"The blood is also flesh of the body, as other parts of it are, and it comes from the Mind-center of thought-rings which constitute the heart." [Atomic Suicide, page 211]

"One little example of such effects should be enough. Consider the red blood corpuscles as that example. The blood is the basic

Blood Cells

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One of the very first evidences of temporary or permanet degeneration of an individual, or a race, is the breaking down of the normal thought-rings of the blood cells from circular to sickle-shaped rings. Any abnormality, or unbalance in man's thinking, and his decisions which cause unbalanced actions, is first shown in blood cells. If this abnormality is not corrected by the individual during his lifetime, his children can inherit the tendency. The whole human race could be destroyed that way if the tendency is not reversed by balancing the unbalanced condition. (These two diagrams are reprints from Scientific American.)

living flesh of the body. Strangely enough - but appropriately - its red blood cells are microscopic rings with holes centering them, such as pictured in example A, shown above. Emotional, or other disturbances, even inherited disturbances, which sufficiently upset the balance of the body metabolism, will break openings in these rings and make them appear to be sickle-formed as shown in example B.

The little white discs which constitute the white corpuscles

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of the blood appear to have frayed edges, as though they were moth eaten. Anemia and leukemia follow such abnormalities.

The blood is of first importance of all of the elements which compose the body. The nervous system could be entirely paralyzed and the body would still function, but the blood has deep instinctive awareness of its existence and the body, which does not have a happy, rhythmic blood condition, cannot possibly retain its normalcy. The blood immediately feels every mental and physical tension it is subjected to.

Next of importance is the heart flesh itself. There are muscular parts of the heart which perform physical functions only, as other flesh does, but a great part of the heart is composed of an independently living kind of "flowing" flesh which is not dependent upon the whole body, as all other parts are. The blood is the most potent of all of the Mind-message carriers of the body.

If you cut any part of your body out and preserve it from decay in a salt solution it can be thus preserved for a long time, even though it is as dead as the flesh in your deep freeze is dead. Not so, however, with that part of your heart which is made up of what the text-books call specific, or autonomous neuromuscular flesh. If you put that in a proper electric conducting medium, such as a salt solution, it will live a very long time - indefinitely perhaps - if the solution remains properly conductive. It does not die as other flesh dies so long as it is held in a conductive medium. The blood really has no intelligence but it is so close to the Mind as a carrier of power and creative messages that it seems to have intelligence of its own.

There are other parts of the heart which are, likewise, intended for the mental and physical state of the body which are utterly absent in all vegetable life, and less conspicuously developed in lower animal life. Such parts are the sinus node, the right and left bundle branch, and the intricate intertwining nerves, veins and muscles of the lower heart.

More important still is the fact that the blood is placed in columns, or shafts, which center all body-extensions in such posi-

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tions that those centers are the location of Magnetic stillness, and, as such, are of zero electric potential.

Next in our consideration is the brain flesh which surrounds the thought-rings of the central "switch-board" of the entire bodily nerve system. This, with the bone-marrow which assists message-carrying intercommunications between the Creator's Mind, and the imaged-forms He is creating, constitute quite a new science in itself, which is more needed by the medical profession than by our layman students. For this reason we cannot devote as much space to this vital subject as we would like to do.

Our present purpose is served by exemplifying the fact that every illness of the body is made in the image of one's thinking and the actions which follow mental, or sensed-decisions. We can retain our body normalcy, or we can easily damage it, by unbalancing our thinking and our normal way of life. If, therefore, one is ill, he should first look to the cause of it in himself. If people only realized that a happy body cannot exist without a happy state of Mind there would be no "mental cases" or insanity, much less headaches and other ailments.

There are two other shafts of zero potential besides the arterial and spinal ones which center the chest. These are the shafts which convey food to the stomach and the one which carries air to the lungs. The membranous flesh, which constitutes these tubes, is not like a plastic container. It has great conductive supersensitivity. It performs two separate and seemingly impossible opposite offices, for it both insulates that which should be insulated and conducts that which should be conducted.

One is very often mistaken in assuming that a badly upset stomach is due to food unwisely eaten when the fact is that unhappy rhythms have been the cause. The reaction has not alone been confined to the digestive functions. Its main cause may lie in emotional disturbance, business worry, worry of conscience, fear or many other states of unbalance. Even the food one eats should be "happy." It should be cooked with love and eaten joyfully, and there should be a joyful realization of love in one's deep breathing and exaltation during the process of taking food into one's body. The food you eat becomes blood

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and flesh of your body, and the manner in which you eat it, and your mental attitude while eating it, decides your blood count, the balance between acidity and alkalinity of your digestive machinery, and your entire metabolism.

