Nature of Healing To the Sick: The Conflicting Elements in Man


"If we live in a sympathetic field we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centres. It is only under these conditions that differentiation (discord) can be broken up, and a pure equation [harmony, health, oneness, peace] established." [Keely in Keely and His Discoveries]

"Keely believes that the form of energy known as magnetism, not electricity, is to be the curative agent of the future. Fifty years ago Prof. Keil, of Jena, demonstrated the susceptibility of the nervous system to the influence of the natural magnet and its efficacy in the cure of certain infirmities." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

Said Plato: "You ought not to attempt to cure the body without the soul." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"Harmony is health, discord is disease." [Keely]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I was also shown the LAWS OF EXISTENCE controlling the human ability to create new circumstances and environment, relationships, achievement or failure, prosperity or poverty.

  • Whatever man profoundly BELIEVES himself to be, good or bad, that will he become.
  • Whatever man FEARS others will do to him, so will they do.
  • Whatever man HOPES that others will do to him, he must first do to them, since he is then creating a 'consciousness pattern' which will return to bless him to the extent he has blest others.
  • Whatever disease man DREADS so will he become prey to it for he will have created a 'consciousness pattern' of the very thing he least wants to experience.
  • Whatever is sent forth from man's mind and heart - returns to him in due course in some form or another, but remember that like always breeds like. Strongly emotional thoughts are 'consciousness seeds' planted within a man's own orbit of consciousness. These will grow, bearing a like harvest for his reaping.

These are the fruits of free will. There is no way that man may escape what he thinks, says or does - for he is born of the Divine Creative Consciousness power and is likewise creative in his imagining. Those who long for good for themselves must first give it to others. Let their very existence be a blessing to others. When such people are in harmony with all others, they are then perfectly attuned to the universal

and they are brought into the flow of the Father 'nature' which is growth, protection, nourishment (physical, mental, spiritual) healing, fulfillment of need, within a system of law and order." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1]

3. The 'Nature' of the 'Creative Power' is HEALING. Healing is a natural characteristic of existence and can be said to be a natural 'Perfecting Process', which takes place to ensure individual comfort but none can explain what prompts the activity of healing. [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 14]

"It was at this point of understanding of the NATURE of the 'Creative Power' that I came into the full consciousness of the LOVE directing the WORKS of the Universal Intelligent Creative Power.

As I pondered this LOVE, I realized that the 'mother' in creation, nourishes, protects, fulfills the needs and tries to promote healing of offspring; this is the activity of LOVE." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 14]

(- I have descended towards your vibrations to refer back to my actual state of mind during the time I was in the desert. It will help your own understanding immeasurably if you try to enter my 'state of consciousness' at that time. So many things, such as my works of healing and 'walking on water' will become clear to you. They will be seen to be a natural consequence of my new understanding of the 'Father-Creative Power'. If you read the gospels of Matthew and Mark, their records will have new meaning for you. -) [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"I would walk through all the cities, towns, villages and tell everyone I met - the GOOD NEWS! 'The Kingdom of Heaven', that place where all sickness disappeared and every need was supplied was within them! Because I knew that the 'Father' and I were 'one', now that my mind had been cleansed of the old thoughts and ideas, I would direct healing at their illness and disease. I would teach them how to relieve their poverty." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"'How did such a thing come about? From whence came all the wood in the tree and the foliage which adorns it! Is not this as much a miracle as are the miracles I perform for you, day after day? Is not the growth of this tree as much the work of the 'Father' as the healing which takes place in sick people? 'I ask you - what is a seed? Can you tell me? No - you cannot. But I will tell you." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 65]

"When I was in the desert in Palestine, I first perceived that the over-riding nature of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS Creativity, our SOURCE of BEING was INTENTION. The Intention to create, plan and design - and then to bring forth that design by growing it, feeding, healing, protecting, and fulfilling its every need in a disciplined manner.

