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Our Silver Works! is a line of proprietary colloidal silver products.
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Our Silver Works

16 ounce bottle
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Why is our product superior to others?
Because metallic silver in solution at so many parts per millions is toxic, so says the FDA. Conventional colloidal silver products have from 10,000 to 70,000 times the silver of our product. That's a lot of metallic silver to take into one's body. The body does not eliminate all that metal. So much metallic silver will actually turn your skin blue.

Parts per million
It seems all colloidal silver products contain silver in solution at varying amounts of metallic silver in parts per million. Our Silver Works! has parts per billion - a thousand times less (1/1000) but the silver is more dispersed and easier to absorb. We focus on putting the vibrations of the silver in the water as opposed to putting lots of metal in the water.

How can less be more?
First off parts per million is too much metallic silver. At such high levels silver can be toxic. At parts per billion there is no way possible such fine silver granules can be toxic even when consuming gallons of it.[1]

  • In Our Silver Works! the active ingredient is the modulating vibrations of the silver on and throughout the water. In one sense this is equivalent to homeopathic silver. The active agent is not the atomic silver itself but the vibrations (spectra) of the silver that works.
  • In Our Silver Works! the active electrical currents are neutralized (balance) bringing a type of harmonization to the solution where the body can more readily accept it. This brings the body into a parallel or sympathetic neutralization which is health.
  • In Our Silver Works! a proprietary process creates an etherization to elevate the frequencies to the Love (etheric) range.

In the twenty or so years we have never had a complaint or returned product.

More information here: http://svpvril.com/osw.html

[1] I have personally consumed hundreds of gallons of Our Silver Works over the years without any negative side effects whatsoever. Dale Pond

Utopia Silver's Fight for Health Freedom worth reading

"Study after study has vouched for the effectiveness of colloidal silver against all kinds of microbial pathogens, and many of the recent year studies and scientific articles have specifically looked at the use of silver nanoparticles against the medicine resistant bugs that are being spread in our hospitals.." http://www.tbyil.com/Science_Discovers_Key_to_Colloidal_Silver_Effectiveness.htm

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