SVP as Cause

SVP as Cause
Dale Pond, 1994

"Humankind (in its present manifestation and activity) cannot know EVERY thing about any ONE thing much less everything about everything. At best he can know some thing about some things and draw comparative reference values from that which he thinks he knows and make comparisons and inferences thereto."

Premise - The First
"Every THING* in the Universe vibrates."

This premise is a common and accepted determination of those things that we know or think we know about. This premise, as near as we are able to make such a determination, is an absolute. From this premise I propose to develop a comprehensive and holistic paradigm that demonstrates our existence and the probable existence of Immutable Natural Laws that create and govern all that there is ... so far as we are able, as frail humans, to know such things.

  • Universe means: All those things which are observable, knowable and known. To be "observable" any THING that registers a significance to the mind of Man either through the so-called five standard senses or that registers on his/her instruments designed to detect and display any frequency (or range of frequencies) of vibration or manifestation that lies outside of the range of these five senses.
  • Vibrate means: A periodic change of state from an energetic entropic state through a non-active (neutral) state to a centralising syntropic state. (A sine wave is NOT a vibration but a simple representation, measurement and graphic display of energy levels referenced to the calibration of the detecting and displaying instrument.) A vibration can be infinitely quick such as are active in Light or very slow as in cycles of orbits of planets. See vibration

Premise - The Second
"Since every THING in the Universe vibrates it holds that vibration is the common connecting link between and within all THINGS."

Premise - 2.1
"Energy = Mass * Speed of Light2"

(This is a gross over simplification of a complex and interwoven state of affairs.)
Actually, Mass = Syntropically condensed Force.

Premise - 2.2
"Energy manifests itself in periodic changes of state (vibration and oscillation)."

Premise - 2.2.1
"Energy assimilates itself to itself in successive moments."

(Aggregation or Crystallization, syntropy: Forms into matter.)

Premise 2.2.2
"Energy dissociates itself from itself in successive moments."

(Repulsion entropy: Forms other forms of energies.)

Premise - 2.3
"Matter assimilates itself to itself in successive moments."

(Forms ever growing larger bodies of matter.)

Premise - 2.4
"Matter assimilates itself (gravity) to all other things in successive moments."

Combines with other forms of matter.
(Becomes differentiated in other forms of energies.)

Premise - 2.5
"Matter is capable of infinite subdivision."

Premise - 2.6
"There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are ONE, FORCE is liberated matter. MATTER is force in bondage." (Keely)

Premise - 2.7
"All motion is synchronous; no sound (vibration) or movement can be made but all that moves or sounds (vibrates) does so in Harmony with something else."

Via sympathetic association and hence sympathetic vibration.

Premise - The Third
"No THING is or can be anything other than some proportionate combination of vibration and oscillation either centralised polar, neutral or decentralized depolar."

Premise - The Fourth
"Every THING is a whole thing and is a result of its aliquot parts."

Premise - The Fifth
"Since the Universe is a WHOLE Universe it is a result of the individualized parts (they themselves being WHOLES)."

Premise - The Sixth
"No THING can be a simple vibration (single frequency) as no THING can exist of and by itself in isolation (every THING is a part of the Universe). THINGS are therefore, in actuality, a combination of many (more than one) vibrations and oscillations."

Premise - The Seventh
"Therefore if all of the above be true (excepting a narrowing of definitions, conceptual relativities, etc.) then it can be said that God is the Causative Force or intelligence that causes and regulates whatever a vibration is. Because the only thing there is is a complex and orderly realm of vibratory and oscillatory motions acting, interacting and reacting with and within themselves."

Premise - The Eighth
"These FIRST FORCES (that create and regulate vibratory motions) are Immutable Natural Laws (directed Mind Force) to which all that there is (vibrations) is subservient to."

"That which some call God is none other than that which guides and governs all that there is - Immutable Natural Law - since it is these Laws and the Consciousness they act through and upon - and no thing else that exists."

Dale Pond

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