[9] Bacteriophagous: According to Collins English Dictionary a bacteriophage is 'a virus that is parasitic in a bacterium and multiplies within its host, which is destroyed when the new viruses are released.' Here the meaning of bacteriophagous has little to do with bacteria as such, but tries to express the notion of highly subtle, autonomous entities within entities endowed with the potential to impart life- or death- decisive influences. Viktor Schauberger also explains them as threshold conformations or structures which are neither corpuscular, nor metaphysical in nature. — Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Biological Vacuum - The Optimal Driving Force for Machines]

If such ennobled water is drunk, which accumulates normally insoluble trace-elements in a 'released' state and binds its oxygen content up to a maximum of 4%[13], then the dissolution of normally insoluble sediment accretions takes place, enabling sclerosis, encrustation of the blood, sap and lymph vessels to be healed. The organisms thus treated regain their metabolic functions as well as their reproductive abilities. In this way senile men almost fully recover their virility. After extended consumption of regenerated drinking water, even people who wear glasses can use weaker ones, because the capillaries of the eye, which supply it with high quality nutrients, will be purged of deposits. Rheumatic disorders are cured within a short space of time, for through this general detoxification the joints move freely and painlessly again and are provided with a film of essential oils. Kidney and gall stones also dissolve after only a few weeks of drinking such healing water and are passed out in gravel-like form with the urine. All those suffering from cancer can get relief from their tearing pains almost immediately, because the almost oxygen-free water binds the excess oxygen in the blood[14], thus eliminating dangerous hyperacidity. It is therefore not only possible to prevent cancer in this way, but even to cure this dreadful disease, if this all-healing water is drunk in good time. The healing of rheumy eyes with the aid of gold earrings also occurs in a similar way. Situated in the earlobes - the coolest location, they function bio-catalytically and make any form of water secretion impossible. If one burns one's finger, then almost intuitively one grasps the earlobe, where the relatively strongest falling temperature gradient prevails, and an almost instantaneous relief from the burning sensation is felt. Catalysts in the form of the emanations from gold and silver not only function oligodynamically (they kill pathogenic bacteria), but also build up apathogenic bacteria, as happens in the vicinity of high springs. Having recognised this, a very open-minded doctor, the director of the old peoples' home at Lainz near Vienna, attempted to cure the sclerotic symptoms of seriously rheumatic W.W.II soldiers by administering the finest gold and silver dust. He only achieved a partial cure, however, because this can only be done with the infusion of precious metals in an organic state.

[13] This is slightly equivocal and can be interpreted in two ways: Either 4% of the 100% oxygen content is bound, or, up to 4% of the 100% oxygen content is bound, namely 96%. In view of what has been stated in "The Liquefaction of Coal by means of Cold Flows" on p. 95 of this book, it would appear that the latter interpretation is what is intended here. — Ed.
[14] The free oxygen radicals are bound. — Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

This vaporising heat-form, which gradually leads to the desiccation of the soil, is the best prerequisite for the development of parasitic bacteria, whose appearance should be taken as a warning sign that serious errors in motion and excitation have been made. If these errors can be rectified, then the parasites disappear automatically, because in a cool (fresh) soil, only apathogenic (health-enhancing) bacteria can survive. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Cadaverine Poison in Ray-Form - Ptomaine Radiation]

T2 temperature-forms exhibit rising and expanding forms of heat and falling (decadent) and condensing (concentrating) forms of cold. T2 furthers bacterial life. If T2 temperatures predominate, then a reduction in raw materials coupled with a simultaneous thriving parasitic activity results, the effect of which again reinforces the removal for reprocessing of everything unsuitable for higher purposes. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, NEW FORMS OF TEMPERATURE]

Venereal and malarial bacteria are eliminated and passed out of the body in bloodstained urine. In short, under the supervision of doctors, no affliction has yet been found which has been able to offer any resistance to this life-current. Even malignant cases of cancer improved quite remarkably. These experiments were discontinued, because the secret state police intervened owing to rising indignation amongst the medical fraternity. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

In the opposite case, annihilating fire and its cohorts, including toxic gases, are created, which in association with the debilitating temperature-forms from which rigor mortis develops, foster the proliferation of bacteria. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

Water Supply
The application of this form of motion would bring about the revivification of sluggish, stale, tired, fish deficient, bacterially polluted brooks, streams and rivers through the artificial reinstatement of cycloid-space-curve-motion in draining water.[3] In other words, the reconfiguration of truncated and straightened channels in which the more exalted formative and transformative processes can no longer occur, due to the absence of cycloid motion. Therefore the stocks of basic allotropic heat-imparting substances are no longer consumed (bound) and the improperly regulated watercourses inevitably become warm, stale, devoid of fish and infected with bacteria, because the revivifying form of motion is missing or has been disrupted or eliminated by smooth-walled bank rectification. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Practical Application of Cycloid-Space-Curve-Motion arising from Processes of Cold Oxidation]

Bacteria Cycle

We are told that bacteria have basic life cycles, when in fact they have complex life cycles.
We are told that bacteria are monomorphic, when in fact they are pleomorphic (can morph into different kinds of bacteria).
Bacteria arise from base units called somatids or microzyma. The microzyma can develop into any kind of bacteria depending on the environmental conditions they are growing in (ie the terrain).
“Anyone who will patiently study with the microscope his own cultures which he knows to be pure can quickly confirm the general observation that rod forms may appear in cultures of cocci, spherical forms in cultures of bacilli, lateral buds and branches and internal globular bodies" Arthur Henrici, MD - 1895
Countless papers have been published showing that bacteria have complex life cycles and are not monomorphic.
The United States Dept. of Agriculture demonstrated that bacteria could change into other bacteria back in 1916 and 1923, as did the United States Health Dept. in 1932.
1916 - https://naldc.nal.usda.gov/catalog/IND43965684
1923 - https://naldc.nal.usda.gov/catalog/IND43966525
1932 - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1996182
Quote from the US Health Dept (1932) - "They found that one type of bacteria could present itself in over a dozen different forms, so different from each other that they have to be accepted as separate species belonging to half a dozen different genera."
There are countless papers published in the scientific literature documenting extreme pleomorphism and the complex bacterial life cycle.
Everything we think we know about bacteria is probably wrong.
Germs don't cause disease.
Disease causes germs.
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