SVP - To create a polar circumstance. A polar (bipolar) syntropic and entropic condition. This bipolar condition is by relative quantity (Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials) and holds true regardless of dimension or subdivision. See Part 14, Bjerknes Effect, Law of Attraction, Law of Repulsion

Charge is the difference between unbalanced polar states. This difference being the tension to assimilate (re-unite or re-establish balance) between those polar states. [DP]

"We shall again have to refer to Cavendish's investigations, and need only state that his experiments proved (515) conclusively, and in the best possible manner as far as the instruments at his disposal would allow, that the attraction or repulsion between two small charged bodies varies directly as the product of their charges, and inversely as the square of the distance between them, so that the law of electrical action is the same as Newton's law of gravitation, except that the stress between similarly charged bodies is repulsive, and that between dissimilarly charged bodies attractive." [from James Clerk Maxwell bio, page 262] [See Bjerknes Effect]

"In the present electromagnetics theory, charge and charged mass are falsely made identical. Actually, on a charged particle, the "charge" is the flux of virtual particles on the "bare particle" of observable mass. The charged particle is thus a "system" of true massless charge coupled to a bare chargeless mass. The observable "mass" is static, three-dimensional, and totally spatial. "Charge" is dynamic, four-dimensional or more, virtual and spatiotemporal. Further, the charge and observable mass can be decoupled, contrary to present theory. Decoupled charge - that is, the absence of mass - is simply what we presently refer to as "vacuum." Vacuum, spacetime, and massless charge are all identical. Rigorously, we should utilize any of these three as an "ether," as suggested for vacuum by Einstein himself (see Max Born, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, revised edition, Dover Publications, New York, 1965, p. 224). And all three of them are identically anenergy - not energy, but more fundamental components of energy." [Bearden, Thomas E.; The New Tesla Electromagnetics and The Secrets of Electrical Free Energy]

A (polar) quantity carried by a particle that determines its participation in an interactions process. A particle with electric charge has electrical interactions; one with strong charge (or color charge) has strong interactions, etc. (source unknown)

An interesting article on Static Charge

"Fig. 62 is the seed. When it is ready to extend - or to be reborn as an oak, or man, or carbon atom, it divides and becomes the fulcrum of itself. The Mind-projection mirrors then provide a cube wave-field for projecting idea into measured form of idea. By studying figures 62-63 - and 64 - you will also see why nature can never pass beyond the sphere in form. That is the end of its journey. The reversal of polarization begins there. The charge then becomes discharge. Spheres then oblate by throwing off rings. In ordinary language life is maximum there and death must take over. Life and death are born in the same cradle but they meet at that point as equals. That is the basis of the radar principle. The end of the journey of sound, as of all things else, is in one of the eight corners of the cube wave-field. Sound must return from that focal point. It is "reflected" from there. Electrical and radar engineers recognize that fact. They have even coined the name of "corner reflector" for it." [Atomic Suicide, page 256]

"We, therefore, repeat words written in earlier pages of this book, which say that our bodies express life only by the fast generoactive centripetal motion which charges and polarizes, and that they die only by the fast radioactive centrifugal motion, which discharges and depolarizes." [Atomic Suicide, page 265]

"Also the statement that uncharged particles are ejected from one end is not true to Nature. There are no uncharged particles in Nature. Wherever there is matter there is motion. Motion is an electric effect, which charges all matter." [Atomic Suicide, page 274]

inner levitative forces. However, if it is moved and churned up by high-speed pressure-turbines, hydraulic river regulations or cascade-like torrent confinements, then lower-grade forms of charge and potential give rise to positively supercharged effluxes of energy, which radiate in all directions (this can be proven exactly), pierce through and discharge all resistances, and through internal rupture, loosen the water's structure, thus corrupting the character and the quality of this dynagen concentration (see fig. 6). [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Cadaverine Poison in Ray-Form - Ptomaine Radiation]