Both male and female have been evolved in physical form and consciousness to experience - INTENTION and express it in all ways possible in their lives. This is the very first act of creativity. Without INTENTION there would be no CREATION. INTENTION is the origin of - and permeates - the whole of existence. INTENTION defines the nature of the deed - loving or destructive. The male and female have been individualised to experience and formulate INTENTION in their lives. This is the very first impulse of creativity." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 18]

"It will be seen in this as well as other things that the most significant therapy there is, is changing the mind." [Hubbard, The Fundamentals of Thought, page 127.]

A Course in Miracles
"Illness is some form of external searching." [A Course in Miracles, T-2.I.5:6-12]

"For, what is the source of all healing for human ills? From whence doth the body receive life, light, or immortality? ... the body as an active force is the result of spirit and mind... Each soul has within its power that to use which may make it at one with Creative Forces or God. These are the sources from which life, light, and the activity of body, mind and soul may manifest in whatever may be the active source or principle in the mind of the individual entity..." [Cayce (3492-1) underline added]

"All healing and constructive thinking lies within the realm of your own consciousness. It is how you apply it that brings healing and constructive change." [Cayce (5363-1]

"DO stay sweet. Keep that attitude of expectation. Do keep an attitude of hope. And KNOW that there is healing in the power and might of the love of the Divine." [Cayce (2948-1)]

(Q) What inherited tendencies or personal habits retard the proper functioning of this body?
(A) "None! It's the will of the body, you see, that you change. No impression exceeds the ability of the will to direct." [Cayce 2946-4]

"For, as has been indicated so oft in each body, no medicine, no mechanical appliance does the healing. It only attunes the body to a perfect coordination and the Divine gives the healing." [Cayce (1173-7)]

Do keep those mental attitudes towards constructive thinking; knowing and realizing that all healing is of the spiritual source, and thus must be generated within the body itself, by the coordinating of mental attitudes, spiritual ideals, as to bring the manifestations of such influences in the material body. ‪[Cayce‬ (1711-1)]

"All healing, all help must arise from constructive thinking, constructive application, and most and first of all constructive spiritual inspiration." [Cayce (528-9)]

"While, true, medicines, compounds, mechanical appliances, radiation, all have their place and are of the creative forces, yet the personality of arousing hope, of creating confidence, of bringing the awareness of faith into the consciousness of an individual is very necessary." [Cayce 5083-2]

"Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, - the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing." [Cayce 1967-1]

"Remember, healing - all healing comes from within. Yet there is the healing of the physical, there is the healing of the mental, there is the correct direction from the spirit. Coordinate these and you'll be whole! But to attempt to do a physical healing through the mental conditions is the misdirection of the spirit that prompts same . . . But when the law is coordinated, in spirit, in mind, in body, the entity is capable of fulfilling the purpose for which it enters a material or physical experience." Cayce (2528-2)

"For other individuals it might be self-centeredness, hate, jealousy, or self-satisfaction that would need to be addressed, with an emphasis on patience, long-suffering, kindness, love, and gentleness. Without these latter virtues, one reading states that “there cannot be healing...” [Cayce (3124-2)]

"For all healing, mental or material, is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain forces, to the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body." Cayce (3384-2)

". . . as the body may dedicate its life and its abilities to a definite service, to the Creative Forces, or God, there will be healing forces brought to the body. This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must consistently live such." Cayce (3121-1)

"For, all healing comes from the one source. And whether there is the application of foods, exercise, medicine, or even the knife - it is to bring the consciousness of the forces within the body that aid in reproducing themselves - the awareness of creative or God forces." [Cayce (2696-1)]

"According to Cayce, the attitude that truly heals is the “Christ Consciousness - the only source of healing for a physical or mental body. “As the source once put it: “There are in truth, no incurable conditions… that which exists is and was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted, or changed.” In another reading Cayce said that “all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or… [anything else], it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living force to its spiritual heritage.” The Causes of Illness According to Cayce

"…healing of the physical without the change in the mental and spiritual aspects brings little real help to the individuals in the end." [Cayce 4016-1]

"If it requires time - as indicated, be consistent, be persistent. These are not questions so much as to whether results are to come tomorrow or next month or next year, but it is a case of the necessity of body, mind and purpose being one. As this is accomplished we will find that the body will grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding. It is by the grace of the divine that healing may come." [Cayce 3694-1]

Dialogue on Awakening
Nature of Healing
Q: "When we experience disease of any kind, what is the best way for us to heal ourselves?"

