rate of vibration

Keynote Molecular Chord 620
First Octave Keynote Atomic Chord 630
Second Octave Keynote Etheric Chord 12,000
Third Octave Heat 14,000
Vibro-Atomic Lowest Molecular Vibration 20,000
Modern Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 42,000
Harmonic Thirds Disintegration of Water 42,800
Transmission of Odor in Molecules 220,000
Sympathetic Negative 1st InterAtomic Lowest 300,000
Full Harmonic Chord 1st InterAtomic Highest 780,000
Full Harmonic Chord Ninths 1,620,000
Highest Molecular Vibration 100,000,000
Harmonic thirds Highest InterMolecular 300,000,000
Enharmonic sixths Atmospheric 519,655,633
Highest produced in air Atomic Vibration 900,000,000
Diatonic ninths Highest etheric 8,100,000,000
Dominant etheric sixths Highest Interetheric 24,300,000,000
Interetheric ninths Full Ninths 156,057,552,198,220,000

"Visible things are but a manifestation of specific frequencies of vibration in consciousness which produces a 'SHIMMER OF MOTES OR PARTICLES' giving an appearance of solid 'matter'.
Each visible substance possesses its own unique vibrational frequency. A change in the rate of vibration produces a change in the appearance of 'matter'. As consciousness energies change so do the appearances of 'matter' change." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 19]

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