Sometimes called Law of Cause and Effect and or viewed as an effect or consequence of some previous deed or thought which is sometimes referred to (when negative or unwanted) as sin (in spiritual terms) or introductory impulse (in physical terms). [See Cause, Effect]

Karma can be instant or near instant in that every thought may lead to a choice which leads to a decision which leads to action which creates the effect or consequence. In other words thoughts and actions are the CAUSE which create the EFFECTS or consequences we experience as our life - on a day by day and even hour by hour basis. Therefore one ought to be careful of their thoughts, choices and actions. Positive thoughts, choices and actions lead to positive effects or consequences and vice versa. [See As a Man Thinketh]

Cause and Effect. That every material, mundane (knowable, observable) thing is a result of spiritual (virtual, invisible or scalar) causes. [See Scalar]

Dialogue on Awakening
"Karma, I would like to say, is an excuse for continuing a pattern that you have become comfortable with. Most often that pattern is one which says that there is good and bad and that to experience the fullness of anything you must have experienced both aspects of it. This is only a choice. But if this is your choice, then that will be your pattern." Dialogue on Awakening

"KARMA is rather the lack of living to that KNOWN to do! As ye would be forgiven, so forgive in others. THAT is the manner to meet karma." [Cayce 2271-1]

"Karma can be met in the ideal and, as a law, changed from law as penal law to grace, mercy. But this you show, this you manifest not by bragging, not applauding, but by daily living." [Cayce 5224-1]

"Like creates like. If you want friends, be friendly. If you want loving relationships, be loving. What YOU sow in your mind, in your activities, you must reap in your own life." [Cayce (1035-1)]

"Each entity is a part of the universal whole. All knowledge, all understanding that has been a part of the entity's consciousness, then, is a part of the entity's experience. Thus the unfoldment in the present is merely becoming aware of that experience through which the entity, either in body or in mind - has passed in a consciousness." [Cayce (2823-1)]

"In the application of self in the present ye will find disappointments in individuals; as ye caused disappointments in the minds, in the experience of others. For know, this is an immutable law - "As ye sow, so shall ye reap!" [Cayce 1754-1]

". . . those that find fault with others will find fault in themselves; for they are writing their own record - they must meet, every one, that which they have said about another; for so is the image, the soul of the Creator in each body, and when ye speak evil of or unkindly to thy brother, thou hast done it unto thy God." [Cayce (487-17)]

"Then know the author of thy ideals, not merely by words but study to show thyself approved. Find not fault with others. Judge not that ye be not judged, for with what judgement ye judge it will be measured to thee again. These are not merely words, they are not merely precepts, but they are the immutable laws as were the law of the Persians, as are the law of the Creative Force - God." [Cayce (3006-1)]

"Karma is, then, that that has been in the past builded as indifference to that known to be right. Taking chances, as it were - "Will do better tomorrow - this suits my purpose today - I'll do better tomorrow." [Cayce (257-78)]

"The entity made light of same (suffering in the Roman arena). Hence the entity sees suffering in self (paralysis) in the present, and must again make light of same - but for a different purpose." [Cayce (1215-4)]

"As ye mete to others, it comes back to thee. As ye would that others should do to thee, do ye even so to them." [Cayce (1688-9)]

"This may be a hard statement for many, but you will eventually come to know it is true: No fault, no hurt comes to self save that thou hast created in thine consciousness, in thine inner self, the cause. For only those that ye love may hurt you." [Cayce 262-83)]

"If the experiences are ever used for self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, each entity does so to its own undoing, or creates for self that as has been termed or called karma - and must be met. And in meeting every error, in meeting every trial, in meeting every temptation - whether these be mental or really physical experiences - the manner and purpose and approach to same should be ever in that attitude, "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in and through me." [Cayce (1224-1)]

"For, know that each soul constantly meets its own self. No problem may be run away from. Meet it now!" [Cayce (1204-3)]

"But to know that ye spoke unkindly and suffered for it, and in the present may correct it by being righteous - that is worth while!" [Cayce (5753-2)]

"Every harsh word - every unkind thing, no matter what others have done, that an individual says about or of another individual, must be met by self. For, only self can actually defame self." [Cayce (257-12)]

"(Karmic conditions) can be met most in Him who, taking away the law of cause and effect by fulfilling the law, establishes the law of grace. Thus the needs for the entity to lean upon the arm of Him who is the law, and the truth and the light." [Cayce (2828-4)] [see Law of Love]

"In the beginning all souls were as a unity to the God-Force. As self added or subtracted that which was in keeping with God's purpose, ye added or subtracted from the blessings ye might be conscious of in materiality. Thus karma is builded. And the law is perfect - what ye sow, ye reap." [Cayce (3660-1)]

"Perfection is not possible in a material body until you have at least entered some thirty times . . ." [Cayce (2982-2)]

"...cause and effect to many are the same as karmic. Yet, karmic is that brought over, while cause and effect may exist in the one material experience only." [Cayce (2981-2)]

Group Karma
"The manner in which an individual, a community, a state or nation treats those less fortunate, those ill, those aged and infirm, those mentally possessed, is the manner in which such an individual, community, state or nation serves its Maker." [Cayce (3615-1)]

Take a look at reading 281-29. He relates the endocrine glands to our karma as well as our astrology. The in depth astrology material is about our interplanetary sojourns that we do in between lives that download at soul birth as our astrological influences.

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