Both expressions of temperament - and all forms of temperature can be viewed as such - serve for the build-up of tension, charge and potential. On the one hand these give rise to life-affirming dynagen currents, which come into being when naturalesquely fermented fatty-matter, which the chemist calls 'carbons' (sweet matter), consumes (binds) the oxygenes[3] in an allotropic (condensed) state. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Bio-Technology: Active and Reactive Temperatures]

If the horizontally emitted current is first accumulated in a Leyden jar and conducted thence into petrol, then a tongue of flame is produced and the higher the accumulated charge, the longer the flame. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

This ideal fuel is present in a latent state in the stones, which emit a cold golden glow when rubbed together under water - a sign that these energy-concentrations are mature and properly alloyed. Austria, and the Tyrol in particular, is exceptionally rich in such minerals, charged with allotropic formative and levitative substances, which can be used to generate reactive temperatures by very simple means. These can provide a quite ideal form of domestic heating and cooling, because it is in this way that Nature keeps the ground cool in summer and warm in winter. Thanks to this mineral abundance, Austria will become immensely rich, if only it has the will and the determination finally to rid itself of those, who do everything entirely back-to-front so as to secure their continuing existence as so-called experts and [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

Differences are very noteworthy things, and for this reason: Without differences in charge or potential, for example, there would be no motion of any kind, and therefore in terms of the above interpretation, there would be no reproduction or further development; in a word, there would be no evolution. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

Through this metabolic process a transformation takes place that ultimately gives rise to a motion leading to a higher and a lower product of synthesis. This further results in two different current flows and the products associated with them. In the first case, this logically leads to the formation of a higher energy-form, which pierces through any enclosing walls and expresses itself as an emitted charge. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

What Charge Is.
Dale Pond
2002, 11/02

In considering what "exactly" takes place during the creation of a charge in a simple electrical generator some interesting observations are to be noted. Of imminent interest is the question "Just what exactly is charge? and how does it come into being?" Two major theories clash: that of Russell/Keely and conventional theory or the electron model.

We have been told electrical generation is the accumulation of electrons which then travel along a wire to a resistance. When queried about traveling electrons, Keely said this idea is not correct but that it is the "influence" that travels from center to center.

To resolve this seeming conflict let's examine the parts and workings of a simple generator. In it's simplist configuration there is a copper wire moving in a magnetic field supplied by magnetized iron. In real terms the iron need not be magnetized but may be polarized by an electric field (electromagnet). The iron may be on the armature or on the periphery with the copper at the core or vice versa. The copper wire may be in the field and not moving which "generates" no electricity. Or the magnetic field may be moved about an immobile copper wire and does generate a flow. We also know the copper need not be in the form of wire as solid copper plates are sometimes used. The iron can be thin plates or solid larger pieces.

To summarized the basic elements of a generator we have 1) copper 2) iron/steel 3) motion and 4) magnetic field. These are ALL the elements used in ALL generators in current use. The differences we see are simply variations of these elements or substitutions, alloys, more or less numbers of field coils, size and so forth. So the only elements we have to consider are the four elements as presented.

Of prime interest is copper and iron. Other elements may be blended with them or substituted entirely such as nickel, zinc, steel (iron plus carbon), etc. This paper will stick with copper and iron as they seem to be "most basic" and familiar. Russell classes iron as a "charging" element which means it is cohering or accumulating energy within and about itself. It is in the generating phase of Mind Force into matter. Copper on the other hand is on the opposite side of the Neutral Line. It is a "radiant" element in process of disintegration or "discharging" back into the Inertial Plane. Iron and copper do not perfectly balance each other out in this model as iron is one step more energizing than copper is de-energizing. However they are in the same octave (zone of pressure) in such a way that if energy could be discretely added to iron it would become in successive steps: Cobalt, then become radiant it becomes Nickel, Copper and then Zinc. We can say from this close relationship there is an underlying similarity or sympathy in their consitutent or aliquot vibratory configurations. This is an important aspect of the two elements. An addition of Carbon to Iron as in low or high carbon steels and magnets would bring Iron that much closer to the Neutral Line which is where Carbon resides.

