Whole Mind

Whole Mind knowing with the heart as opposed to Split Mind thinking (egoic or intellectual) of the ego. Infinite mind. Whole Mind knowing is knowing with the heart while Split Mind thinking or intellect is of the duality of the ego. Also known as Infinite Mind, Eternal Mind, Mind of God. See Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness.

Two Minds - Split and Whole
Figure 18.04 - Two Minds, Split and Whole

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"It is through the action of nature's sympathetic forces that planets are born and their volume of matter augmented. If the sympathetic negative polar stream were cut off from the earth, its molecular mass would become independent, and would float away into space as would a soap-bubble filled with warm air. The same conditions of governing rule exist in the planetary masses as between the mental and physical forces in our organisms; the organism representing the earth, and its link with the cerebral centers the connection with the infinite mind. In other words, the latent energy existing in the neutral depths of matter, visible or invisible, remains eternally subservient and unchangeably linked to the eternal mind. True science is bastardized by intimating that the life in matter can be destroyed by any intensity of thermal negation (frigidity). Can finite man make use of an infinite element to neutralize infinity? Thermal negation causes molecular oscillation to diminish, or even seem to cease, but the results brought about from this superficial appearance of matter coming to rest are that the latent energy existing in the molecular zone is transferred to the intermolecular, increasing the oscillations of the intermolecular in the same ratio that the molecular is diminished. All the art that man can employ to induce the same effect on the intermolecular zone ends here. Granting, however, that it were possible, what would ensue?" [Newton of the Mind]

Energy belongs to the invisible universe. It is extended into the visible universe of motion ONLY FROM A FULCRUM which is at rest. The energy, however, does not pass beyond the fulcrum into matter, or condition of matter, or motion of matter. That which passes beyond rest into motion is an expression of energy - a simulation of energy - an effect projected from a cause to demonstrate what energy can do when projected into the illusions of motion.

Energy thus expressed might be likened unto the countless actions of a motion picture. The motion thus expressed simulates the energy, and the IDEA, which has been projected from an undivided mental Source through a divided electric wave source by the way of a fulcrum zero upon which the wave oscillates. [Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 32-33]

Thinley Norbu Rinpoche
“It is a mistake to confuse the theories of modern physics with Buddhist theories of emptiness and phenomena.
Even if an idea of emptiness as the vacuous absence of phenomena is accepted by non-spiritual scientists, the great, empty space of their own limitless mind, which is the sky of wisdom, is not acknowledged.
Scientific theories of relative phenomena are totally different from the H?nay?na and Mah?y?na Buddhist teachings on the interdependence of phenomena. The result of nonspiritual scientific theory is the creation of substantial phenomena. The intention of Buddhism is to create substanceless light phenomena.
Also, no parallel can be made between nonspiritual scientific explanations of phenomena, which come from dualistic mind, and the Vajray?na Buddhist teachings of the clear appearance of nonsubstantial appearance, which come from wisdom mind. From the point of view of nihilist science, fundamental, original mind is completely ignored as the source of phenomena, and no connection is even considered between phenomena and wisdom mind.” [Thinley Norbu Rinpoche]

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