Harvey Spencer Lewis
"A miracle is a perceived effect developed from unperceived cause." [Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis (paraphrased from memory)]

St. Augustine
"Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature." [St. Augustine]

Dale Pond
"A miracle is an observable effect resulting from non-observable or scalar causes. The ultimate cause of a miracle is non-observable Mind Force usually expressed as a desire or intent." [Dale Pond see Scalar]

"The supreme miracle that can happen to any man is the discovery of his own divinity in his Oneness with God." [Atomic Suicide, page 267]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"What a MIRACLE was creation!" [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 16]

(- I have descended towards your vibrations to refer back to my actual state of mind during the time I was in the desert. It will help your own understanding immeasurably if you try to enter my 'state of consciousness' at that time. So many things, such as my works of healing and 'walking on water' will become clear to you. They will be seen to be a natural consequence of my new understanding of the 'Father-Creative Power'.
If you read the gospels of Matthew and Mark, their records will have new meaning for you. -) [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"My hunger pains now became intense. It occurred to me that I could turn stones into bread to satisfy my longing for food because I remembered that the 'Father-Creative Power' worked through my mind and therefore, everything in the universe would be subject to my command." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 19]

"I was about to speak the 'word' which would change stones into bread but something in me halted me abruptly." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 20]

"However, I knew at the time, that it would be well nigh impossible for the people to ever have the faith which would cause miracles to happen, since no matter how much I might explain Truth to them, they would still never have the intense knowing given me in the desert.
But now, as I relate, in small measure, the story of my sojourn on earth in Palestine, it is with the intention that you, my reader, will begin to perceive and understand the knowledge I was given during my enlightenment.
My intention is to give you knowledge. Hearsay is when you are told something but you cannot really prove it is true. Knowledge is when you are told something - or read something - and because what you have now heard or read complies logically and realistically with all related items of knowledge already in your mind, and you can understand and believe it in a realistic, logical way, the new information becomes knowledge. You KNOW that what you now 'know' is TRUE. You have a sense of 'conviction'.

In the LIGHT OF CHRIST's SPIRITUAL TRUTH, doctrines become meaningless & are swiftly jettisoned from the illuminated mind.
page 65

Letter 3-09
Up to this time, some of you have had faith in 'Jesus Christ' but you have been like precocious children. Your faith has been partially blind and accepting, yet interwoven with much doubt.
Therefore, whatever you needed to be done for you, you depended on 'Jesus' for the work to be accomplished. Whereas, in fact, much of what you believe you have derived directly from 'Jesus' has been your own 'faith in Jesus' made visible in the form of things asked for.
Whilst this child-like 'faith' is very important to your well-being, those of you who are capable of moving onward on the spiritual path to perfection, must now reach a deeper level of true knowledge of the relation between mind and 'matter'. Without this foundation, people will continue to flounder in religious myths and will be locked into the misery of the human condition.
When I was on earth, I spoke Truth to the people, but it was continually misinterpreted. What I really said regarding faith, was this:
'You see this great big tree. It has grown out of the tiniest seed imaginable. See the vast trunk and branches and foliage. All that enormous growth has come out of a small seed.
'How did such a thing come about? From whence came all the wood in the tree and the foliage which adorns it! Is not this as much a miracle as are the miracles I perform for you, day after day? Is not the growth of this tree as much the work of the 'Father' as the healing which takes place in sick people? 'I ask you - what is a seed? Can you tell me? No - you cannot. But I will tell you.
'It is a tiny entity of 'consciousness knowledge'. It is the 'consciousness knowledge' of what it will become. It is a fragment of 'consciousness' drawn from 'Divine Creative Consciousness'.
'It is a fragment of mind power drawn from 'Father Mind Power' ... which, when planted in the earth and watered by rain, will begin to clothe itself with the visible 'matter' of which it possesses knowledge, deep within itself. This knowledge is true, it is firm, it is strong and undeviating. This self-knowledge embodied in the seed, is a conviction in 'consciousness'.
'All of life forms arise out of this one-pointed self-knowledge - a 'conviction of consciousness'.
This 'conviction of consciousness' is what separates the inanimate soil and rocks from all that lives and grows upon the face of the earth. Where there is no 'conviction of consciousness' or 'knowledge of identity' there is no growth. The consciousness within soil and rocks remains 'consciousness' in a dormant form.

'Therefore, if you could believe in what you ask for,
as powerfully as does a mustard seed know its own identity,
you would be able to do anything you wanted to do.

'If you could carry within your mind, a seed - the perfected plan of your most heartfelt goals, and know beyond all doubt, that it can grow and come into perfect fruition, you would see this wonderful seed take on a life of its own which would presently manifest in your life.
'And you could surely move the mountains in your lives - those mountains which stand across your path and prevent you from achieving all that you would like ... mountains which, in times of recklessness and evil thinking have been created by yourselves.
'If you only understood creation and existence, you would be able to live lives of total freedom, limitless achievement and transcendent joy. [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 64-65]

"All right, allow us to remind each and every one of you that the idea of your life is in and of itself a miracle, not just what is unordinary. Everything in your life in a sense is just as miraculous as anything that occurs that is out of the ordinary. You are beginning to allow yourselves to understand that miracles, so to speak, are the natural day-to-day experiences of a reality in which you are willing to know that you are unlimited, that you are connected to all of creation, in which you are willing to know that you have chosen to create the reality you experience according to your own purposes and explorations of that which you wish to discover about yourselves and grow from.

"And that the idea of what was formerly, for many years, considered to be out of the ordinary, will become commonplace. Miracles, so to speak, will be your day-to-day existence. Constant change, constant transformation, constant connection and reminders of the connection to the rest of All That Is that you are. You are a multidimensional being, because that is what it means to be made in the image of the Creator. So do not be surprised when you experience your multidimensionality in your lives, when you experience that you are boundless. Sharing!" [Bashar]


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