A: "The body, being the mind's mirror, will always reflect the symptoms of conflict and fear within your beliefs. To speak of healing your body is to misdirect your attention and foster the belief that your body is prey to chance. The meaning this conveys to you has far greater influence on your general perception of all events and circumstances that you would currently acknowledge. It specifically implies that you must become protective and reactive to your experiences and fail to recognize yourself as author of them.

It is impossible to heal the cause of your body's disease until you have acknowledged its source. It is equally impossible for a healed mind to experience physical disease.

With this understanding, the first step forward in healing your mind is to avoid judging yourself for what you could perceive as self-inflicted pain. The process of healing is one of letting go of all judgement and guilt which you have accumulated through past experiences. All "dis-ease" is founded in fear. Judgements are made because you believe yourself to be vulnerable and needing protection. Relinquishing all judgement confirms that fear has no meaning because you have identified your Self as the source of safety.

There are occasions when you find yourself immersed in pain and feel that you are unable to be in touch with the source of fear that generates it. To linger with the pain or feel that you should endure the suffering until the fear has been discovered or its meaning made clear to you, is both unnecessary and misleading. Pain would then become the price for peace and clarity, and sacrifice become a virtue. God asks not for suffering of any kind. Relieve your pain in whatever fashion feels appropriate to you at the moment. Acknowledge it is a physical curing of the symptom of fear as you honor yourself in the moment by releasing the grip of pain.

When pain is understood in this fashion, faced without judgement and released through an act of self love, you will have relieved it of all value it has held for you. Being then useless, you will require its presence no more and be willing to accept a more loving reminder that your beliefs have strayed from what you desire them to be.

You will discover that the power your fear seemed to have over you, having been hidden and made inaccessible by the additional fear of the pain, is now dissipated. You are free to look upon it, and with the power of its accompanying pain now gone, see it for what it has always been - a thought brought into form with pain; a mispreception made real because you see the Son of God as flesh and bone and give fear the power to punish him.

I say this to you: it will not be the medication taken or treatment applied that makes your body well. In and of themselves, they have no meaning and therefore no effect. The power any medication or treatment has is given by you through the act of loving yourself. Fear is unrecognizable in the face of forgiveness and love. A mind thus healed expresses itself in form as the physical extension of its flawless state of Being.

I am making a distinction between the curing of physical symptoms and healing of the beliefs within your mind which is the source of your experiencing all things physical. When the body's symptoms are experienced as cured without addressing the source of fear which has created them, there has been no true healing. And for as long as the fear remains untouched, other symptoms of the same or of a similar nature will eventually appear. When true healing is misperceived, the meaning you derive is inconsistent with your Real Nature and therefore, of no help in your remembering of It. However, a temporary curing of physical symptoms alone is still achievable because the body does reflect the mind's thought. And when there is a clear, unconflicted, consciously directed thought toward eliminating an illness or disease, the body will reflect that thought. I say unconflicted because if there is a concurrently held belief that the illness is appropriate, or for some reason is of value, there will be no cure.

Q: What is the value of visualizations and or guided imagery in healing?

A: Any medication, treatment, or process of visualization or imagery which accompanies and clarifies the intent of the unconflicted thought, thereby giving it greater power in your belief of its effectiveness, will enhance your ability to achieve the desired cure.

I call your attention again, however, to the fact that the use of any techniques you ask about can also serve you very well when your intent is to acknowledge and honor your state of Being through the expression of self love. The usefulness of the technique depends entirely on the meaning you give it.

So you see, whether you cure or heal, the guiding force remains within the meaning of your thoughts which are always reflective of the way you feel about yourself.

Q: Recently I experienced a healing by the use of vibrational medicine or radionics which matches the vibration of an illness and then changes it. I am thinking about studying this process and was wondering what you might have to say about this.

