noun:  an enlightening or astonishing disclosure noun:  the last book of the New Testament; contains visionary descriptions of heaven and of conflicts between good and evil and of the end of the world; attributed to Saint John the apostle noun:  communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency noun:  the speech act of making something evident

"As a subject which does not admit of verification by the prescribed canons of mechanical physics is held to be unworthy of attention, as untenable, it is fortunate for the cause of humanity that modern science has reached its ultima thule, where the tide of materialism must set back and carry with it the drift-wood of skepticism which has been accumulating during this century.

To quote the words of a physicist (at the Forest Gate Physical and Chemical Laboratories), "The door, between us and the spirit-world, which it has been declared is shut and bolted is even now ajar and a few gleams of light are struggling over the threshold from Keely's discoveries."

The artificial beacon, fed with the oil of learning, so proudly held aloft by modern science, is flickering; and many great minds are rebelling against the darkness in which it has plunged the mysteries it sought in vain to unravel. The Popery of scientific authority must have its downfall now that researchers after knowledge are making a stand and contending their right to think for themselves, instead of allowing dogmatic science to decide for them.

There is a light which sympathetic physics teaches us will never fail: - the inner light, or intuition, if we seek its guiding rays. The Spirit of Truth will lead us into all truth is the promise given by One who spake as never man spake before; and, with the foundation stones of pseudo science crumbling away, there is nothing left to fall back upon but the fortress of Revelation." [Veil Withdrawn]

Edgar Cayce Interpretation of The Book of Revelation

Cayce Interpretation of Revelation

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On March 24th, 1930, a physical reading was given by Edgar Cayce, the Christian mystic, for a young girl who was suffering from a severe case of nervous instability. The reading described the girl's physical condition, and at a certain point, remarked:

"For the pressure in the lumbar and sacral region, there is that activity to those forces which operate to and through the pineal gland to the upper portions of the body, which corresponds to those forces spoken of in the Book of Revelation. IT WOULD BE VERY GOOD FOR THE DOCTOR HERE TO READ REVELATION AND UNDERSTAND IT! ESPECIALLY IN REFERENCE TO THIS BODY." (caps ours)

The Norfolk Group (The Glad Helpers), three years later, took readings about the true significance of the Book of Revelation. Out of this prayerful research came a key by which the layman might, through disciplined persistence, come to understand the message of the Revelation. The Book of Revelation is about the psycho-physiological changes occurring through the endocrine system to John as he awakens to Christ Consciousness.

I feel this material goes a long way to dispelling the superstitious paranoia surrounding the belief of an "End Times" crashing down upon society. Transformation of society (or a person) is the replacing of old beliefs with newer or more truthful beliefs (or ones approximating closer to truth). Belief in untrue things (superstition) is a form of insanity. As people wake up to greater truths they are becoming more sane. Putting the Revelation on a more solid footing will help shift humanity that much closer to Harmony and Love in body, mind and spirit - and dispel some of the ignorance, fear and war.

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Readings presented in this study. Each should be read in its entirety and in order given as they contain far more direct and background information than was categorized by either Study Group.


Keely Presentation a PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) presenting SVP, endocrine system and many other correlated topics.

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Recommended Reading

Kapp, MD, M.W. - Glands - Our Invisible Guardians. 1962. The Rosicrucian Press. San Jose, California.

Curiously enough, since then apparently no scientifically trained individual has bothered about the causes of the mysterious motion of this dung-heap Earth, and the purpose of its exceptional form of motion. This disinterest, however, was only feigned. In reality, since Galilei's discovery, people were very much on their guard in order to avert the immeasurable repercussions resulting from the revelation of: 'Why' does the Earth ceaselessly rotate about her own peculiar system of axes in an unstable state of equilibrium in so-called free space in very particular looping movements in defiance of the laws of gravity? [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

The following scheme endeavours to show that the development of the musical gamut and the colours of the rainbow are regulated by the same laws. I wish it to be clearly understood that I have gained the evolutions from the mysterious type of Life—a golden thread running throughout the Scriptures, from the first chapter of Genesis to the last of Revelation;—life developing around us and within us from the Almighty, who is its Eternal Fountain. My youthful impressions included the belief that the views of Dr. Darwin, my great-uncle, contradicted the teaching of the Scriptures, and I therefore avoided them altogether. Having endeavoured for years to gain correctly the laws which develope Evolution, I suddenly discovered that I was working from Scripture on the same foundation which he had found in Creation; and as Creation and Revelation proceed from the same Author, I knew that they could not contradict each other. It is considered by many that my cousin, Charles Darwin, gained his first ideas of Evolution from his grandfather's works; but I know from himself that he was ignorant of them, and that his theory of Evolution was arrived at by his close experiments and observations of the laws of creation alone. Only a few months since, after reading his work on "the Movements of Plants," published in 1881, and wishing to be certain that I had not an incorrect belief, I asked the following question—"Did you gain your views on Evolution by your wonderfully acute observations, ignorant of your grandfather's ideas?" The reply was, that he had done so entirely from his own observations. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Introduction1 - Harmonies, page 9]

"Science and Revelation are mutually, though gradually, clearing each other; but as a little warmth of the rising sun only calls up the very mists which are to be dissipated by its more powerful shining, so a vague and chilling popular unbelief is to be dispelled, not by withholding knowledge, but by shedding abroad all possible light. Christianity has one most dangerous mental foe, and that is ignorance." Ignorance is the parent of Atheism; but we should carefully distinguish between "sinful doubt" and candid inquiry, the former of which generally arises from a too great love of, and belief in, our own mental powers. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme3, page 45]

I gladly confess that my ruling wish has been to feel my own ignorance deeply, and to trust to the Divine Teacher that my eyes might be opened to see more and more the wonders which may be drawn from the Scriptures, when scientific minds are led to the belief that Creation and Revelation explain each other. As this conviction gains ground, scientific truths will make a more rapid progress, and "the generalisation of Science will no longer be doubtful, but assured." [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme4, page 46]

If the foregoing harmonies of sound and of colour have been rightly developed from the Scriptures, I trust they will be considered as steps gained towards the belief that Evolution is the law of the Almighty for the continuance of activity throughout the universe, and towards an increasing study of Creation and Revelation as mutually explaining each other. According to my belief, the Scriptures must be based on the principle which is explained of keyed instruments at the conclusion of Chapter II. In the development of musical harmonies the beginning and the ending are unfathomable. It is the same in the Scriptures. No musical note or colour can be separated from those below and above it. Neither can any portion of the Bible be separated: every part embraces the past, [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme4, page 46]

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