13.12.1 - Disturbance of Equilibrium

"Disturbance of equilibrium is the prime mover, aggregator and disperser of all forces that exist in nature. The force of the mind on matter is a grand illustration of the power of the finer over the crude, of the etheric over the molecular." [Keely, True Science]

"Radiation is the term used to express the reaching out of the thermal element, after its liberation from its corpuscular imprisonment, to be re-absorbed or returned again to its sympathetic environment; teaching us a lesson in the equation of disturbance of sympathetic equilibrium." [Keely and His Discoveries pg 273]

Nature abhors imbalance and will restore (resolve) balance once disturbed.

Kick a balanced system out of balance and Nature will restore balance.

Continuous Motion is a natural effect of continuously kicking a balanced system out of balance.

Cycle of Motion

  1. Balance = equilibrium, fulcrum, peace
  2. Disturb balance BEGIN
  3. Disturb balance END
  4. Balance restored by Nature; ordering, restorative, healing

Atoms and molecules are naturally balanced where (syntropy = entropy).
Rivers are water seeking (desiring) balance.

Voiding = Two poles seeking (desire) balance.
Male seeks (desires) female to balance and vice versa.
Cold seeks (desires) Heat to balance and vice versa.
etc., etc.

Disturbance of Equilibrium or Equation of Forces/Equilibrium vs Sympathetic Equation

Restorative Force = Healing = Awakening = Oneness
Rebalancing = Restoring = Recentering = Healing
Seeking/Desiring Peace, Balance, Health, Wholeness, Oneness, At-onement
Desire for REST = Resolution from dissonance to consonance.

Inertia = REST = Non-Motion = Balance = Stillness = Centering = Health

Resistance = Desire for REST = Desire for Non-Motion
Resistance = an Active Force desiring non-motion; i.e., Restoring REST / Balance

Equation = Balancing (resolves) of Forces of Syntropy and Entropy
Re-Equation / ordering / Healing / Balancing

Awakening is Natural State = REST = Oneness
Stop the disturbance of negative self-talk, self-condemnation, judgement, etc.

Syntropy X Entropy = REST or Equation of Forces
If Syntropy > Entropy = ordering Motion, Healing
If Syntropy < Entropy = Dispersive Motion or Disturbance of Equation / Chaos

Dominant = Desire for Balance = Health
Dominant controls (resolves) both Syntropy and Entropy in their activities
Dominant = a Passive State or Neutral until equation is disturbed.

There is a Restoring Tension / Dynamic (Resolving Force) extending from the Dominant to Syntropy and Entropy forces within an equation which will exert itself to restore balance.
There must be sympathy (sympathetic outreach) or connecting link in the Restoring Tension / Dynamic (Resolving Force) else there would be no communication from the neutral Dominant to the polar Syntropy and Entropy.

"Desire for expression is manifested by the electric action-reaction sequences of interchange between the two opposing white and black lights of suns and space. It is this interchange which polarizes the still seed of idea into unfolding form of that idea." [The Secret of Light, SUNS ARE THE SEEDS OF CREATION, pages 207-210

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13.12.1 - Disturbance of Equilibrium
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