A: There is truly but one form of medicine and that is the healing power you possess within yourself. It is the decision you make to either experience health or not to experience health and to allow your body to demonstrate that decision to you. While you are in a state of transition to this mode of thinking you will invent many different types of crutches and they are fine. But recognize clearly that you are using these things to convince your mind to be healthy. And if you are successful, they will work. If you are not, then no change will occur in the physical manifestion of the illness.

Your body is a tool of communication. One of the things it communicates most visibly is the choices you make in your mind. You see, for this to be otherwise, it would put your body in the driver's seat, in the position of control. The body, being of physical form, does not possess the infinite qualities that would be there if it were a creation of God. The essence of you is the Creation of God, the complete and undiluted expression of the Mind of God, and this is absolutely indestructible!" Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition, page 184-187

“Introducing these ideas to the world is not an easy task, for the world like the sick cannot understand. For if they could, then there would not be any call for some other mode of reasoning. But the world, like a sick man, is in trouble and does not know how to free itself from the fetters that bind it. It is easy to take one individual case and apply the theory, but to take the world and give the causes and symptoms is not so easy a task. The world, like the sick, have no idea that what is said and believed in has anything to do with their sickness, when all our troubles or nearly so are from our belief, directly or indirectly. Therefore, I have to take the world as a patient and show that the causes of man's trouble arise from his beliefs and these make him sick. Now the sickness is not the belief, but the belief is the cause directly or indirectly. So to cure, I have to destroy the belief and then the sickness will cease. Then the question will be asked what is a belief?” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, The Difficulty of Introducing My Ideas, page 207]

To the Sick: The Conflicting Elements in Man
from Quimby, The Complete Writings, Volume I

A sick person is two beings: one of which is opinions and the other Science. The senses or life is attached to both so that man is not seen at all, but the result or idea is seen by the idea matter. Wisdom is what is called progression; opinions are aristocracy. These two powers are acting in opposition to each other. All they agree in is an identity called themselves or a kind of marriage or co-partnership, like man and wife. The idea body is called man, but each claim the right to act through it in their own peculiar way, like a telegraph company. It is the medium of both unless in times of war when the strongest power controls the company. Now a man sick is a deceived man, for wisdom never deceives anyone, while error is always in trouble. So after man is once set in motion, he is then like a ship ready to receive the master. Every state of mind is under the control of these two elements: one is caution and the other is recklessness. The regulator is wisdom or science. This never acts except when the other two get into a quarrel. Then it acts by harmonizing the two, not by compromise but by convincing recklessness of its error and caution of its fear or ignorance.

I will try and illustrate. Take a person with the hip disease. He is a man of opinions called hip disease. This is one person; science is the judge; progression or recklessness is the other person. Progression wants to go ahead; opinion is afraid of the danger; it reasons according to its evidence. When the man was well, he was neither one nor the other but a natural progression. When started or excited these two characters are at war and each wants its way. I will take this combination of individual and suppose him one man at first, well or in harmony with himself, that is, having no opinions or ambitions. At last something starts him. Progression wants to get rid of the enemy; opinions want to stop and argue. While in this quandary, another man of opinions comes along and asks the trouble. Opinion states that there is trouble in the leg. Opinion wants to reason. Progression does not want to reason but to go on, let what will come. They halt. The man of opinions or doctor looks very wise and asks all kinds of questions of ignorance until he gets the entire story and sees that the opinions of the sick man are based on ignorance or no opinions at all.

Then he gives his wisdom based on the opinions of ignorance that the sciatic nerve is affected and the inflammation may spread and reach the hip joint, which would cause disease. In that event, amputation and possibly death may follow. Ignorance receives this as true and now the man is made of opinions and ambition, although the latter is ignorance as long as it is held in check by opinions. Now ambition wants to walk, but opinions says, Don't step; it will injure the limb. So these two are at war till some one wiser comes to help. The wisdom of the man listens to the arguments of the two. I will take the lame man, as he is seen, and myself talking to him. I say to him, Won't you try to walk? This is addressed to the man of opinions or the natural man. He makes an effort and then says, "I can't. My hip pains me and I can't step at all." Now I know there is no pain in the hip, so I say, The pain is not in the hip, it is in the mind. This sometimes makes the patient angry, for he thinks it is in his hip. I commence to reason; this makes him nervous and he says his hip pains him. I then ask him what idea he has of the hip. He says the doctors have examined it and have pronounced it hip disease, accompanied by an infection of the sciatic nerve.

