Father Creative Power

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
9. The inherent characteristic of the Loving Intelligent Creative Power was LAW & ORDER.
The undeviating order and reliability apparent in creation, even governing the tiny entities ('cells') within the body, were astonishing and far transcended any human endeavor. Therefore, the entire universe was operating under a system of perfect LAW & ORDER.
I realized on ever higher and higher levels of spiritual exaltation that the 'creative power' exhibited intelligent purposefulness and loving concern for all living things. I realized that life was not something nebulous or amorphous but an intelligent loving creative power which I could actually feel within myself as a tremendously heightened state of being, perception, radiance, ecstasy, joy, love. I knew myself to be one with it - filled with it - and I was one with everything around me and one with the sky and stars.
And - most wonderful and glorious of all - the very 'Nature' and 'Function' of this 'Father - Creative Power' was to work in order to create joy, beauty, and comfort to ensure mankind's well-being, to work within mankind to provide interior joy, health and comfort, and to work through mankind, inspiring him with new realization and understanding.
Wonderful vistas of glorious creativity came to mind. Once we became truly 'at one', purified channels and instruments of the 'Intelligent Creative Power', we could gradually ascend in consciousness until we truly expressed through our minds and hearts the very 'NATURE' of the 'Universal Creative Power'.
Then 'life on earth' would indeed become a 'state of heaven' at all times and we would enter into a state of eternal life! [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 15]

'YOU are the SOURCE of all BEING, both creator and also manifested within and through the created: there is nothing in the entire universe which is apart or separate from the limitless, eternal infinity of DIVINE LIFE, Creative Power Consciousness - that you are - how then is it possible that mankind is so sinful - and why do people suffer disease, misery and poverty? Tell me, o loving loving 'Father' Creative Power, because I have been heavily burdened with the pain of their miserable lives.' [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Christ Letters - Letter 1, page 16]

"At that time, when I was thus elevated within the Divine Creative Power Itself, I was indeed almost a 'Divine Person' myself, experiencing a high degree of the 'Nature' of the 'Father-Creative Power' within me and feeling Its own drive and caring concern for all humanity. Therefore, I could later say with truth:
"Only I know and have seen the 'Father'." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 18]

"When I returned to tell them the truth, How I would emphasize the 'reality' of the 'Father-Creative Power' - PERFECT LOVE - supplying their every need All they had to do was 'Ask, seek, knock' and all their needs - of whatever kind - would be bestowed upon them.
How joyously I would tell them the 'good news' that 'redemption from suffering' lay within their grasp if they only took the necessary steps to cleanse their minds and hearts of the TWIN IMPULSES of manifested 'being'." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 18]

(- I have descended towards your vibrations to refer back to my actual state of mind during the time I was in the desert. It will help your own understanding immeasurably if you try to enter my 'state of consciousness' at that time. So many things, such as my works of healing and 'walking on water' will become clear to you. They will be seen to be a natural consequence of my new understanding of the 'Father-Creative Power'.
If you read the gospels of Matthew and Mark, their records will have new meaning for you. -) [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"To return to my final hours of enlightenment, - there I was in the desert, possessing the clear understanding that man himself - (through no fault of his own) creates the barrier to attunement to the 'Father-Creative Power', and now I was longing to hurry back and teach, heal, comfort, dry the tears of those I so greatly pitied.
Yet I was reluctant to leave this 'hallowed' place where I had been so illumined and transformed in spirit." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"My hunger pains now became intense. It occurred to me that I could turn stones into bread to satisfy my longing for food because I remembered that the 'Father-Creative Power' worked through my mind and therefore, everything in the universe would be subject to my command." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"It came to me, strongly, that the 'Father-Creative Consciousness' was perfect protection, nourishment, fulfillment of need, and so the hunger would be taken care of, if I asked the 'Father' for relief.
I realized that if the little 'i', the human me, in my need, used the 'Creative power' for selfish reasons, I would be erecting a barrier between the 'Father-Creative Consciousness' and myself, and everything I had just learnt might well be taken away from me.
This frightened me, and swiftly I asked the 'Father-Creative Power' for new strength to carry me back to habitations and Nazareth again. I also asked for relief of hunger in the form that would be right for me.
Immediately, the hunger pangs subsided and I felt a surge of energy flow through my entire body. Thus I proved that all I had seen, heard and understood was 'reality' and not some vain imagining born of my time in the desert, fasting and alone." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 20]

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