Sympathetic Resonance

When two or more objects are sympathetically linked and resonate as one object. Sympathy, Love.

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When two or more objects are tuned identically as in two sympathetic tuning forks but are not excited (vibrating) they are said to be in sympathy or sympathetically connected/linked or entangled - but they are not moving. They are in a static state of harmony or sympathy. When one or the other is excited (struck) the other responds and the two are then said to be in a state of resonance one with the other. They then vibrate "as one."

Message From Jesus
1997, 06/01, Dawn Stranges

"Dear students of Life, and beloved ones, I give warm embrace to your spirit and body. My message today is one of comfort to each. It is my desire that you find much warmth in the words here, as a result of a sympathetic resonance between your Soul and the Truth here presented." [Jesus, Good Heart]

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