Orders of Vibration

Every mass is an aggregation of molecules each having its "neutral center" wherein are equated its component forces consisting of the three fundamental modes of vibration. The balanced activity of these vibrations at the "neutral center" without diminution of force, makes possible the permanence of form and matter.

Since the continuity of existence of all molecules and all masses depends on the three fundamental component modes of vibration being held in balance at the "neutral center" it follows that certain orders of vibration can, by their influence on this neutral center, break the balanced equation, divide the components of the molecules, and therefore divide the components of the mass. [PERMANENCE OF FORM AND MATTER]

I. Molecular
II. Inter-molecular
III. Atomic
IV. Inter-atomic
V. Etheric
VI. Inter-etheric
VII. Compound Inter-etheric
[The Laws of Being]

"Given that force can be exerted by an act of will, do we understand the mechanism by which this is done? And if there is a gap in our knowledge between the conscious idea of a motion and the liberation of muscular energy needed to accomplish it, how do we know that a body may not be moved without ordinary material contact by an act of will? Keely contends that all metallic substances after having been subjected to a certain order of vibration may be so moved. "Scientists are verging rapidly toward the idea that immense volumes of energy exist in all conditions of corpuscular space. I accept Prof. Stoney's idea that an apsidal motion might be caused by an interaction between high and low tenuous matter, but such conditions, even of the highest accelerated motion are too far down below the etheric realm to influence it sympathetically, even in the most remote way. The conception of the molecule disturbing the ether, by electrical discharge from its parts is not correct... the highest conditions associated with electricity come under the fourth descending order of sympathetic conditions. The conjecture as regards the motion being a series of harmonic elliptic ones, accompanied by a slow apsidal one, I believe to be correct... The combination of these motions would necessarily produce two circular motions of different amplitudes whose differing periods might correspond to two lines of the spectrum as conjectured, and lead the experimenter, perhaps, into a position corresponding to an ocular illusion. Every line of the spectrum, I think, consists not of two close lines, but of compound triple lines; though not until an instrument has been constructed, which is as perfect in its parts as is the sympathetic field that environs matter, can any truthful conclusion be arrived at from demonstration." [Keely]

"What the chemist's retort has failed to accomplish has been effected by the discoverer of latent force existing in all forms of matter, where it is held locked in the interstitial spaces, until released by a certain order of vibration. As yet, the order of vibration which releases this force, has not been discovered in any forms of matter, excepting in the constituents of gunpowder, dynamite, and water. The Chinese are supposed to have invented, centuries before the birth of Christ, the explosive compound gunpowder, which requires that order of vibration known as heat to bring about a rupture of the molecules of the nitre, sulphur, and charcoal, of which it is composed. Dynamite requires another order of vibration - concussion to release the latent force held in the molecular embrace of its constituents. The order of vibration discovered by Keely, which causes the rupture of the molecular and atomic capsules of the constituents of water, must remain - though in one point only - a secret with the discoverer, until he has completed his system for science, and some one patentable invention. Let physicists be incredulous or cautious, it matters not to him. He has proved to his own satisfaction the actual existence of atoms and their divisibility - and, to the satisfaction of thousands capable of forming an opinion, the existence of an unknown force. Men of science have not been in any haste to aid him, either with money or with sympathy, in his researches; and he will take his own time to bestow upon them the fruit of those researches." [A PIONEER IN AN UNKNOWN REALM]

Orders of Vibration and their Frequencies

Lowest Molecular Vibration 20,000
Highest Molecular Vibration 100,000,000
Highest Inter-Molecular 300,000,000
Highest Atomic Vibration 900,000,000
Highest Etheric 8,100,000,000
Highest Inter-etheric 24,300,000,000

I. Molecular 20,000 - 100,000,000
II. Inter-molecular <300,000,000
III. Atomic <900,000,000
IV. Inter-atomic unknown
V. Etheric <8,100,000,000
VI. Inter-etheric <24,300,000,000
VII. Compound Inter-etheric unknown
[these frequencies were painstakingly combed by Pond from the Keely literature]

"The order of vibration associated with the transmission of odor acts by sympathetic negative interference; and, consequently, moves in circles, with a velocity of 220,000 per second, at least." [Keely and His Discoveries]

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