I then say this name is the cause of all your trouble. He says "Oh, no! I felt the pain long before I saw a doctor." Well, suppose you did, is there any intelligence in the pain? (P) Yes. (D) What? (P) Why, when I have a pain I know it. (D) Who knows it? (P) I myself. (D) Then you yourself exist when you have a pain? (P) I suppose I do, I know my hip aches. (D) Would your hip ache if you did not know it? (P) Yes. (D) Does your other hip ache? (P) No. (D) How do you know? (P) Because I do not feel it ache. (D) Then because you do not feel it ache, it does not ache? (P) Yes. (D) Then if you do not feel the lame one ache, does it ache? (P) I do not care anything about your reasoning. I know my hip aches and that is all I can say and if you can stop it, that is all I want. (D) You get nervous? (P) Well, you make me so nervous, you make my leg ache. (D) I have not touched your hip, have I? (P) No, but your talk makes it ache. (D) I know that and that is just what I want to convince you of. (P) Well, if that is what you want to do, you have succeeded. (D) Now I want to show you how your hip became as it is.

"In the first place, God never made any intelligent ache or pain. The intelligence is attached to the intelligence of man. I will give you an illustration. Suppose you should have a lead pipe leading from a well to your house and that you should drink the water. You admit that the water in the well is good, but if it runs through a lead pipe, it is poisoned; the one who tells you that story disturbs your mind, but the disturbance contains no intelligence. Yet, as you reason his belief into you, you become poisoned and you put your belief into the water, so that according to your belief, you poison yourself. You now become diseased with your own belief or the doctor's. You said my talk made you nervous, so it did, and so did the doctor's and my controversy is with the doctor's belief or poison. So you listen to my controversy with the doctor or your disease and I address myself to the disease as a person independent of yourself, as a man of health. In this way, I say to your disease, it has deprived your life or senses by its opinions and disease denies it and asks for proof. I say you have told him his hip is diseased. Disease will ask him if his hip is not lame. Of course, he will say, Yes, for he believes it true." [Quimby, September 1861]

“To me the disease is a lie or burden bound upon you by the errors of the world. I take upon myself your infirmities that I may lead you to health, for health to you is heaven. The love for health prompts you to come. My love for you prompts me to lead you to health. This I do by teaching you the errors of your belief and showing you where you have been deceived. The truth, like love, leads you to see your error, and the happiness of your recovery is heaven. People believe that religion is one thing and health another. This is a false idea, and if you look at it you will see that to be happy is the chief end of man. And now what is happiness is in what we think we have obtained. Take the religion of our day: but that is a poor illustration of happiness, for the misery it occasions is twice the happiness. We are taught our belief is one thing and our health another. But it is not so. Man's belief is his heaven or his hell. You may not be aware of the effect of your belief.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Religion]

“It is a metaphysical principle that for each minute of time we spend in thoughts of unfavorable impressions, unkind criticism, or hate toward any person, there will be hours of physical and mental suffering as a reaction. The first thing to do, then, in considering the relief of any mental or physical condition is to analyze your mental self over a period of time preceding the condition and discover what thoughts, attitudes, and conditions of mind you have held or expressed, and immediately eliminate this attitude by reversing your opinions, thoughts, and holding thoughts of love and kindness instead. In other words, the poison from the mind that has been eating at the very heart of every cell in your body must be eliminated before any treatment can be given to relieve the ultimate and outer manifestations. Any other process is merely treating the outer manifestations as though giving them a drug to nullify the senses without removing the actual cause.” [H. Spencer Lewis on Self-Healing]

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