13.28 - Differentiating Thirds

13.28 - Differentiating Thirds Differentiating the minor thirds = the terrestrial third volume of Atlin = Bflat Differentiating the major thirds = the celestial two-third volume of Atlin = C [the above insight confirmed by Dawn Stranges 5/21/99] See Thermal Vacuum = Cold. Also see Law of Cycles as to why the above is true.

"The breaking up of cyclones will open a field for future research, if any way can be discovered for obtaining the chord of mass of the cyclone. To differentiate the chord of its thirds would destroy it;" [Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 9]

Differential Pressure Zones in Antagonism cause Rotation
Figure 13.21 - Differential Pressure Zones in Antagonism cause Rotation

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