Etheric Force


Mind flow. See Etheric Elements

"Up to 1888 Keely was still pursuing the wrong line of research, still trying to construct an engine which could hold the ether in "a rotating circle of etheric force," still ignorant of the impossibility of ever reaching commercial success on that line. It was the end of the year before he could be brought to entirely abandon his "perfect engine" and to confine himself to researches, which he had been pursuing in connection with his repeated failures on the commercial line, to gain more knowledge of the laws which govern the operation of the force." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

Keely's difficulties with his old generator of etheric force grew out of the fact, in part, that the vaporic power produced was so humid that he could not, in utilizing it, obtain its theoretical value in work. He has overcome this entirely by dispensing with water and has attained a success beyond that which he originally anticipated when he abandoned his original line of experiment. (He was obliged to return soon to his former method, for he found a difficulty even more obstinate to contend with.) [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"But to return to the question asked in the Home Journal. "Can this subtle force reasonably be expected to be caged and fettered by mere earthly instruments?" This is the answer, as given by Keely himself: "You ask my opinion regarding my ultimate success in the practical use of etheric force. My faith is unbounded by doubts. The successful result is as positive as the revolution of our globe, and comes under the great law which governs all nature's highest and grandest and most sensitive operations." [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter V - Etheric Vibration. - The Key Force]

"I shall not forestall an unproved conclusion, but fight step by step the dark paths I am exploring, knowing that, should I succeed in proving one single fact in science heretofore unknown, I shall in so doing be rewarded in the highest degree. In whatever direction the human mind travels it comes quickly to a boundary line which it cannot pass. There is a knowable field of research, bordered by an unknown tract. My experience teaches me how narrow in the strip of territory which belongs to the knowable, how very small the portion that has been traversed and taken possession of. The further we traverse this unknown territory, the stronger will become our faith in the immovable order of the world; for, at each advancing step, we find fresh fruits of the immutable laws that reign over all things,- from the falling apple, up to the thoughts, the words, the deeds, the will of man: and we find these laws irreversible and eternal, order and method reigning throughout the universe. Some details of this universal method have been worked up, and we know them by the names of 'gravitation.' 'chemical affinity.' 'nerve-power,' &c. These material certainties are as sacred as moral certainties. . . . The nearest approaches to a certainty is made through harmony with nature's laws. The surest media are those which nature has laid out in her wonderful workings. The man who deviates from these paths will suffer the penalty of a defeat, as is seen in the record of 'perpetual motion' seekers. I have been classed with such dreamers; but I find consolation in the thought that it is only by those men who are utterly ignorant of the great and marvellous truths which I have devoted my life to demonstrate and to bring within reach of all. I believe the time is near at hand when the principles of etheric evolution will be established, and when the world will be eager to recognize and accept a system that will certainly create a revolution for the highest benefits of mankind, inaugurating an era undreamed of by those who are now ignorant of the existence of this etheric force." [Progressive Science]

"Yet, notwithstanding Professor Crookes' psychical researches and Professor Rucker's experiments in molecular vibration, demonstrating that molecules seem to have a "mental attribute, a sort of expression of free will," physicists still look upon the human organism as little more than a machine, taking small interest in experiments which evince the dominion of spirit over matter. Keely's researches in this province have shown him that it is neither the electric nor the magnetic flow, but the etheric, which sends its current along our nerves; that the electric and magnetic flows bear but an infinitely small ratio to the etheric flow, both as to velocity and tenuity; that true coincidents can exist between any mediums, - cartilage to steel, steel to wood, wood to stone, and stone to cartilage; that the same influence, sympathetic association, which governs all the solids holds the same control over all liquids, and again from liquid to solid, embracing the three kingdoms, animal, vegetable, and mineral; that the action of mind over matter thoroughly substantiates these incontrovertible laws of sympathetic etheric influence; that the only true medium which exists in nature is the sympathetic flow emanating from the normal human brain, governing correctly the graduating and setting-up of the true sympathetic vibratory positions in machinery, necessary to commercial success; that these flows come in on the order of the fifth and seventh positions of atomic subdivision; that if metallic mediums are brought under the influence of this sympathetic flow they become organisms which carry the same influence with them that the human brain does over living physical positions, and that the composition of metallic and that of physical organisms are one and the same thing, although the molecular arrangement of the physical may be entirely opposite to the metallic on their aggregations; that the harmonious chords induced by sympathetic positive vibration permeate the molecules in each, notwithstanding, and bring about the perfect equation of any differentiation that may exist, - in one the same as in the other, - and thus they become one and the same medium for sympathetic transmission; that the etheric flow is of a tenuity coincident to the condition governing the seventh subdivision of matter, a condition of subtlety that readily and instantaneously permeates all forms of aggregated matter, from air to solid hammered steel, the velocity of the permeation being the same with the one as with the other; that the tenuity of the etheric flow is so infinitely fine that a magnifying glass, the power of which would enlarge the smallest grain of sand to the size of the sun, brought to bear upon it would not make its structure visible to us; and that, light traversing space at the speed of two hundred thousand miles per second, a distance requiring light a thousand centuries to reach would be traversed by the etheric flow in an indefinite fragment of a second." [Bloomfield- Moore in Keely and His Discoveries, 1893]

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