These four great body shafts have much more "responsibility" than just performing physical, mechanical purposes. Please realize that fact. Your typewriter is a machine which will supposedly operate just as perfectly if you are angry, but even your typewriter could register your anger and be damaged by it. Whatever your mental condition is, your body condition records and reflects it as truly as a mirror equally images an angry you or a happy you.

Your Mind is YOU and your body is the record of your thoughts and actions. Your body is what your Mind electrically extends to it for recording.

Future generations should learn to think in such terms. They should discard the present concept of Mind and matter, and substitute Mind, thought, and action in place of it. Some day man will fully comprehend that matter is but the motion of thought.

The substance of this chapter is for the purpose of making you realize that your Mind reaches to every part of your body, not only your arms, legs, fingers and toes, but to every microscopic cell in your body.

You can instantly order your arms or fingers to obey a command from you, because large enough nerves connect your "switchboard" with them. There is not one cell in your body you cannot reach, however, with orders from your Mind. You may have to concentrate long and often to do it but you can do it. A simple experiment to prove that is to look concentratively upon one part of your body, such as the end of one finger. Demand of it that warm blood shall collect there, and it will, after a very few efforts. Many have done this. Another experiment for convincing you will be to order your ears to move - and they will in due time, just as a Paderewski orders his fingers to do fifty times as much as you can with yours." [Atomic Suicide, page 212-215]

"That zero point is the Soul-seed of the oak, or of a corpuscle in your blood." [Atomic Suicide, page 252-254]


First, then, let us consider information about the BLOOD SUPPLY:

"There is no condition existent in a body, the reflection of which may not be traced in the blood supply. The blood stream not only carries the rebuilding forces to the body; it takes the used forces and eliminates them through their proper channels in the various portions of the system. We find red blood, white blood and lymph all carried in the veins. These are separated only by those very small portions that act as builders, strainers, destroyers or resuscitating portions of the system. For always in the blood stream there is seen the reflection or evidence of that condition being enacted in the physical body.


Twenty years later, Dr. Laurence H. Snyder of Ohio University, speaking at the New York Academy of Medicine, told a large audience: "It would be possible for me to take a drop of blood from each of you in the audience tonight; then five years later I could return here, gather you together and take another drop of blood. Without knowing the source of the bloods, I could then assign the correct sample to the proper person."

This was a striking statement at that medical meeting; it gave some idea of the enormous gain in knowledge about human blood. It was also brought out that more facts had been gathered in the 48 months prior to that meeting than were collected in the previous 48 years. Yet Edgar Cayce, twenty years before, had predicted such a development.

Another reading (No. 108-1) stated: "The blood is the CRITERION by which conditions existent in the system may be found."

In regard to blood cells, this statement was made (1548-2): "Opposite effects exist in a system, of course, with regard to tuberculosis and cancer. For one is a separation, the other is a segregation."

A man who asked if he should take injections for prevention of colds was told: "Rather let there be created through regular activities and those things we have given for creating virile red blood, that which will combat and prevent colds, than attain such a state in another way or manner." No. 279-14

A woman recuperating from an operation was told that a balance must be kept in the metabolism and catabolism, and explained the balance thus: No. 564-1

"But what do these terms mean? That there is proper rhythmic activity of the organs as they function for creating the elements necessary for the body's resuscitation. That is: there are certain forces in the divisions of the blood supply - red blood cells, white blood cells, lymph or leucocyte - that must increase if there is to be recuperation or building up. Metabolism, therefore, means keeping that BALANCE necessary for supplying same. Catabolism means keeping the internal and external activity of the circulation, in and to the organs, in harmony and rhythmical activity, in relationships one to another. If that is done with this body ... then the improvements will be of a permanent nature."

A rather humorous remark was made to one man who asked if it would be all right for him to make blood donations: "These would not be very good for the one you gave them to, unless there are some corrections made - although this would not affect you much." Cayce (3629-1)

"What one thinks continually, they become; what one cherishes in their heart and mind they make a part of the pulsation of their heart, through their own blood cells, and build in their own physical, that which its spirit and soul must feed upon, and that with which it will be possessed, when it passes into the realm for which the other experiences of what it has gained here in the physical plane, must be used." Cayce (3744-5)

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