18.16 - Mind as Healer - Cayce

"The MIND acts upon the resuscitating forces of the physical being, by and through suggestion. Just so there may be the realization that spiritual forces are a part of the whole physical being. For, the REAL being is the spiritual import, intent and purpose, see? Thus a meditation, a centralizing, a localizing of the mind upon those portions of the system affected." Cayce (1992-3)

Mind being the healer of our bodies is the premise of Dr. Phineas P. Quimby's philosophy. He claimed the cause of every illness is belief and at the core of every belief is an idea. Change the idea and the belief is gone and the disease disappears. Actually, according to Quimby our bodies cannot be diseased because they have no life - it is the Mind that is diseased - and the body simply manifests the state of the mind.

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