Finite or split mind of the ego. The thinking mind as opposed to the knowing mind. Intellect is a subset of the Whole Mind, Consciousness or Awareness. The unspiritualized (Newtonian) mentality or objective man-created consciousness comprised mostly of memories and sense-based illusions. The intellect, based in (materialism), is shown as a deceiving intelligence which persuades mankind to embrace false values and beliefs of what is wonderful and miraculous in the world. To set up discriminations against those who retain their spiritual values. A belief in self's observable (sensed effects) determinations over and above non-observable (scalar) cause or spiritual insight; i.e., sixth sense or higher mind (heart) functions of feeling, knowing and being. See Ego

"In theorizing on the philosophy of planetary suspension Mr. Keely writes:- "As regards planetary volume, we would ask in a scientific point of view - How can the immense difference of volume in the planets exist without disorganizing the harmonious action that has always characterized them? I can only answer this question properly by entering into a progressive synthesis, starting on the rotating etheric centres that were fixed by the Creator with their attractive or accumulative power. If you ask what power it is that gives to each etheric atom its inconceivable velocity of rotation or introductory impulse, I must answer that no finite mind will ever be able to conceive what it is. "The philosophy of accumulation", assimilation, Macvicar calls it, "is the only proof that such a power has been given. The area, if we can so speak of such an atom, presents to the attractive or magnetic, the elective or propulsive, all the receptive force and all the antagonistic force that characterizes a planet of the largest magnitude; consequently, as the accumulation goes on, the perfect equation remains the same. When this minute centre has once been fixed; the power to rend it from its position would necessarily have to be as great as to displace the most immense planet that exists. When this atomic neutral center is displaced, the planet must go with it. The neutral center carries the full load of any accumulation from the start, and remains the same, for ever balanced in the eternal space.''" [More Science]

"I must impress on you that meditation should be - eventually - as simple as slipping into slumber. The purpose of meditation is to enable your entire consciousness to move beyond the boundaries of intellect and reason. There are teachers who will tell you to 'imagine' ... whatever you are told to imagine, you can rest assured you are not being assisted to go anywhere except into new imaginative realms of your own thought processes. [Christ Letters - Letter 8, pages 23]

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