Primal States
There are only three Primal States: charging, discharging and neutral. In their natural states Iron is charging and Copper is discharging according to Russell's classification. Russell informs us the charging state is the same as "electricity" (gravity or mutual affinity) while the discharging state is "magnetism" (repelation or mutual repulsion). Magnetism is the same as what I've been calling the Dispersion /Dispersal Field or Field of Dispersion. We may consider the Magnetic Field and Dispersion Field one and the same. In Keely's jargon the Dispersion Field is the Celestial Realm while the Charging Field is the Terrestrial Realm. There are many more synonyms used by these two discoverers and others but we want to keep things simple.

Polarization is a state exhibiting two poles seemingly opposite to one another but of the same source. The simplist example of this state is a bar magnet under some degree of magnetization. Pure iron does not accept magnetization or polarization well. Soft steel (iron plus carbon) does however easily magnetize/polarize. Soft carbon steel has the added feature of "remembering" magnetic influence. It will remain magnetized or polarized once submitted to that influence.

Copper on the other hand is not considered a magnetizable or polarizable element. This, I find, is an error in thinking. Copper may easily be polarized by electrical influence (as in AC current) but copper will not remember or retain that influence. It naturally reverts to a neutral state when the electrical or magnetic influence is withdrawn. Copper then functions like an empty air chamber that may be easily pressurized or depressurized in a periodic fashion. According to Russell increased pressure equals increased charge while decreased pressure equals decreased charge or discharge. Therefore or thereby copper is an ideal conductor or inductor of electrical (charging and or discharging) influence. Charging means the same as increasing pressures. Discharging means decreasing pressures.

Soft carbon steel, when magnetized, exhibits a radiant attribute while retaining its concentrative natural state. It becomes bi-polar in two distinct manners: 1) concentrative and radiative vibratorily speaking and 2) magnetically bi-polar. When copper is brought into this magnetic field it comes under the field's magnetic or radiant influence. The magnetic field is "acting" or active which means the copper then "reacts" to that Creative or active influence. Copper "absorbs" or is modulated by same to exhibit similarity. The radiant component or aspect or attribute of copper is enhanced by such an influence. Copper becomes more radiant. If the soft carbon steel is reversed in direction so its other pole is influencing the copper the reaction in the copper is to reverse its polarity to conform to the impacting influence. If this reversal is done consistently and persistently an alternating influence or current is established in the copper.

The key to understanding this process or energy transmission from discharging magnetic field to charging electrical stream or flow is the Principle of Regeneration (The Universal One, page 30). This principle or law dictates that an active force or influence will reverse polarity when received or absorbed by a reactive object. In our case the discharging magnetic field from the soft carbon steel will reverse polarity once it impacts the copper and becomes a charging electrical flow. It is for this same principle that electrical flow impregnating a piece of soft carbon steel converts it into an electromagnet. Just so a discharging magnetic field will convert into a charging electrical flow.

Charging means the concentrative notion or action is increasing. Discharging means the decentrative or notion or reaction is increasing.

To the molecules in the copper charging means decreasing in diameter (which explains exploding electrodes under extreme tension), slower rotation and increased revolution velocities, etc. The only way this process of dispersion becoming concentration can work is through the Principle of Focalization. This principle is inherent in spheres. Focalization is similar to refraction in that an impacting force upon a media of different density will change frequency and direction. An outside dispersing force impacting upon a sphere will convert into a focalizing force that will move to or seek the sphere's center. This phenomena is natural to all spheres. This is what Keely called Focalization. Center seeking force (syntropy) is electrical force. Once at the center the force is again converted by its impact on a media of greater density (the Neutral Center) and converts into radiant energy and flees from that center. As the center seeking energy increases the spherical copper molecule will shrink and become more dense and more energized/charged. As the center fleeing energy increases the spherical copper molecule will expand and become less dense and less energized. This contracting and expanding motion will be in synch with the reversals of the soft carbon steel magnetic field. And is what we commonly call Alternating Current and is transmitted from copper molecule center to copper molecule center by sympathetic vibration on a level or frequency range not customarily considered.

There is a bit more to this but the above should be sufficient for developing a new working awareness of just what charge is.

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