There must be a love for mankind that knows no passion, a readiness to gladly share one's entrusted material possessions with others, and a willingness to put the needs of mankind above personal desires. All of these virtues one must acquire first.
Only then will the wisdom of the Sages and Adepts begin to make sense. Then Nature will become a willing companion to serve us. The world, as we will then realize it, begins to take on form and shape, whereas previously it enshrouded us in a haze which our vision could not penetrate.
We will come to know God. Illumination wiIl enlighten our whole life. It will cease to be a mere fight for an existence, for the Divine will have entered our hearts. Peace profound will dwell within and surround us amidst turmoil and strife. This the wisdom of the Sages will help us to attain. But only our own preparation and proper living will let us obtain it.
We must do the work ourselves, for no one can do it for us. We will begin to realize that everything is no longer so individualistic as it seemed before. We is the term in which we will think. We, God and I, humanity and I become entwined. The "I" loses its meaning; it becomes submerged in the Cosmic AlI.
"I" becomes many, as part of many that has its ultimate in one. Individuality, though still existing, becomes "All-individuality."
Hence we begin to realize that the "I" is only a segment of the Divine, an entity in itself but not the true self, that which is AlI, the Divine. The wise men, Sages, Adepts or whatever names we may give them, those who have become illuminated, meet on the same plane. They have climbed to the mountain top.
Theirs is the mastership over the world below. They can see what happens below and that which will happen because of their far-reaching sight. Those in the valley, twisting and turning and searching behind obstacles are too close to the pattern of events to see it. Sages read Nature as an open book printed in clear type whose sentences they fully understand." [Frater Albertus - "Alchemist's Handbook" Illustration: St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 1727, p. 234 – Alchemy Compendium: Aureum Vellus oder Guldin Schatz und Kunstkammer, Books I–III, http://www.e-codices.ch/en/csg/1727/234]

Jacob Boehme
"For when the flash rises up in the centre, one sees through and through, but cannot well apprehend or lay hold on it; for it happens to such an one as when there is a tempest of lightning, where the flash of fire opens itself and suddenly vanishes.
So it goes also in the soul when it breaks quite through in its combat. Then it beholds the Deity as a flash of lightning; but the source and the unfolding of sins covers it suddenly again. For the old Adam belongs to the earth, and does not, with the flesh, belong to God.
In this combat I had many hard trials to my heart's grief. My Sun was often eclipsed or extinguished, but did rise again; and the oftener it was eclipsed the brighter and clearer was its rising again." [The Confessions of Jacob Boehme]

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